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Skyrama Preview: Running Your Airport in Waiting

Sara Lau
Sep 7,2011  03:09 by

Skyrama is the Bigpoint’s casual game which lets you build your airport, mange flight, and earn money. We just previewed this game.

I felt released as soon as I saw Skyrama’s loading page. The 2D animated graphics really is really soothing, and so is the music, all giving you a relaxing environment. It’s great.

After picking a place on a world map, I get into the interface. The green grasslands background is another pleasant thing to see. Anyway, it’s a game about flight and you got to learn how to land the flight following the tutorial. Eh…you just click the button and suddenly a cute little plane flies towards the ground. Of course, every landing takes some time varying from 1 min to a couple of minutes. If you are impatient and wouldn’t wait, you’ll need to save some ‘cash’ in your pocket to accelerate. But waiting is kinda boring. I mean before I get familiar with this game, it makes me wait 7 minutes for a single landing! During the 7 minutes, if you want to make money, then you’ll be busy clicking the little plane every a few seconds (15 sec as I count). A couple of weird little men come out from nowhere start to service the plane or something like that, the game doesn’t explain too much. But you can earn some ‘aircoin’ from clicking buttons from time to time.

After a few clicks, you need to build the terminal gate, the tower, runaway or bay, etc. Moreover, you need to plan to build these pieces in a certain range of area. A little like city-building stuff, huh? And then send your flight to a certain place you choose from the map, another round of waiting begins. Normally it’s more than 6 min. So I went doing other things instead of wasting time before the computer screen. To get to the final goal, as I see, you need to buy as more planes as possible, so you can take passengers come and go, and earn the Aircoin faster. Also, you need to pay a little attention to the time-planning. Try not to land two planes at the same time in case a deadlock situation happens.

I also notice that there’s a buddy list below the interface. Looks a lot like Facebook games, meaning you can invite your friends to this game and somehow you can visit each other’s airport and do some help or damages, you can land at your friend’s airport or something like that. It’s good, but just not as interesting and communicative as those on-line games with a global chat panels on the interface, which may be more helpful.

Build your airport city and have fun!

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