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SOE Announces PlanetSide 2, More Contents to be Detailed

Jul 7,2011  03:07 by

Sony has confirmed they are working on the new sequel to PlanetSide. The new domain for the next installment “PlanetSide 2” has been live as of today!

Rumors are always shedding some light on the real facts. No wonder those geekers are very much hepped up about rumors. For video gamers, or to be exactly, MMOFPS fans, here comes an opportunity evidencing the rumor is far from Groundless and baseless!

Moments ago, SOE unveiled PlanetSide 2 teaser site with a countdown clock ticking as well as a Facebook Fan page and it will be scheduled to expire tomorrow night at 7 p.m. PST. Something Awesome? or just lure our eyeballs?

Multiple news media sites re-tweeted this update as President John Smedley tweeted the announcement at his twitter. It signals they are now working on PlanetSide 2, the most anticipated MMOFPS after they canceled the spy-themed MMO “The Agency”

The MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 is coming for sure, but the problem is does this game will be free to play? Because increasingly the free to play model has dominated the online gaming, with the ongoing release of Hellgate, APB: Reloaded, Battlefield Play4Free, Fallen Earth and Deep Black Online. (learn more Here)

To be sure, Sony Online Entertainment has already accumulated some experience from its free to play MMOs like EverQuest II, and Free Realms. It would be more attractive and rewarding for players to play freemium Planetside 2, or at least, a hybrid version like Age of Conan, or Lego Universe.

Official website: http://www.planetside2.com/, Join our forum to discuss whatever you are interested in related to this topic.

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