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Release Date:  Feb 12, 2015
Publisher:  37.com
Developer:  37.com
Genre:  Strategy

Siegelord is a free to play MMO strategy game from 37Games. It mixes city-building and strategy in a fictional medieval continent. The main goal in the game is to raise a powerful army and cooperate with your fellow faction members in an effort to dominate the world map. The game relies upon the economic development of your city, strategic planning in both building and battling, and working with allies to achieve a complete victory over rival factions.

Shortly after starting, you’ll be prompted to choose between three factions: Empire of Gorm, Nords Alliance and Kingdom of Albion. Once you select a faction, you will find yourself working with other players on a real-time map to complete faction quests and objectives. To prepare yourself to battle with seasoned veterans, yyou will need to develop your army by recruiting and developing generals after defeating them in the scenario mode. Once you’re settled in, you can choose to concentrate on developing their economy or they can decide to focus their resources on researching technologies for their army.

Siegelord offers a progressive combat system in which you can choose and order a maximum of 5 Generals to lead your troops into battle. Although the battles boil down to a traditional “rock paper scissors” system, predicting the right tactic to use on your enemy will greatly affect the outcome of the battle. Certain generals also excel in certain terrain. Some generals will receive attack bonuses for battling in mountains, while other generals specialize in fighting in swamps.

You’ll be able to prove your mettle by partaking in PVP battles and by moving up in the ranks of their faction. After biding your time, you can choose to challenge members of your own faction for ultimate control of the land. If you like MMOs and you like traditional strategy games then Siegelord is definitely worth checking out!

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