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Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Hi-Rez Studios
Developer:  Hi-Rez Studios

It boasts DotA-styled, arena-based combat, but takes on the third-person perspective; it features traditional gameplay deprived from the real-time strategy, but adopts an unusual WASD operating model; it keeps the in-depth, fierce, challenging competition, but tinges the whole world with an aspiring bright tone. What is this paradoxically integral MMO? It is SMITE, a new game that is unveiled by Hi-Rez Studios at PAX Prime 2011 together with its award-winning Global Agenda and another new comer to the successful Tribes series.

SMITE, as mentioned, is going to turn out to be traditional and innovative at once. In terms of the general gameplay, it can be recognized to contain lots of gaming elements not unusual to DotA enthusiasts. With the DotA style at the core, contents around the session-based combat, real-time strategy as well as cooperative teamwork will be found in this world, where lanes crisscrossing the whole map connect bases that are guarded by densely erected turrets and waves of minions that are not powerful but overwhelming by sheer quantity advantage, and the jungle on both sides all the more complicate the fighting environment due to its blocking, hiding or lurking purposes.

Yet all these seemingly familiar elements will be played quite differently in that SMITE has employed a third-person perspective with the in-game camera locked at eye level. To be more specific, players will no longer to adjust viewpoint all over the map from the bird’s eye view, summing up the whole scene including activities, locations and possible intentions of teammates and enemy on the landscape.

With efforts, players have to watch out for themselves in case of enemies lurking in the back, keep vigilant eyes on the move of enemies, and ensure communications uninterrupted to stay in touch with the team. With the sight of view constrained to the eye level, players will definitely feel acute to the challenges resulted from the blocking effect that may well result from characters’ special skills such as God Ymir’s massive Wall of Ice, or the simply towering buildings and dense jungle. And meanwhile, ambush will probably play a more important part in the victory of a skirmish.

Besides the major innovation in gaming view, in-game graphics turn off the dark tones generally chosen to match the war theme, and depict a relatively bright world to put onstage the grand wars among Gods. Rich in variety, a constellation of Gods and Goddesses out of mythology of various nations are available to players to choose from, such as the Hindu Goddess of Kali vividly portrayed as a four-armed deity with each hand carrying respectively a sword, a trident, a severed head and a skull-cup or the God of Odin in Norse mythology summoning Ravens to inflict damages on the Cyclops.

And there are also Zeus, Anubis, He Bo as well as new ones added in. which role would you like to play? And what lesson are you going to teach your enemy? You can think about it before hand, since there is a period of time before its closed beta scheduled in late 2011.

95 Comments on SMITE


  1. James says:

    omg I've been waiting for such a game for so long 😀

  2. matt says:

    OMFG when does it come out

  3. NerdisTheWord says:

    I have a beta key >:D

  4. Dave says:

    I have three 😛

  5. Dave says:

    Technically infite. Cause I can keep making accounts.

  6. Henry says:

    Is this game out? If not, when will it be coming out? And who wants to get me a Beta Key? 😀

  7. Alec says:

    omg want to play this bad! hartmale@gmail.com the spider lady looks boss

  8. Inferno7799 says:

    I sent you guys (That posted emails) a beta key…enjoy! It's a fun game! 🙂

  9. Will Barnes says:


    A key would be much appreciated.

  10. i want a smite key says:


    A key would be very nice! Thank you.

  11. Brody Nitschke says:

    I'd Really appreciate a Beta key thanks guys, we need more people testing this game because I believe that it isn't as popular as it should be. So a Beta key would be brilliant thanks.


  12. Edward says:


    can I get a beta key as well, just found out about this game 1-2 weeks ago and have been spreading the word to play this game to all my friends. thanks!

  13. didrik says:

    wow this game looks amazing , i would rly like a beta key if any1 has one , send to me and we can play together ddidde@hotmail.com :DDD

  14. Haciv says:

    Gonna have to be like everyone else and ask (and hope!) for a beta key. I cant wait for this game!


  15. Tristan says:

    May i have a beta key?

  16. Scotty says:

    Someone is giving away keys? sasoland1@gmail.com If I get one thank you very very much if not oh well.

  17. NoeL says:

    a beta key would be awesome!! anyone pls? noelbluesman@gmail.com.

  18. justin says:

    y plzzz a key i want to play it so bad justin.bosch@home.nl

  19. justin says:

    anyone knows exact release date I hope its quick 😀

  20. Hellfire says:


    beta key plz 😀

  21. justin says:

    i want it so bad and i cant get it with payment cause i dont have the skills to put money on my paypall T.T

  22. Chucky says:

    I would like a beta key aswell: ) !

  23. John says:

    would it be possible someone could send me a beta key


  24. conner says:

    this game looks amazig could somone please give me a beta key 🙂 id love it so much and be so thankful

  25. conner says:

    my email adress is cjeagle36@gmail.com 🙂

  26. Ben Nguyen says:

    Beta key for me as well please? thanks

  27. kasper says:

    I've seen many gameplays of this game, and i've wanted to play it for so long so i would really love a Beta Key

  28. anonymous says:

    i give away 3 keys. send an your email address to choupo@hotmail.com

  29. Daniel says:

    Bl00dLizard@hotmail.com Please Send Beta Key !!! <3

  30. Redli says:

    I would like one beta key or two if it's possible thanks.

  31. moneer says:


    1 key plzzz thx T_T

  32. Ben Carnahan says:

    Hey a SMITE beta key would be very appreciated ( I suck at spelling i'm so sorry) bjmon567@gmail.com is my email thank you so much

  33. Jewst says:

    Hello! Might sound desperate but I really want a Beta key! LoL and DotA are starting to bore me since I have played it too much^^ Plus I have not yet received a key and I have suscribed to it quite a while ago. This is my email: de_garnaal@hotmail.com

  34. Steve says:

    please and thank you

  35. SEIGE7 says:

    can i please have a beta key im dying to play this game

  36. Deathunter says:

    me too i would love to play this game beta key please

  37. I want a smite key says:

    jojoschneider99@googlemail.com id really enjoy a beta key, thanks

  38. alex98kal says:

    alexinho2009@windowslive.com a beta key plz i like the game!

  39. theristis11 says:

    giorgosboss11@windowslive.com please i beta key i want to play this game………

  40. Sam says:

    samgardner1@live.co.uk i would love a beta key pls and thank you

  41. urmoma123 says:

    please give a beta key 😀 i will be your best friend


  42. muni says:

    could i get a beta key, please……have a group of friends that want to swtich to a new game, from LoL….looks like smite could be a new change up. P's and Q's


  43. john says:

    I'd really appreciate a Beta key plz sent me one j.kalamaris@hotmail.com

  44. Bored of LoL says:

    If someone knows the release date to full game or have BETA key for me -> thepepsitube@gmail.com

  45. Eric says:

    Anyone care to send a beta key? GWEAThrely@hotmail.com Thanks 😛

  46. findex says:

    wouldnt mind a key ;P marmaledas2@hotmail.com

  47. Scott says:

    Would love a beta key as well please:D


  48. MiNioN says:

    Give me a beta key pls:D shadow_fiend58@yahoo.com

  49. cody says:

    Id love a beta key please


  50. Christian says:

    Can I have a beta key please?


  51. tamTamTAAAA says:

    pathetic xD

  52. FOX says:

    pls give me a beta key. steva996@yahoo.com

  53. derek says:

    derek_j9@hotmail.com beta key plz would really love it 🙂

  54. books says:

    pls can I have a beta key? tippbooks@gmail.com

  55. ronn says:

    May i have the beta key please?

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