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Social Empires

Social Empires

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Build your bustling and prosperous city from scratch, attract flows of population to settle down and expand your city into a powerful empire! As a city-building and business-managing game, there is a myriad of things in want of your planning.

In Facebook game Social Empires, you try to increase your agricultural production so as to feed all the population, prepare your resources beforehand through mining and chopping and build an invincible army in case of invasions. If your empire is abundant in resources, other green-eyed robbers may want to plunder you, therefore, get prepared! The highlight is that you can decide everything as you wish.


What do you expect in a strategy game on Facebook? Quests, battles or construction? How about farming and decoration? Now you can find all such elements in Social Empires, the Facebook strategy game from Social Point.

Featuring animated figures and cute graphics, Social Empires presents a colorful visual style which easily brings you joy and happiness. The game allows you to build a base, collect resources, train army units and fight against your enemies.

In the beginning, you are given a small base with a town hall and several houses. To level up, you should assign villagers to collect resources by chopping trees, digging mines and harvesting farms. Then, you can use the resources to build barracks and train units so that the power of your troops can be raised. While constructing the buildings, you can also decorate your base with statues and flowers. Near the base, small groups of trolls are wandering around, posing a threat to the villagers and soldiers. In order to protect the base, you can locate the separate trolls or find out the enemy camp, and then send your troops to kill them all. Once you’ve defeated the trolls, you can gain extra army units like princess warriors.

At level 6, you can launch battles with Facebook players in the battle islands. When opening the world map, you can enter into the island in which players are displayed at random. If your troops are powerful enough, you can challenge players to win gold and experience. All your units will involve in the battles, and automatically attack the enemy troops till they are annihilated. Only after the town hall crumbles can you be crowned with victory.

Social Empires illustrates the construction and battles in easy steps, instead of gathering bricks and deploying units. You can watch your villagers and soldiers to complete the tasks in a real-time movement. Also, the quests are clearly listed in the “Goals” section, each with brief information and tutorials. If you want to try a casual strategy game, Social Empires is your choice.

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85 Comments on Social Empires


  1. tyler says:

    i think social empires should bring out new gifts because the gifts you can send are not that great plus every other game i go on you get one cash every time you go up a level but on social empires you only get cash one’s in a while so you should get cash every time you go up a level

  2. paul says:

    Haha you suck im on level 72 world number 81 and my name is paul yulayev

  3. Leng says:

    cool game

  4. hedi says:

    lol now im lvl 99 world 3 and my name is hedi

  5. alvin says:

    I lost 30 units including 3 dragons…somehow! it might of been glitch…please fix it. level 62. was in universe 2 before map change..name on game: peace valley.. name on fb : alvin mu

  6. Cipriano says:

    il gioco più bello

  7. ammar says:

    really cool.ijust got a furious dragon and it can kill all the trolls around my empire

  8. victor jara says:

    social empires es lo mejor°°°!!!

  9. freddie says:

    I need alis I'm tiptonblue

  10. denisford says:

    hi, im a level 76 and it glchs like crazy, the long response time makes it impossible for me to play, I have had cash disappear as well as dragons. Now I cant separate my armies, It worked fine until I started to get past level 50 and now the game cant keep up with itself, I am not even getting the rewards from beating the quest levels. The only thing about the game that is satisfactory is the fact I didnt pay for it

  11. Rohit bankar says:

    I have lost my furious dragon i dont know how i got i refreshed it just went off and i too lost my 15 cash
    im in level55 on fb social empire

  12. rohit bankar says:

    in game my name is rohit's empire

  13. Rohit bankar says:

    ihave bought a pack of cash but i didnt my chameleon

  14. Diulfoka says:

    j'ai sacrifier des unités que j'aimerais récupéré quelqu'un sais comment ?
    Ou sinon recommencer une parties sans refaire un compte facebook ?

  15. dave says:

    is it possible to rotate your map? Like when I build walls it would be handy if I can rotate my map to see exactly where I am building?

  16. xxxxxxx says:

    yo soy 52 y mi civilizacion se llama the inmortal y esta en la isla 48

  17. Ben Mantooth says:

    hey my name is ben mantooth im level 56 and needs some friends to attack or to see whos better

  18. jc mercado says:

    can you make the cash wonder back?just 10 days left

  19. joao vitor says:

    when I get my grades in social empires

  20. Christopher Bell says:

    I'm level 25 and have lots of dragons I've completed all maps for ship ,Over a hundred thousand gold and 32,809 points Iv completed up to chapter 27

  21. joao vitor says:

    com saber do codigo dos dragoes que creçen mais rapido

  22. ronieloparco says:

    request you to please return my game without social empires before plsss GM in social empires

  23. ronieloparco says:

    request you to please return my game without social empires before plsss GM in social empires.Im promise im not do cheat any more

  24. mariafe says:

    empires plgm pls back my social s i do not cheat again promise:)

  25. theo says:

    pouves vous arreter de faire payer le truc pour fair des dragon s il vous plait

  26. blueaero says:

    if i can take care my dragon i must pay 1 cash ?

  27. Gil says:

    não divia-se pagar em notas (cash) para cuidar dos dragões

  28. Gil says:

    olha deviam inventar um cena para por dragões bebes e depois cuidar deles dar food e depois eles ficam tipo (rubys draggy depois disto trandorma-se em rubys dragon)

  29. richard says:

    ja saiu o social empires 2 ???

  30. phoenix_boy says:

    ur nearly all 13 or ABOVE?

  31. phoenix_boy says:


  32. phoenix_boy says:

    got some of u then

  33. djfdsjh says:

    i lost 3 dragons whitout doing somethink 3 big dragon furius blue and sayan

  34. >>>>>>> says:

    Hey i am level 60 and i want people to attack me and respond if it is good. If you want to friend me, find me at h.p.lovecraft0820@gmail.com

  35. kenny says:

    it is the beast im on level 41 haha.

  36. rick says:

    my mad Balrog and dynasty dragon are gone were they if they are gone forever can i get a refund

  37. rick says:

    how do get it back

  38. Luis Jose Labay says:

    i lost my furious dragon maybe it is a glitch please fix it my empire name is dragon empire

  39. marcelo says:

    eu to no nivel 52 e preciso espandir meu reino qem puder me add ai por favor so tenho dois espaços ok marcelogreguinho@hotmail.com ok

  40. marcelo says:

    gm foi vc q arrumou né

  41. love says:

    it doesnt tell how to get a dragon if you've been playing 4 awhile..

  42. can yüce says:

    bende 10 sayan drago öbüründeyse bütün adamlar var store de de çok adam var

  43. ertan says:

    bendede kapandı yemin ederim bir daha hile yapmıcam söz yemin açın bakın hile yapıyor muyum sonra social empiresim

  44. maluphetz jezreel says:

    are you all kiddng im a level 64 and all my tower is ah dragon killer

  45. sonic says:

    hov to get stone off your expanded empire well to build more stuff

  46. artur says:

    eu depositei faz tempo em janeiro e ate hoje n chegou

  47. artur says:

    adm me da os cash que depositei em janeiro e ainda n chegou

  48. jakson eduardo says:

    ai pedi minha conta o que eu faço me responda ?

  49. Emaink road race says:

    qq gm social empires knapa permainan fb saya gak bisa di mainkan yg ema aink road race

  50. emaaink road race says:

    brother gm knapa social Empires game on fb I can not play aink road race which ema

  51. arthkevinulanday says:

    i can take care your dragon

  52. arthkevinulanday says:

    gm pls can you give me the all dragon.

  53. Jojo says:

    how i fix the population in my empire?the maximum only is 175?level 48 Adonai is my empire name….please fix it….

  54. Gabe Cabell says:

    I think that you social empires people need to make a building that combines to units

  55. jabe brinkel says:

    my unit count is blue and when i build a house it doesnt change

  56. givaldo reis says:

    olá,gostaria que o responsavel pelo app me mande o que comprei ,pq já faz tres dias que fiz a compra com pagamento on line, fiz a transferenca e até agora nada, resolve logo ou devolve meu dinheiro.

  57. givaldo reis says:

    todos os apps do orkut tem o e-mail para reslver os problemas e aqui não tem, espero que o adm me pague meus kesh que paguei e ainda não me deram, ou então devolva meu dinheiro !

  58. [...] Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, andSocial Empires. [...]

  59. [...] Dragon City is a Facebook-based social game with the theme around dragon breeding, hatching and fighting. The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, andSocial Empires. [...]

  60. aldo roman giambrone says:

    vorrei sapere che gioco è

  61. bryan says:

    "Account disabled 100000411927532". please enable my account
    sir bryan

  62. anyone know how to get rid of a resource inside your lands? -.- like i got gold on the edge of one piece of land so i cant place wall there and it annoys me cause i got slight OSD

  63. santy says:

    qiero saver qe ranking voy

  64. [...] The game is developed by Social Point, which has published Facebook games such as Social Wars, andSocial Empires. [...]

  65. nicolas says:

    salut, aujourd' hui les tournoi,ça beug.je n' arrive même pas a faire un seul combat.si quelqu' un y arrive.il me répond et je suis au niveau 61

  66. kristupas says:

    i am on lvl 86 and i have 20 chuck norris

  67. way larios says:

    pls can you give me cash i need lng po to win the reward …

  68. douglas carvalho says:

    Eu perdi meo dragão arcoiris não como tava lutando com ele derrepente quando termino a luta ele sumiu Procurei no cemiterio para ver se ele tava la não tava Por gentileza favor comsertar

  69. wendel says:

    Because my villagers did not rise to level along with the city.

  70. jose prieto says:


  71. cbkbwistzt says:

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