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Soul Crash

Soul Crash

Release Date:  09/03/2012
Publisher:  Gaia Online
Developer:  Gaia Online
Genre:  RPG

Soul Crash is an anime-themed Facebook game developed by Gaia Online Interactive, which publishes games like Summer Springs, Monster Galaxy and Backyard Monsters.


Soul Crash, as a newly-released Facebook game, lures gamers with a blood-boiling opening music and battling sound. Unlike twisted melody for a twisted ambition, it sounds both relaxed and eager at the same time. Characters are 100% absolutely angels, round-headed, calm-faced, energetic in a muscleless way, handsome when forehead hairs drawn backward, lovely all the same when naked.

But these beautiful indications help little with the central gameplay, which is only enjoyable after you get hold of the truly efficient things, skill or some cautions, or else you can’t help but call its pretty appearance some cheap juggling.

First, I appreciate new names for its three skills: “tag” for stab (directly at abdomen), “counter” for “dodge and attack” as a whole, and “soul” for the most formidable attack. They require different soul orbs, equivalent concept with “ammo” in other games. It’s good if things happen like it would like to. To complete dodge and attack at once? So smart! The tutorial has me watch the act– a slow-down version of Bruce Lee’s JKD where dodge and attack is begun well before the enemy means the harm. I hope such things can be realized. But Up to now, I click “counter” only to have my warrior shirk when it must have been stabbing and try to kill when the enemy is already behind.

You see, this game is challenging your speed of learning new things- I appreciate it, especially that the skill is inspired by my idol Bruce Lee. Additionally, I am not so willing to believe there is no good essence within the stylish morale throughout the game. So the next day, I enter the battles again, and it does pay. I begin to notice the slow-down motions for timing the act. I have thought such motions are only in tutorial or only for a highlight visual effect for throw-high (with weapon tip), chop-down (with edge). So stupid of me.

Then I see the importance of saving soul orbs by using “counter” preferentially and refraining from using “soul”, because I have experienced so many chances to use counter or tag with not enough soul orbs ready for my turn.

Speaking of the turns, I think it’s the bad turns that explain why most of the battles begin with me dying or retreating first. I am always pushed to the battle first when the three skills are not ready. The battles keeps telling to my ear your mercenaries are stronger than you, you are always weak, soul attack (consuming the most soul orbs) is really fantastic. The free chances to recruit friends for fighting are gone. You are given non-free mercenaries for battles, without option to change teammates, until you have no gold coins to pay them. In fact, the free moku teammates (wooden dummy) are no less efficient warrior than the mercenaries.

It’s natural to limit the amount of friend help. Soul crash is echoed by tons of game makers in such restriction. The problem is default use of expensive warriors. And these gold coins are also essential for buying a basically decent weapon to do justice to your hard-won enchant stones. What is enchanting stone? You can imagine the possible things needed for enhancing a weapon, materials, money, effort, workers, even facilities to research prior to this attempt. Well, enchant stone is such material, which is the only and all Soul Crash is requiring gamers to fight for, search for and save up for.

So the weapons are obviously stronger with damage points shown accurately. However, whether to win or lose is still at the mercy of luck. Leaderboard of the game is about how many victories you have achieved, so we take it granted that all factors for winning a battle must be controllable, except a proper influence from luck, fate or such things.

As to fate, you become one of the elements (fire, water, wind, earth) without offer to choose. The stat distribution after each battle (among attack, defense, evade and hit ratio), which must have made big difference in how you battle and how you end up, are not so easily felt. It still takes time to prove. I really think gamers will feel much safer if they have a fast control about basic factors. Your rivals are always as tough as when you were weak. You grow so hard just to find yourself barely catching up with others. Here the others are not computer-controlled NPC, but randomly chosen real players.

Rewards and consumption of battles are ridiculously poorly balanced, impossible for progression, and no other means to heal such shortage. Compared to this, 15 minutes for one energy is a favor. I am sure the game is credibly or incredibly with huge potential, and I am also sure the money outflow and inflow will change for the game to continue itself better.

55 Comments on Soul Crash


  1. Hidariude says:

    Tag is not a jab, it is the command to switch with another teammate. It's actually pretty useless, because you switch automatically whenever one is incapacitated, so all it does is allow your main character to be saved for striking the final blow in hard battles.

  2. Takuto says:

    I found a hacker on soul crash because he was lvl 10 and his team was a lvl13 and and lvl 26

  3. experious says:

    what is the melody of soul crash ?

  4. L3gion says:

    Tag is very useful not only to escape but to also continue a combo, if you have your opponent on the ropes and you want to keep pushing without giving him a chance to soul you then you can tag and you keep the combos and your opponent is pretty much defenseless till you run out of tags. As for Soul I find that is better if you use it for stopping your opponents soul.

  5. antino says:

    need friens on soul crash

  6. axzel says:

    i cant play in soul crash

  7. asd says:

    when i click battle nothing happens

  8. Janice says:

    i have no idea what happened
    i've been playing Soul Crash for a while and then all of sudden when I tried playing it again, it made me restart (back to level 0)
    I was originally level 6 and now it made me restart the game…just what on earth is happening???

  9. seoduke says:

    why soul crash why wont you play with me T_T

  10. Aizen says:

    How to delete character in this game?

  11. crime18 says:

    how to get more cash

  12. juli-uz 92 says:

    how do we use the soul cube?..what is it for?..i've collected a lot of soul cube..but i don't know how to use it?..

  13. Gaara says:

    Once the elder dude picks your element are you stuck with it or can you pick another one?
    If you can change it add me as a friend on fb Frost_Bitten@ymail.com, and message me how… :/ I know im not gonna be on this site…… Anytime soon… I have a fb account named gaara but my character is water…. T~T Help plz……..

  14. Liza says:

    how can I start this game from the start? I want to restart this game.

  15. Yulius says:

    What's the effect if I enchats my weapon and if it be failed? Are my wepon be gone or what? Thanks…

  16. Carlo says:

    what can i add stat in Fire element?

  17. shryvyn says:

    pa cheat

  18. rommel says:

    how do we use the soul cubes

  19. bandongitz says:

    Some says soul cubes can be use to purchase weapons, but i don't know how to do it

  20. djmanner says:

    soul crash sucks it wont even let me get past the tutorial

  21. blake says:

    hi guys how do i change my team ive got mercs but i cant offord them

  22. linkinpark says:

    hola ayer un amigo medijo que ya areglaron el juego este yo llege al lv 43 y tenia mi atake defensa hit evacio las 4 barras a 1000 y cuando entre al otro dia siguiente ya tenia mi atake defensa hit eva a 543 todo yo quiero que me lo areglen como estaba lodemas el oro en moneda tenia mas tambien pero no me inporta eso sino mis attack defense hit% eva% full por que con ese 543% attack defense hit% eva% no lotenia al entrar el otro dia sigueinte ó meloareglan o dejo el juego yo estoy hace banda y desde que empese a jugar a este juego no lo abandone nunca asi que quiero que me lo areglen como estaba antes respondemerme por favor yo linkinpark .

  23. David andre says:

    Look at Friends … iam lvl 22 .. Add me http://www.facebook.com/david.andre.963

  24. bakus says:

    how can i restart this game?

  25. Enzo says:

    Tag can avoid counters and souls, and is very powerful. Counter can be efficiently used as a time leech for soul, allowing you not to be hit until the soulpower runs out. For me though, I think soul is weak.

  26. Stanislav says:

    add me lvl 33

  27. Stanislav Stoinev says:

    add me lvl 34

  28. sdasdasd says:

    man my soul crash has slow loading here in a shop while in another shop its fast loading

  29. Angel Romero says:

    que masiso es soul crahs

  30. damin mance says:

    add me im damin mance im famous on soul crash im level 55

  31. ana angel says:

    this game not working today why?

  32. jusama says:

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