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Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian

Release Date:  03/16/2012
Publisher:  WSGame
Developer:  WSGame
Genre:  RPG

Soul of Guardian is a free browser-based Action Role playing game by Wondershare Game, known as one of the affiliates to Call of Gods. The game,  originally released in China, is officially launched in North America on March 16, 2012.


Soul of Guardian depicts a fantasy world with two factions of characters -Battle Warden and Soul Envoy, as well as six guardian beasts with distinctive powers. The two factions can be subdivided into four classes – Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard, to be differentiated by their respective specialty.

Diversified quests remain as the mainstay of this game and but the game also branches out in different storyline and quest directions. If you want to get started on the game quickly, you should buy VIP membership before you enjoy special privileges.  However, if you just want to have fun and find more free options, explore the world yourself, or wait for our walk-through.


MMORPG could be too old a tree to stand itself there if not for some fresh burgeon spurting out in time like Soul of Guardian do. Soul of Guardian is a smooth entertainer that keeps gamers smiling at themselves. You win so fast that it’s always near the end of battle that you begin to recognize what you are fighting. This mechanics reminds me of Crystal Saga and Heroic Odyssey.

But high killing efficiency has its bad side. The auto fight has four of my skills alternate perfectly and potion is automatically applied at a certain damage degree. The real challenge begins at lvl 35, with a dungeon to protect a holy stone from the touch of 21 rounds of monsters. Each round is a time attack against a cluster of monsters coming up in come down in torrents and from all directions. The first dungeon quests have misled me to take it granted that this one is still enter-and-watch. It’s not, however. And it’s proved that auto fight is cleverer than my hand control. I begin to hate my powerful hammer, which is able to kill one with one hit but needed to kill more than one with a hit. Well, it must have been adequate if at the beginning I didn’t stand there wondering why the coming monsters kindly spared me and head for elsewhere until the system remind me: your stone is being attacked. And it’s another lesson taught by games that being alone is not always efficient—maybe I must have teamed up with others, as suggested by the game.

Graphics is below average. As I mentioned above, fighting animals and collecting objects are not easy to identify. So it is true with Characters. But the character image for dialogues are impressive, not any cartoon-style or computer-assisted paintings, but delicately drawn oil paintings with various meaningful facial expressions, which makes the game look like a serious epic while delightfully easy in slaughtering evil things.

It’s no problem when you don’t need to know their identity other than a doomed victim. In the first 35 levels, the longest battle takes half a minute to finish, in the case I forgot to learn or update any ready skills. It seems a rule that less good-looking games let you walk faster. When you just realize that the tasked animals are always within a stone’s throw from the quest-source NPC, you are endowed with a pair of flying shoes that can teleport you anywhere.

But I didn’t see anyone even 1 meter above me now. Nobody is flying in a real sense. The game must have got the potential to tightly pack real players and monsters in 3 dimensions. When I am invited to a group, I can’t find myself from the clustering people without a distraction click. And there is no space to disperse them. The major mount I have seen, at least up to now, is a large fox. Kirins, tigers and phoenixes that stand for power and majesty are absent. Isn’t it an exaggerated flattery that you can tame a cunning fox to ride on? Such flattery is also loud with your panda pet, who may swing arms and shout for morale when you are in battle, and ask for partner saying ‘I am toot lonely” or lure your affection begging you not to abandon it just because it has a poor sense of direction.

Interface is a complicated one for fully developed branch systems, with its four margins filled with small letters symbolizing each function. Celebrating information fly through the interface, some broadcasting a victory of players, and others indicating you are near an admirable level.

Besides achievement like an impressive number of enemies killed, a certain number of friends added, or duels performed, the game reminds you to build up your body. The transparent body shows the growth of your inner organ and major body systems, which is related to your physical capacity in battles.

The progression, as in browser RPG Odin Quest, is unparalleled, but you just believe it. You go ahead so fast that it approaches the speed of your heart. Judging from the heavy traffic everywhere and the size of guilds, such a flattering progression is rewarding. Meanwhile, some famous, heavily-invested games, such as Brick Force isn’t seeing an obvious increase in participants in the last weeks. It still takes time to see who is wiser, between flattering corpse-like gamers until they smile and challenging heroic core gamers until exhausting them to corpses.


Soul of Guardian is ultimately excellent in its web browser rendering technology, no match for such technology as far as I know, but it is merely a new version of those old-fashioned RPGs, and a relaunch on web browser.

18 Comments on Soul of Guardian


  1. Ruviane says:

    The painted portraits that you like are at least partially taken from a game called Neverwinter Nights. Just do an image search for Aribeth portrait (she's the first major NPC that you meet). Hopefully they got permission to use these images…

  2. Kilv4n says:

    it's a free game so they don't need agreement

    • Manticore says:

      They still need to credit the artist(s), otherwise they are claiming that it is their own original material, and that _is_ infringement. Free game or not, without crediting it's the same as plagiarism… actually, it _is_ plagiarism.

  3. asd123 says:

    I just saw an Ad for this game on Facebook, the picture in it was Garen from League of legends. lol
    I'm pretty sure there are international trade agreements that prohibit it.

  4. Chlebaaa says:

    Nice Game I play free SERVER my name is Chlebaaa

  5. stefan says:

    do NOT use Daopay on that site! read this chat!:
    Welcome to WSGame Online Support, we are pleased to help you!
    Hi, this is WSGame Customer Service Representative, glad to be at your service!
    hi welcome to wsgame
    hi, i just topped up 200 gold, but only received 100
    can you tell me your game name,server and character name
    soul of guardian, demon revenge, Stefanus
    ye can you tell me the method of payment
    ultimate pay – wondershare -N-12041334228183-378
    ye, isee
    i see
    i could forward you the transaction email
    we strongly suggest our players paying by moneybooker
    yeah but i needed to pay by phone
    ye, the money you pay is charged by the provider and the bank
    in this way, we just receive about half of your money
    yeah, but its not my fault, i used a service that u offer on teh website
    i know
    so, what am i supposed to do?
    i topped up 5 euro too, and u received all from that
    just now, what is your order number?
    from the 200 gold? N-12041334228183-378
    from the last one its: N-12041334235684-575
    ye, we know that
    some players have reported this before. the fee is very high paying by phone
    we hope you know this and next time do not use phone to pay
    lol, u should warn the players on the website, thats yourresponsebility, i got this mail:
    WonderShare Transaction ID: N-12041334228183-378
    WonderShare Account Name: 379399
    Description: Soul of Guardian 200 gold
    Amount: €15.21
    UltimatePay Order Number: 986-4203-75562
    UltimatePay Transaction ID: {589311b9-1375-4747-ab60-bbc1c2bd78e8}
    Service: WonderShare by Wondershare
    Payment Method: DaoPay
    it says i apid for 200 gold
    i paid*
    ye, we have checked that. your information is correct.
    we will take your suggestion into consideration and give players better service
    so, i should get 100 gold or some kind of items, it costs u nothing and remove deopay
    cuz i would like keep playing the game and keep paying for it
    thx for your support for wsgame.
    thats all?
    however we are not in the position to do this to our devoted players
    i get nothing of refund?
    hope you can understand
    no i cant, u can easily give me something in return for my loss
    i guess so. hope you can remember not to pay by phone again
    just remove deopay then, its a theft
    hi stefan,pls calm down. each time this happens, we do feel sorry for players and keeping telling them not use daopay
    we have made much effort
    and you suggestion we will take it into considerraytion
    i am calm, really. but i know this has a legal issue and i will get deeper into this, because this way innocent people are robbed
    btw for you 100 gold is just a number change in the database
    sorry for the inconvenience

  6. Jon says:

    Don't play this game. The GM's are terrible and lie to players and the customer service is awful. They promise compensation for making a player go through HELL and then turn around and refuse the compensation. They even went as far as to call me a LIAR and a DRUNK.

    • Jon says:

      Visitor: Jon
      Operator: Sarah
      Company: david1234
      Started: 21-Apr-2012 4:19:44 AM
      Finished: 21-Apr-2012 7:09:06 AM

      4:19:44 AM: * Welcome to WSGame Online Support, we are pleased to help you!
      4:19:54 AM: * Hi, this is WSGame Customer Service Representative, glad to be at your service!
      4:19:59 AM: Sarah: hello, Jon
      4:20:14 AM: Jon: Hello, Sarah
      4:20:27 AM: Sarah: what can i do for you ?
      4:20:50 AM: Jon: I'm here because I'm having problems with your company and I want my money back
      4:21:38 AM: Sarah: oh, Jon
      4:21:44 AM: Sarah: what happened?
      4:21:49 AM: Sarah: would you pls tell me ?
      4:23:40 AM: Jon: Your gm's have lied about exploits in your game, and have even gone further to lie to me about the fact that people aren't abusing them. On top of that. The value of the VIP service I purchased is worthless with all the exploits and your whole player base knows it except for you guys apparently
      4:24:05 AM: Jon: I don't appreciate being lied to and all I ever get is "we are doing the best we can"
      4:24:45 AM: Sarah: Jon, i am sorry to hear that
      4:24:59 AM: Sarah: would you pls tell what makes you angry ?
      4:26:04 AM: Jon: I just did, your customer service is aweful. All I ever get is the run around. I don't get good answers and I talked to someone yesterday about this issue and they even lied to me about your refund policy.
      4:26:24 AM: Sarah: oh, sorry
      4:26:28 AM: Sarah: i beg your pardon
      4:26:41 AM: Sarah: i just dont know what happened yesterday
      4:26:47 AM: Sarah: would you mind telling me it?
      4:27:17 AM: Sarah: then i can sort it for you soon
      4:28:13 AM: Jon: All I ever got from the rep was "I'm sorry" and "I promise we are doing better". I'm tired of hearing that. I just want my money back so I can find a service that works and actually cares about it's player base. This is the FIRST game I have ever attempted a refund from because it is that bad.
      4:29:13 AM: Jon: Your refund policy says "Accounts that obtain refunds after already purchasing game currency will be blacklisted." That clearly states that refunds ARE available under those conditions. I want my money back before this gets out of hand. I will take legal action to get it back if I have to
      4:29:24 AM: Sarah: Jon, i am very sorry for the trouble you met
      4:29:34 AM: Jon: I'm not going to roll over and let your company hold on to something that they don't deserve
      4:29:39 AM: Sarah: so i am trying my best to solve your problem now
      4:29:48 AM: Sarah: would you pls tell me your character name ?
      4:29:53 AM: Jon: XZer0
      4:29:53 AM: Sarah: and in which server ?
      4:29:58 AM: Jon: Server 7
      4:30:02 AM: Sarah: thx
      4:30:20 AM: Sarah: would you mind telling me what makes you angry ?
      4:30:48 AM: Sarah: i will do my best to sort your case
      4:31:41 AM: Jon: Your GM's lying to me. The exploits in your game that are known issues that you guys don't admit to and refuse to fix. The value of your VIP service is terrible or worthless with all the exploits.
      4:32:24 AM: Jon: and I spend 3 hours talking to a rep yesterday who stopped talking to me and would only copy paste
      4:33:20 AM: Jon: I don't want to play your game anymore. I'm beyond that. I want my money back and that is it. I don't want to hear about new features or how your making it better. I'm tired of dealing with your company
      4:34:35 AM: Sarah: Dear Jon
      4:34:47 AM: Sarah: what's your problem, pls ?
      4:34:52 AM: Sarah: then i can sort for you
      4:35:01 AM: Jon: My problem is I want my money back
      4:35:08 AM: Sarah: so sorry that
      4:35:40 AM: Sarah: i want to know what happened
      4:35:43 AM: Sarah: :-(
      4:36:01 AM: Jon: I told you
      4:36:27 AM: Jon: I went to talk to one of your gm's about an exploit and he or she lied to me saying people weren't abusing it
      4:36:47 AM: Jon: they were getting everything the had the right way
      4:37:14 AM: Jon: your vip service … is worthless because of all the people using the exploits in your game
      4:37:34 AM: Sarah: pardon ?
      4:37:43 AM: Sarah: ppl weren't abusing?
      4:37:48 AM: Sarah: abusing what?
      4:37:55 AM: Jon: the exploits
      4:39:49 AM: Jon: Exploits ruin a game and how a company handles them and the customer service are BIG issues
      4:39:55 AM: Jon: your company is terrible at both
      4:41:06 AM: Jon: I'm tired of getting the run around when I bring up issues and being lied to by both customer service and the GM's
      4:43:17 AM: Sarah: Jon
      4:43:35 AM: Sarah: you did not tell me the problem
      4:43:45 AM: Sarah: so i dont know how to get it
      4:44:08 AM: Jon: Look, I just want my money back. End of story. I have told you my problems
      4:44:15 AM: Jon: Your customer service = problem
      4:44:20 AM: Jon: Your gms = problem

      • Jon says:

        4:44:26 AM: Jon: exploit sin the game = problem
        4:44:39 AM: Jon: vip service = worthless = problem
        4:45:25 AM: Jon: I was enjoying your game until all these issues started to occur = problem
        4:48:30 AM: Sarah: Dear Jon
        4:48:52 AM: Sarah: can you tell me what do you want us to make up ?
        4:49:22 AM: Jon: Pardon?
        4:49:44 AM: Sarah: we want to make up
        4:49:57 AM: Sarah: so would you pls tell me how to do it?
        4:52:17 AM: Jon: I would like my money back. If and when you guys open a new server that is "better" I will come back and put money into your game. Until then, I don't want anything to do with your company. It has turned me off to both it's game and the company itself
        5:07:27 AM: Jon: Sarah?
        5:08:18 AM: Jon: Not to be rude hun, but I don't have all day to sit here. I did that yesterday
        5:08:28 AM: Sarah: yes i am here
        5:08:36 AM: Sarah: i am thinking about it
        5:08:43 AM: Sarah: sorry for my later reply
        5:08:56 AM: Sarah: because i dont know how to answer you
        5:10:46 AM: Jon: Look, I like your game I really do, but at this point with everything I have had to deal with. I don't think there is anything your company can offer me to get me to want to play. I just want to get my money back at this point and move on
        5:11:42 AM: Sarah: Jon, but we dont accept refund
        5:11:54 AM: Sarah: so anything we can do to make it up?
        5:17:51 AM: Jon: Ugh … I don't know who told you that you don't accept refunds, but if you read your return policy it allows for refunds
        5:20:40 AM: Jon: Why should your company get to keep my money, when it has no benefit to me as a player
        5:21:36 AM: Jon: Keeping my money at this point is considered theft, and since I made the purchase here in the United States your company is subject to US law
        5:23:59 AM: Jon: If you absolutely refuse to give me my money back. I want the phone number of whoever is in charge of your company
        5:25:16 AM: Jon: and it will end up costing your company more then the initial $100 it would take to give me my money back
        5:25:39 AM: Sarah: Dear Jon
        5:25:59 AM: Sarah: i think we can communicate about it
        5:26:30 AM: Sarah: what do you want us to do, then you will give up refund?
        5:26:45 AM: Sarah: hope we can make a deal
        5:27:54 AM: Jon: I don't want you to do anything, just give me my money back. Like I said before. Your company has turned me off to the game and company. I just want my money back and according to your own refund policy. I am entitled to one
        5:44:13 AM: Jon: If you can't authorize it then I want the phone number of someone who can
        5:46:02 AM: Sarah: anything you can tell me here
        5:46:09 AM: Sarah: we dont accept refund
        5:46:18 AM: Sarah: you know that you played the game
        5:46:22 AM: Sarah: purchased gold
        5:46:32 AM: Sarah: spent the gold
        5:46:36 AM: Sarah: :-(
        5:49:17 AM: Jon: and … All the items that the gold were spent on are still sitting either on my account (backpack upgrades, storage upgrades) or in the dragonslay. So don't feed me crap about not accepting refunds. I know your refund policy allows for refunds under the condition of being blacklisted.
        5:49:47 AM: Jon: Now, give me my money back and feel free to blacklist me.
        5:52:59 AM: Jon: Gold is also supposed to provide benefits as well as the VIP service that comes with purchasing gold and they don't
        5:53:16 AM: Jon: Which means your company hasn't held up its end.
        5:53:52 AM: Sarah: :'(
        5:53:59 AM: Sarah: we do that
        5:54:16 AM: Jon: do what? cry
        5:54:18 AM: Sarah: what VIP service you want
        5:54:23 AM: Sarah: we can offer you now
        5:55:03 AM: Jon: What?
        5:55:13 AM: Sarah: VIP service
        5:56:02 AM: Jon: What about it?
        5:57:41 AM: Jon: I don't understand what your asking
        5:58:34 AM: Sarah: any requirement, you can tell me
        5:58:38 AM: Sarah: then we can help you
        5:59:46 AM: Sarah: Jon, you there?
        5:59:51 AM: Jon: Yeah, I'm here
        6:00:09 AM: Sarah: tell me what service you want
        6:00:15 AM: Sarah: then we can offer you
        6:00:34 AM: Sarah: we can offer you best service if you have such requirement
        6:00:53 AM: Jon: I don't really want a service, but if you won't give me my money back I want whatever the best service is you have to offer
        6:16:40 AM: Jon: Sarah?
        6:17:53 AM: Sarah: yes, i am here
        6:19:59 AM: Jon: Am I going to get my money back? What are we doing?
        6:36:37 AM: Jon: Can I get an answer soon please, I need to leave
        6:36:53 AM: Sarah: dear Jon
        6:37:06 AM: Sarah: we hope you can quit refund
        6:37:23 AM: Sarah: because we can offer extra compensation
        6:37:34 AM: Jon: what are you offering?
        6:38:13 AM: Jon: If I can't get my money back I want the best VIP service
        6:38:34 AM: Sarah: sure,
        6:38:41 AM: Sarah: we can offer you best VIP service

        • Jon says:

          6:38:57 AM: Sarah: any request we can do it for you
          6:41:09 AM: Jon: I just want to know you guys listen and care for your player base. If you give me your best VIP service and lvl 50 orange gear I will stick around and consider supporting your game
          6:41:22 AM: Jon: otherwise I want my money and we can call it quits
          6:42:53 AM: Jon: is that asking to much?
          6:44:58 AM: Jon: Sarah?
          6:45:03 AM: Jon: I need to go soon
          6:46:16 AM: Sarah: yes
          6:46:18 AM: Sarah: i am here
          6:46:34 AM: Sarah: orange gear?
          6:46:42 AM: Sarah: orange item?
          6:46:46 AM: Jon: and full VIP service
          6:48:10 AM: Sarah: hi Jon
          6:48:12 AM: Jon: Look, just give me my money or your best VIP service. I don't time to sit here anymore. I need to leave
          6:48:24 AM: Sarah: our Guide can help you
          6:48:43 AM: Sarah: i will ask our Guide to talk with you about orange gear
          6:48:54 AM: Sarah: can you get in touch with our in game Guide?
          6:49:03 AM: Sarah: because she cant find you
          6:49:10 AM: Sarah: just find our in game Guide
          6:49:12 AM: Jon: Yeah I will, what about the service?
          6:49:14 AM: Sarah: whisper to her
          6:49:32 AM: Sarah: would you pls tell me what VIP service you want?
          6:49:52 AM: Jon: I want your best service whatever that is
          6:52:36 AM: Sarah: sure
          6:52:40 AM: Sarah: we will
          6:53:34 AM: Jon: Thank you Sarah. I apologize if I was rude. I just was not happy with the way your company was handling things
          6:59:16 AM: Jon: I'm online. I tried messaging her and it didn't work
          6:59:38 AM: Sarah: Oh, Jon
          7:00:02 AM: Sarah: glad to hear that you calm down
          7:00:20 AM: Sarah: can you get in touch with our Guide ?
          7:00:53 AM: Jon: I tried to message her it didn't work. What do I have to type to message?
          7:06:05 AM: Jon: I need to leave, I will have to get in touch with her later.
          7:06:44 AM: Jon: Thank you again for helping me. I look forward to the full VIP service and I hope your company and I can get along in the future
          7:07:31 AM: Sarah: oh, thx for your advice
          7:07:50 AM: Sarah: we will do our best
          7:07:50 AM: Sarah: we will do

          • Carmy says:

            If the customer service replies with awful grammar and sad faces, then you know that there's a problem. There was nothing professional about that. So not trying the game… thanks for submitting this. God bless your patience…I would have lost it if someone kept making me repeat myself that way.

  7. callum says:

    why has your website went funny i am trying to get on to the desktop and i cant see any of the writing and i was on it yesterday

  8. My-Brain-Hurts says:

    OMG I can't tell you how HORRIBLE this game is. It's just….OMG it's horrible. Like some mutant rip-off creature that China has created from Gold-Farmer-Funded cash of WoW (World of Warcraft). I don't even know how much money they have had to sink into this abomination because I don't think there's a single piece of original material here. It's not even subtle how they've basically ripped off every other popular game out there.

    In one word…"auto-pilot". I swear SOG will put you into a coma cause all you have to do is click the quest text and the game does pretty much everything else for you.

    Just do yourself a favor…don't play it. From the looks of everyone that's actually paid for services with them it's a giant ripoff anyway.

  9. Precious says:

    Aren't some of these graphics stolen from a Dungeons & Dragons PC game? And no clerics, really? This is trash.

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