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Skyrama Review

Sara Lau
Sep 23,2011  09:09 by

It’s simple to sum up what Skyrama is like, that is, it’s simple. Simple yet pleasing graphics, simple but insipid contents.

The entire gameplay is about running an airport, and all start from an eight-step tutorial. The introductory instruction of the tutorial is clear and concise, except that some sentences are just incomplete. Following the self-explanatory guidance, you can immediately know the basics, covering how to build infrastructure, send off flights, land and service planes, collect passengers and get rewards. In all those activities, the only operation needed is to click the mouse.

The completion of tutorial leads your airport into Level 1, which allows you to have one runaway for planes to take off and land, one bay to serve passenger planes, one terminal to collect six passengers at a time, one hangar to store planes (only one in the initial) as well as several cone sets, a bushy tree and two flower boxes as the only decoration. What should be tended to is earning aircoins by serving landed planes and investing them into adding new airport facilities, such as more runaways, higher-level terminals, larger warehouse, etc, which in one way or another make online casino the airport more profitable.

To build a unique airport is possible with the great many choices available, but at the same time seems improbable due to the extreme long time needed to access to those level-locked choices. If you really have the great patience to grind to higher level, you can finally turn the airport into a city-resembling destination that takes up large squares to contain not only functional buildings like terminals, hangars and runaways but also landslide facilities such as taxi ranks, hotels and even cafes, all scattered among decorations of flower beds, trees, fountains and so on. But it’s easier said than done literally. Not only is the upgrading slow and dragging, the entire operation is also constrained to monotonous clicking, which would soon wear away the interests and patience to go on playing.

Bland as a vegetable salad without dressing, Skyrama with its passable graphics is far from enough to be able to glue players to it. Too simple to be engaging, it leaves no other choices for players but to leave halfway when interests or patience, or both, is drained by the slow process and single click.

In conclusion, Skyrama is not a MMO for hardcore gamers, but for those who seek ways to pass time. Compared with Facebook game Airport City, Skyrama seems less “social” without enough neighbors.

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