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Social Wars

Social Wars

Release Date:  
Publisher:  Social Points
Developer:  Social Points
Genre:  Strategy, Builder

Social Wars looks like a revised version of Men vs Women. In fact it is. The game features a detailed military system and economic system. And both systems run vibrantly to bring you resources and experience.


PvP in Social Wars is not about an all-able hero against alien creatures. Here the controllable hero is replaced with a unit of 8-10 soldiers, more on higher level. While other games focus on the attack, single-skill or combined, this game has path choosing and troop arrangement as the core part of battles, which makes it much more of strategy than action. This is why SW succeeds in training the extremist map idiot into a hungry map reader. The battle maps changes not only geographically, but in the quantity and mental ability of monsters therein. As a human, it just feels more real to fool monsters than to wrestle with them, because monsters have impressed us with their poor flexibility as well as their awesome strength.

To meet the frequent demand for map usage, the response of clicks to shift, enlarge or scale down the map is wonderful. They won’t be mistaken for other actions, such as to shift a unit. The ground is a pure green clear from any other color, still to be convenient for the path choice. The marching pace feels a bit low to somebody, but easier for less experienced commanders to retract a false move, such as to transfer to a better target before the shooting begins. This game doesn’t consider any flee option once the shooting begins.

Click to know more about what you can do to each facility, wild resource spot and the interface functions. You have a wider range of resources collectable than you imagine. Send in a peasant collector, and you can vacuum up the wildness and the conquered enemy camps. It’s just delicious to drive the forest animals into your stable and save pet dogs from monsters.

Victories are based on some try-and-fails, which familiarize you to the assets and liabilities of the automatism of your soldiers. Your army shoots fires to new enemies automatically if you didn’t click other targets. They even branch out in two ways when the shared target is too small. If you go against their habit, they may run for the clicked destination without any defense to the passing enemies.

The biggest difference between Social Wars and Men vs Women is the initial power of soldiers. The latter just fails to offer a decent situation for novices. In other words, the difficulty is not balanced with the earnable qualifications. In Social Wars, there is no forced engagement into suicide battles, nor do nasty quests frustrate a clever mind. It will be silly if such depth practicing in maintaining such a sound supply chain cannot make you deserve the victories.

This supply chain, either for living or fighting, contains raw resource collected (oil, gold, wood, corns, cows), secondary resource produced (bread, medicine, bullets), the facilities that consume raw resources and the finished goods that costs cash or resources to trade. The game lets you hire a worker or build a facility at a low cost, but it takes wisdom to spend money and trade items, especially when there is a specific goal. It will be a waste to run out money on a time-consuming building(removing it means selling it at the lowest or zero cost) when you are facing a battle and need many more upgraded soldiers.

The buildings (facilities) are subdivided by functions. To name a few, hospital under Health, robotics academy under Attack, rocket fortress and mega fortress under Defense, fountain under Decoration. All of these subdivisions contain pages of things accessible at different levels and price range, to which an extra requirement of your influence on neighbors and friends may be added. In fact without friends, you can never expand, which means you have no further space to hold your people, to say nothing of using your earnings to train bazooka soldiers, jeeps, tanks, aircrafts and helicopters. It’s just flesh body against technology to approach the upgraded enemy towers without tanks or helicopters. These advanced buildings and weapons, however high-tech they sound, sticks to the realistic features of human wars and never hurt the superiority of human decision.

If you have been fed with fictions and super powers seen in games like Reborn Empire and Super Heroes, join social wars. It’s the “real” fun!

30 Comments on Social Wars


  1. calvin says:

    j'ai achetter 7,50 un robot sur Wars sociale et il a disparu , comment faire pour le recuperer ??

  2. legacy says:

    it wont let me reclaim my rewards after it completes i have all the parts for it plz help

  3. aboredfan says:

    how do you clear away small forests, can you? I tried but the workers only cleared away trees, not 'small forests' Please help

  4. 0528156172 says:

    fv n nrgjjfng gkr;oEWRP PEON MFPOJEAREI RFPOSSSSS OO ONR KRO VKNRO soiwporvp c jgfgubfh rlnofire'aec rofpoepakndfv nforngof

  5. Estevenpolk says:

    haha bakit hindi ko magawa yun pano ad jan sataas hahahah???

  6. hanson gregory says:

    WHY did you banned me?!!!!!!!!

  7. Kevin says:

    whats the point of the elephants and gorillas in this game?

  8. chris says:

    i want to know that to

  9. davi says:

    vou tranzar com a mulher

  10. kyle licudan says:

    My Supreme Bot died because of some alien guys.can I still retrieve my supreme bot? how

  11. boom says:

    how to maximize my population in this game.. im stucked up into 175…

  12. rosinaldo says:

    edtor yaur FB ID hene 🙂

  13. Kuchay says:

    i already claimed all the rewards in my inventory.. i still have lots of items in my inventory what shall i do with them?

  14. Sailesh says:

    How do i put solider in a truck

  15. deepan raj says:

    i have 34 cash wonder but it takes one day and i am having 258 cash first i buyed for $400 i need to get cash fast

    become my friend in facebook,

  16. siujakam says:

    all comenti jam yut

  17. joe says:

    how do you get silo

  18. bluesteelbahamut says:

    does anyone know when mission 23 and 24 are comin out im gettin pretty bored of destroyin doctor shcok

  19. TJ Kane says:

    how do you change the difficulty in the mission worlds?

  20. Kasun Subhashana says:

    I’m in level 40 my population 175. I built more houses but it doesnt increse. PLEASE HELP

  21. blob says:

    I can't reclaim My collections! I've waited for months on both this game and social empires. What do I do?!

  22. Kouki Barça says:

    Enter text right here!

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