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Release Date:  
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  Sim

The Rama series by publisher Bigpoint has boosted up players’ interest in casual games. Thanks to the team’s unyielding endeavor, we are now freely accessible to a new browser game of this series, that is, Skyrama which allows you to slip into the role of an airport manager and to undertake the responsibility of building an airport.

You will assume your role immediately after the entry into this browser game. As an airport manager, you have to handle flights with efficiency and attract new passengers through advertising campaigns. The implementation of coherent configurations will build up a positive image among your customers and stimulate a continuous expansion of the terminal, so it is highly recommended to allocate some of your revenues to establish high-quality infrastructures and relevant facilities in your airport. If you can manage the daily trivia well, the obscure airport will soon be transformed into an internationally operating hub of aviation. Above all, you will be crowned by success and fame.

As mentioned above, you only have access to a small airport that has only one runway at the beginning. But it can be expanded quickly by carrying out harsh austerity measures. Of course, you can also go on a shopping spree if you are rich enough. But beware: an unwise investment can drive the entire airport into ruins; therefore, it is advisable to pre-examine all issues carefully and figure out the most optimized distribution plan. In the initial phase, there may be only a few passengers patronizing your small airport, but don’t get frustrated! With wisdom and hard work, things will soon get better.

After a comparatively short playing time, your airport can be fully revamped and appear attractive to a larger influx of passengers. Well begun is half done. As people pour into your airport, you can charge them of ticket fees with which you can further enhance the trajectories and airport buildings. What’s more, you should also spend money in establishing facilities for baggage-handling as well as waiting areas.

The satisfaction of passengers should be your first priority while dealing with all kinds of affairs. If they feel being ignored, they will unhesitatingly choose another airport, thus causing horrendous financial losses to you.

Since Skyrama is a browser-based game, no installation is required. Anyone who is interested in the work processes of an airport are advised to dive into the game and put his or her management skills to the test!


Entering the Skyrama was anything but easy. Open the official website, wait, click the signup section, wait, load the game, wait, and those waiting takes too long that after I read several online articles and the loading bar still freezes at about 80% or so. In kind of despair, I went back to reading and the game interface is displayed somehow when I didn’t know it. I thought to myself: it has to be worth of all that waiting. And it is.

The pictures are bright and detailed and as a result I often forget this is not a Facebook social game. Tutorials are short but not easy to follow, especially in terms of sending an airplane of my own. The tips guided me to send a plane and choose a destination. So I followed the arrows, sent a plane and chose a nation located in South America, only to find the arrows travel back and forth between the plane and the nation and no flight is spotted at all. At first, I thought it was a connection failure and reloaded the page and-as you can imagine-it kept me waiting and waiting. But nothing changed after the reloading. Not until I clicked blindly the icons that appeared above a nation that some target airports appeared for me to choose from. And the flight was successfully launched, finally. It sounds weird that I know it’s the inadequate tutorials to blame but I love seeking answers on my own and meeting petty but intriguing challenges in social games.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that Skyrama boasts similarly easy operation with those Facebook games. It doesn’t. Though it does allow players to mouse over terminals to collect passengers, and over coins to claim rewards, you have to try and figure out what the buttons on the interface are used for. For example, if you are watching the world map, choosing a destination for the pending flight, you may find there is only the world map available and there seems no way back to your airport. In fact, clicking the close button near the middle right of the interface transports you directly back to the airport.

I am always aware that airports and airlines are separated but it is hard for me to single out what role an airport plays. Well, I have some idea now, however faint that is. Buy bays for placing planes to be serviced, build terminals for collecting passengers, send airplanes, service planes by landing them, unloading the packages, refilling food, water, and oil, loading packages, and preparing for the launch. Skyrama is not the kind of game that you click here and there for only a few minutes a day and then leave it alone for the things to cool down or to complete. Incoming fights present themselves now and then, waiting for your service. If you failed to land them during limited time, they will fly elsewhere. To avoid losing those cash cows, you have to click the Flight button regularly to see if any is coming.

You preferentially send your planes somewhere in Europe or South America, or somewhere else because you may obtain special rewards. The favored destinations change every day, which makes this game more interesting and realistic. And there are times when you are tasked with collecting watches, ties, or other items. You are supposed to service flights from the nations with those souvenirs.

Construct as many facilities as possible, decorate them to attract more passengers, send passenger timely (you know how upset one would be to be kept waiting at an airport, right?), service airplanes, manage your own ones and even collect souvenirs from your destinations.

Nevertheless, just like in some Facebook games, some quests in Skyrama cannot be completed as soon as you wish without AirCash-the scarce currency that easily drains the real money in your pockets.

Originality and novelty are always welcome in the gaming world and Bigpoint has good reasons to be so brave to release Skyrama directly on its website instead of the widely used Facebook. But in this game, sky is indeed not the limit as is said on the official website, loading time is.

Previous Updates:

Since Summit Partners and TA Associates injected $350 million to Bigpoint, this Germany-based online game publisher makes persistent efforts to bring new game to worldwide players, giving more confidence to its investors.

Yesterday, Bigpoint announced a new browser simulation game SkyRama following its successful rama series Zoomumba, Farmerama, Ramacity, Ponyrama and Aquarama. For those players who do not know the inside may rock each of them with absolute assent.

Yet for me, all of those simulation MMO Games that are using “free to play” model are nothing but the same. And Bigpoint is seeking maximum profits by churning out free to play MMOs with no originality so to speak. From farm, to village, to modern city, to Zoo Kingdom, to Pony stable to Airport, Bigpoint is trying to churn out such games in quantity, not in quality.

About SkyRama:

SkyRama is a browser MMO that allows players to build their airport and manage air traffic controllers, flight attendants and ground crew. In SkyRama, you will have to get as many passengers as you can so that you can earn Gold from their pocket.

You are in the position of airport director who is in charge of everything, including passenger check-in, flight schedule organization and ground crew.

About Farmerama:

Farmerama is the first browser simulation game from Bigpoint. The game is inspired from Zynga’s Farmville where you should build your farm and raise animals, grow plants.

At each level you gain new opportunities to cultivate new species, new varieties of fruit and vegetables in Farmerama.

About RamaCity:

Ramacity is also motivated from Zynga’s social game CityVille and Empires & Allies, which is released in December 2010, and May, 2011 respectively.

The player has a role to play as a mayor of a virtual city and by using ingame facilities and skills he or she learns, you need finally bring small city to a large metropolis.

About Zoomumba:

Zoomumba is a simulation game for casual gamers. The game shares the elements with Facebook game Zoo Kingdom, and Zoo paradise. Players in the virtual zoo could build a colorful Zoo where visitors may spend their money on the amusement. Your job is mange your animals like Money, penguin, Bear and etc.

About Ponyrama:

Ponyrama delivers the same gameplay like Farmerama and Zoomumba. Build your Pony stable and attract visitors. That is how the game works.

About Aquarama:

Like Facebook game Happy Aquarium, and online game Free Aqua ZooAquarama is just a simulation online game in which you build your Aquarium with ingame special items. You can raise different fishes in deep seas. As a manager of Aquarama, you shall also decorate aquarium in order to get as much as spotlight.

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  9. tarik says:

    ilove skyrama

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    Don't have to pay

  12. Harsimran says:

    The game is AWESOME but waiting 4 cash, coins is something that I don't like.

  13. dazzzzzzzzza D says:

    any one downloaded the cheat/hack for it????

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    Anyone know how to go "full screen"?

  15. Marcos Roberto says:

    Tinha Ganhar Dinheiro Gratis Mais Moedas Com Viagens

  16. crazy1 says:

    the cake event was sooooo hammer !! please for the week

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