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Social Wars Preview

Sara Lau
Feb 21,2012  01:02 by

Virtual military games are the fuel that ignites the enthusiasm of players by proving deeper strategic gameplay. And recently, military strategy games have been witnessed popping up throughout Facebook. However, the repetitive and mechanical work makes most of them rigorous and monotonous very quickly. But luckily, Social Point (Airport City) has done something a little different. Social Wars has blended hardcore strategy and tactics with a new real-time-strategy, which enables players to engage in real-time animated combat and take direct command of each battle units and buildings. Sounds cool? Then hurry up to immerse yourselves into thrilling battles.

Just as in those social games on FB or Google Plus (Gangs of Boomtown), in Social Wars, some sorts of consecutive stories can be told and they are divided into several chapters with engaging and challenging single-player campaigns. At the beginning, it tosses you into the fray by having you free all soldiers taken hostage by Orcs. Game graphics feature tongue-in-cheek cartoon style which is sort of like those casual farm-building games.

You are welcomed by a newbie tutorial after getting started. You will be given ample to time to build your bases and get your army up before the Orc intruders attack your base. You firstly select the command center to train workers and use them to harvest primary resources like golds, oils, steels and woods scattered around map. You may also build resource generating buildings and assign workers to do the collection jobs, so that these buildings will yield resources after a designated time periods elapse. Then you will need to follow step-by-step quests to build up your base and training facilities, and it could be a bit slow at the first stage. Micro-transaction is optional for players to speed up constructing, but spoiling Facebook credits never feels absolutely necessary from my point of view.

The game also features a huge technology tree, which will be gradually unlocked as you meet the level requirement. The interface and control of the game is also user-friendly. It is entirely mouse driven. Scrolling to zoom in or out, moving mouse while pressing and holding left button to pan camera, clicking to select single target and double-clicking to multi-select a group of same units, which are all direct clones of those prototype PC-based RTS games, make for a surprisingly enjoyable experiences at the first glimpse.

However, the game lacks some key factors which are indispensable for a true RTS-game. Players are couraged to continuously pump out units, maneuver your combat mobs all at once, and then watch your legion overwhelm your enemies. Each unit has its own style of combat animation, if you let them idle for too long, they will also pose some gestures. But on the other hand, like other games with intricate and intensive graphics, it also experiences constant lag problems, especially when throngs of units from two fractions engage in combat, it always responds to my respond very slowly. On the plus side, the AI is competent in most of time. In VIP-escort mission, friendly AI will continue to move even though they have been taken fire no matter how far they are away from enemies.

Overall, Social Wars makes a good first impression, and it has enough of interesting and in-depth ingredients to make it fun and persistent. However, it lacks something that makes a solid strategy game.

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