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Skyshard Heroes

Skyshard Heroes

Release Date:  July 09, 2012
Publisher:  synapticon
Developer:  synapticon
Genre:  Strategy

Skyshard Heroes is a city building game that revolves around the theme as Kabam’s Final Eden‘s. The game is developed by the maker of Tyrant and Redshift.


I don’t think Skyshard Heroes is special enough to hold anyone’s attention.

Like most of the strategy titles out there, it just involves you in lots of constructions and endless waits. Everything depends on each other and you have to keep a balance in the expansion, development and defense. Wood and iron are necessary for constructions and upgrades, while food and water are essential for troops and heroes training. That is why you have to build as many lumber yards, farmsteads, mines and well springs as possible. And the resources necessitate building and upgrading of silos. Then with enough resources in stock, you are allowed to build and upgrade the barracks, training grounds, garrison, encampment and other structures. Forget about aesthetic pursuits. Since all the defending facilities, archer towers and flame bunkers for example, have their shot ranges, you have to crowd your territory with all the buildings though other part of the area is still vacant. That is typically what happens in strategy titles. And of course, devastatingly long waits are pending as you progress.

As for the battle section, Skyshard Heroes takes a similar approach as Ninja Showdown. You click the target player and will have the full view of his or her base. Select the units you would like to send, click an empty place to deploy the units, and your heroes and units would all come out at that spot. Skyshard Heroes is somewhat different because you have direct control over your heroes but cannot direct the troops. That is to say, you can select the attacking target for your heroes but the troops land attacks at the structures closest to them, regardless your concerns and orders. You can do nothing about the rest and have to wait for the battle result. Therefore, you’d better think it twice before you decide on where to put your troops.

It is never difficult to battle against enemies. Even if you are defeated, you obtain some experience and resources if your troops and heroes did well before being killed. The problem is that, you seldom have enemies to attack. Not that there are few players playing the game. Skyshard Heroes has the selection list of enemies for players and they are allowed to attack the enemies on the list only. The list is not short but it is kind of useless. In my case, there is only one player I could attack on the list of 51. Three were still in newbie protection while others’ bases had already been destroyed and cannot be attacked for the time being.

If there is anything satisfactory or unique in Skyshard Heroes, it should be the bizarre but amusing exteriors of some facilities and in the hand-painting style that the pictures have taken. For instance, the citadel and hall of heroes are in the shapes of helmets. But many strategy titles have been offering interesting designs in the buildings and hence the animation of Skyshard Heroes just couldn’t change the whole picture. The game is still lacking in original gameplay.

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