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Shakes & Fidget

Shakes & Fidget

Release Date:  2010

Shake & Fidget is a browser-based role-playing MMO game in the category of adventure which is made by the German-based Playa Games GmbH behind BloodMoon. The game is promoted as being free-to-play with optional premium payment, so players can proceed smoothly yet free of charge, and meanwhile feel free to pay for value-added services including rare items, boosting equipment and flashy decorations, etc to enhance the gameplay.


There is no background story in Shakes and Fidget, but that’s really not important at all. Clearly, the main focus of the game is humor. It is easy to come to the conclusion that Shakes and Fidget have copied some elements from World of Warcraft. Even in the character selection phase, we can see some very familiar races, such as Orcs, Dark Elves, and Dwarves, all of which can be found in Blizzard’s masterpiece. However, in terms of background setting and sense of humor, we suspect that the developer may have gotten more or less inspiration from some classic titles created by LucasArts. No matter what, let’s first focus on its game mechanics!

Tutorial? No Thanks!

Once we have chosen one of the eight playable races and customized our hero with available options, we will find ourselves wandering about in an exotic street of a medieval fantasy city. To explore relevant places, all we need is to click on the menu on the left side of our screen, which is quite easy and convenient. At first, we will be instinctively drawn to a little tavern where all sorts of ambitious players like us hang out together for a beer. In addition to socializing with each other, we should always keep in mind that we enter here for thrilling adventures and hilarious excitement, so there is no need to ask for an instructive but unchallenging tutorial in the tavern. Besides, the game concept is almost self-explanatory and the on-screen menus are kept clear, so we can directly equip our characters with weapons and armors, take an order from the mysterious quest giver and send them out to take part in real adventures. In return, we will receive a variety of rewards, including experience points, items and money. The money we earn can be spent in obtaining better equipments or improving our attributes.

Money Makes the Fantasy World!

First of all, we should clarify that we do not mean that you have to invest real money in order to have fun in this browser-based game. But Shakes and Fidget undoubtedly incorporates a premium currency called fungi with which we can have access to a variety of incentives. Though the gaming excitement will be greatly diversified and enriched by paying some coins, you can still have tons of fun for free.

Virtual money can be spent to every nook and cranny. For example, we can buy essential items, hire a mount, and unlock new skills etc. All of them will save you a lot of time and effort, meanwhile, the game process will also been quickened.

When it comes to the class progression, everything goes well in the old-fashioned way: you participate in some quests, compete against a few foes and gather up experience points which can be then used to improve five attributes of our characters, including strength, dexterity, intelligence, perseverance and luck. And you can also get rewards from helping others, which counts as another reason to hang out in the pub more often and lend a hand to those desperate people there.

The Choice of Torment

When you sit leisurely in the tavern, you will see different people coming and going, such as Orcs, Princesses, and Tourists, just to name a few. Clearly, they all have problems to be solved by you, which can be categorized into three varieties. And we have the freedom to choose one which best suits our level and skills. The rewards for accomplishing their missions are also varied greatly, including a particularly precious item, a very generous amount of money, and a certain number experience points. Though you have three quests to choose from, you can only close one contract at a time. And when you visit the pub next time, you will be provided with three entirely new options.

When you select a mission, the travel time must be taken into consideration. A trip to a given destination will take a certain number of minutes. Ten minutes or more are not uncommon in the game. To while away the waiting period, we can stop at the magic shop where we can purchase advanced weapons and useful items so as to equip our heroes before the impending fight. However, if you are tired of shopping, you can do nothing but wait. As aforementioned, the travel time can be shortened significantly by renting a mount. And to my mind, it is not a bad thing to have a companion along the way.

As we all know, Shakes and Fidget is adapted from a comic book of the same name. Thanks to its carefully drawn artwork, we will be awed by an exquisite gaming atmosphere as well as delicate portraits of creatures during our trip.

Great Graphics Combined with Humorous Lyrics

In addition to the remarkable playability, Shakes and Fidget also appeals to numerous players with quick-witted humor which is achieved through the combination of beautiful cartoon graphics and utterly hilarious lyrics. If you are also fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, you should definitely have a try with this browser game.

When we explore in the wondrous land, we will sometimes think of Monkey Iceland, a series of adventure games from Lucas Arts. The drawing style of the surrounding sceneries during a trip is especially similar to that of the above-mentioned game. And the greasy yet grinning seller of mounts who keeps making exaggerated gestures is clearly a clone of the twin brothers of Stan from the classic adventure games. Hopefully, the two developers won’t go to court due to some plagiarism allegations, which would certainly be a shame because Shakes and Fidget is really a worthy game with tons of fun to offer.

There is no doubt that a successful game must boast a long-term motivation by offering some ever-changing features and manageable facilities. Only in this way can a game engage its players for a long time.

In this game, we take part in fully-automated, turn-based battles, no matter what our opponent are, NPCs or real players. Besides, we can compete against other heroes in the PvP Arena. It is also possible to gamble at the tavern in a shell game. Starting from level 10, the menu item “Dungeon” will be activated, bringing some new challenges. In addition, we may also join a guild with the hope of meeting some really humorous guys in the chat room. To sum up, Shakes and Fidget really has a diversified content to guarantee a long-term loyalty among its fans.

Still, there are much more possibilities to be explored by you. For example, you can send out your hero to take an adventure by himself. In this way, you can get gold and experience points on an hourly basis. Needless to say, this fantasy RPG will be anything but boring.


Shakes and Fidget is a very successful attempt to adapt the popular comic book to a browser game. Though the game is presented in a 2D graphics instead of a 3D environment, the well-drawn images of characters and the humorous ambient sceneries are able to compensate for the absence. And the whole content is submerged in intelligent humor which motivates us to continue playing. The gameplay is a little difficult, but it can be grasped quickly, especially through the intuitive on-screen menu. All in all, Shakes and Fidget is worth a shot, and a magical yet hilarious world will gradually unfold in front of you.


Imagination sees no boundary, so is the game of Shake & Fidget. In the imaginative game world, oddity is ordinary and novelty is normal. If you are at a loss about what that means, you will probably get the point immediately the moment you set foot in this game.

Prior to all the adventure, players will forge their unique character in the first place. Choices are varied with eight different races on offer, inclusive of the frolic Elf with pointed ears and dilated eyes, righteous and heroic Human, surly and sturdy Dwarf given to hard-drinking, irksome and diminutive Gnome, spacious and heavyset Demon, small Goblin with mixed hilarious and daunting looks, green-skinned and round-faced Orc full of violence as well as bad-tempered Dark Elf always in short of sleep. High customization is available ranging from the gender and title to various parts of the face. For each avatar, the appearance is as unique as the style is ubiquitously comic and cartoonish. And all races offer three classes of Warrior, Mage and Scout for players to opt.

Once avatars are set, players can embark on the adventure, all starting from the Tavern, where thrilling missions are issued to players to complete. Close those tasks in success and one will be rewarded with either experience, or gold, or occasional rare items in light with the nature of the quests. And if the thirst for adventure is not quenched in the above mission, players can go out exploring dungeons or come to the arena having a good fight against others. Since in arena mode the battle starts per ten minutes, players who would not like to wait can activate the combat instantly with Mushroom bought for real money. Besides, players seeking for more fun can apply for more paid jobs and activities offered by the City Guard.

In this web comic game, one can always expect a little entertaining adventure and a good laugh. So which race do you feel like role-playing?

Games that are inspired by WOW

Shakes & Fidget


World of Lordcraft


Potential copyright infringement

This case involves the two companies Blizzard and the dev studios of Shakes and Fidget.  According to Activision-Blizzard’s legal department, the comic-based browser MMORPG Shakes and Fidget largely ressambles the official game, leading to a problem for players.

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