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Soul Crash Review

Sara Lau
Apr 13,2012  06:04 by

I’m a hardcore arcade-style fighting game fan and I had been playing good old-school fashioned fighting games like Street Figher and the King of Fighters franchise when I was a kid. Although I have embraced HD gaming consoles now, playing fighting games like Tekken and Soul Calibur still can offer me thrilling gameplay experiences.

However, I have never played any games of the same genre on Facebook. Primarily due to technical issues, it is impossible for browser games to attain the same level of those console games featuring nearly photo-realistic graphics and complex gameplay. But I still wish I could play a “fighting-esque” game where I can at least pick my own moves, rather than those boring games in which fight is unusually done by one click. After finally getting my hands on the Soul Crash beta release, I realized that finally there is a game that pushes the limits of the Facebook platform.

After watching the opening intro video and the voice-over tutorials, I knew it is one of the most revolutionary and brilliant games on Facebook. The graphics feature cute SD characters and they are beautifully and vividly rendered. Each sound track definitely matches the scenes: In non-combat situations, music is sweet and peaceful; but the music’s mood shifts to match the combat scenes so perfectly with its strong beat.

Technically, Soul Crash is a hybrid genre game blending roll-playing with side-scrolling fighting combat element. The combat is much easier so you don’t necessarily need to be very good at fighting games. The core gameplay aspect of the combat is to execute battle commands timingly to unleash different moves. The game pits you into 3v3 tag battles, your character and the opponents automatically fight against each other and you just wait for “soul orbs” to fill up by getting and landing hits. As they charge to a certain threshold, certain commands can be activated.

The “Tag” command helps you to swap your character and it only costs half of a soul orb. This command is helpful to interrupt enemy combos; of course, you can strategically apply the tag combo to give a sound chase to your opponent. The “counter” command consumes one soul orbs. Based on my experiences, this command is very useful. Because it can cancel your hit stun and immediately connect a “blow” attack and launch your enemy into air, which is usually followed with airborne combos. The “Soul” command is just like the ultimate move which can deal mighty blows and damages to your opponent; but remember not to spoil this command, because if your opponent successfully dodges or deflects your devastating attack, you will be left big open for retaliation.

After battles, you can shape your characters according to your favors by allocating attribute points; or give them unique looks by equipping them with weapons and cosmetic gears; even the welcoming item-enchantment system is also introduced in the game. Besides, Soul Crash is proved proficient even in little things such as the “shop” system: In most other Facebook games, you just click on some buttons to bring up the menu of items which are available for purchase; In Soul Crash, you can freely control your character across a side scrolling map of the shop where you can browse those items.

Overall, Soul Crash is a revolutionary experiment with tons of new feats. Without question, it has turned out to be a huge success. The system is a unique one that gives game a new dimension to stand out from the pack. Now matter whether you are fighting game fans or PRG enthusiast, you will love this title and become addicted to it quickly.

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