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SimCity Social

SimCity Social

Release Date:  July, 2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  EA
Genre:  Simulator

SimCity Social is a Facebook-based city-building simulation social game based on the SimCity series. In the game, you are a mayor in charge of a city, which is initially undeveloped. You must follow the ingame missions to lay out your city, construct facilities and maintain the happiness of your citizens. Also, players should balance the power supply, reasonable transportation system and acceptable tax rate by abiding by the basic rules of what thriving city should be.

However, you shall utilize predictive methods to deal with the social problems such as crime, pollution, accident and etc.

The game was officially announced in E3 2012.


Warfare-themed City builder had been popular in 1980s. At that time, most of the games requires huge download and few people have powerful PC to play the games like Age of Empires, or Simcity. With the development of new technology, we could easily touch on those games even in our web browsers. The latest social game “SimCity Social” is a good example that employs the free to play model and no-download program.

In SimCity Social, you, as a mayor, have to add structures and put them into use. Build business facilities and you will obtain Simoleons; construct factories and you will be able to gather materials. Other than that, you can also build houses and decorative structures to attract more citizens.

Among all the different building projects, I like houses and roads the most, though they don’t bring incomes of any kind. Every house you put in your city is different from others and they may change their size if you assign them to a place where smaller land is available. And once you click the road in the Build interface, you click where the road starts and where it ends and the whole new road is complete. You don’t have to click each grid between to get them connected. How amazing is that?

Almost all stuffs you place on your map allow for multiple interactions. In the Ice Cream factory, you can make new flavor or even develop an ice cream named after yourself; in the Mayor’s House, you could read books, hang up clothes, or have a sandwich; as for a residential house, you could poke your head in, bring muffins over, or greet over the fence; while in the toy factory, you can assemble toys and then test them.

SimCity Social not only offers a wide range of interactions in various buildings, it also requires lots of connections between you and your friends. Before completing your plaza, you need to hire friends to staff it; it is suggested to do nice deeds in your friends’ city to have hot air balloons fly over the sky; and you can create a science team by hiring your friends. Of course, if you don’t have friends who also play this game, paying money would be the only way out.

When visiting a friend’s city, you are allowed to make your own choice to be nice or to be naughty. For example, if you visit a friend’s Designer Condos, you could plan trips or loosen gate hinges. Whatever you do is up to you, but committing nice deeds increases the relationship between you and your friends and as the relationships improve, you could have more special items displayed in their cities.

Yes, SimCity Social perfectly fuses social and city-building elements. But hey, if you don’t invite enough friends to play and are reluctant to pay, don’t even think of it – because it would only end up being a disaster in that case.

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7 Comments on SimCity Social


  1. AllySzat says:

    This is just comin' in July????? Oh god… I want it now! it look good, I love Simcity series,.

  2. yadira says:

    el juego es genial

  3. charlene says:

    Need friends cstrydom1@hotmail.com please invite me

  4. tannaz says:

    i love this game

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