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Shogun Takeover

Shogun Takeover

Release Date:  2011

The feudal Japan is witnessing flames of war as different shoguns are battling with each other, trying to seize more lands and take the ultimate control. You step foot on this chaotic realm as one of the ambitious shoguns. In order to increase your winning streak, you form clans with your friends and expand your power through recruiting as many warriors as possible. If your clan is endangered, all the members will get the message and rush to your rescue. The battle is fierce and intense because the winner is going to be the glorious and admired ruler of the whole feudal Japan.

The object of online game Shogun Takeover is to take over territories and become an Empire. You will join a clan, recruit your friends, and battle to become shogun of all of feudal Japan.

You do this by placing your tokens in the different territories on the map below. Whether you are initiating a new attack or joining an existing battle, the territory with the most tokens at the end of a round will win that territory. If you are starting a new attack, you will choose how long you want the battle to last,. This timer is how long you clan and the defending clan has to place tokens on the territory. When the timer reaches zero, the clan with the highest token count wins tha territory. The game plays out in real time, so no matter if you are in the game or not, the battle timers are still counting down. You will receive notifications when your clan is attacking and when one of your territories is being attacked

To play this game, drag your token on to the map, you can initiate an attack by placing a token on an empty territory or one occupied by another clan. Only territories adjacent to territories owned by your clan can be attacked. Once your clan has initiated an attack or has been attacked, you can join the battle by placing a token on that territory.

When a token is placed on the map you will see the pop up window shown here. This tells you what is happening to that particular territory.

The numbers represent how many attackers and defenders have responded to the battle. The timer shows how much time is left before the battle ends. The winning clan is the one with most tokens when the timer reaches zero.

The Facebook game Shogun Takeover is doomed to fail since it did not provide proper Shogun 2 game. The attempts to make mmo or online Shogun game frustrate Shogun Fans.

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