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Soul of Guardian Review

Sara Lau
Mar 22,2012  11:03 by

Soul of Guardian didn’t take long to give me a headache.

I’ve been playing this game for a few hours and all I did was to read and click. It is good to have tips occasionally and even automatic actions, especially for novices. However, if that’s the only thing to do, then it will be a different story.

Soul of Guardian developers did design a good ingame tutorials that walks you through so fast that you cannot learn anything to the end. Given the lousy description on the official website, it is good news that one can ignore all those info and start the game directly. The game includes numerous characters, both NPCs and real players, each with its name above their heads. Therefore, with many characters appearing at the same time, the interface looks in a mess. Basically, all the quests that players have to complete are assigned by NPCs using dialogs. As a novice, I feel obliged to read through all the dialogs and notification messages. Here arises my problem. The dialogs are too long and take too much time to read. Since the translation texts (I naturally assume those were not written in English) loyally inherited the traits from the Chinese language and are therefore not friendly for Native English speakers. Being a Chinese myself, I didn’t find any trouble in comprehending the information, but did find some incomplete sentences, redundant expressions, or exaggerated contents. Let’s expect those wouldn’t be an issue for international players, hopefully. The information, especially that in dialogs, is in such small font size that it is hard on my eyes.

The game requires communication with many characters, who offer guidance, information, quests, and help. As the character is automatically navigated, I haven’t got any trouble in finding target characters. Fighting against animals is also automatically performed in many cases. Once you find your character stands idle, you can keep it going or fighting by clicking the target monster or their names highlighted in the Storyline panel. This game is generous in that even the smallest simple conversation and quest reward you with weapons and presents. That’s exciting at first thought, but kind of ridiculous when you give it a second thought. I said to myself: if I get weapons and gifts so easily and even effortlessly, everyone does. No matter how many items I collect now, when I encounter power monsters, I still have to fetch superior weapons. So what’s the point in getting all those fancy stuff? However, it is cool to ride on the back of a terrifying wolf, with a cute panda following me around.

Whenever you are to explore another place, you have to switch scenes, and that sometimes takes long time. Fortunately, flying shoes can save all the long-distance trips by taking you immediately to your destination. As you level up, you may discover that some quests are available only when you reach certain levels, and sometimes you just have nothing to do but wait for other tasks. There are times when the character does not respond to your clicking. Reload the website and you are ready to continue. That happened a lot, although I have a sound network connection.

One thing I still have to mention is that you can build your body separately. That is to say, you build one part of your body each time. Creative, huh? Yes, of course, but also sort of distracting and annoying. That’s because you are prompted to upgrade a part of your body at short intervals. Why not upgrade all the parts at a time? I would adopt that if it is available, even that may take more time.

Honestly speaking, upon reading the game’s name at first, I pictured some kind of doorkeeper with a spear in his hand. But I found no great difference between my character and regular warriors or heroes in other games. It seems to me that the name itself is a little bit misleading, isn’t it?

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  1. Koray says:

    İf you use cash shop your good to go evrything,otherwise your looser.

  2. SOG-SUcks says:

    this game sucks there is so many bugs and glitches and all they do is keep opening new servers they dont fix the ingame problems. not only that but its a rip off lol it literally cost 80 dollars if you want a different mount like really what is that. i would advice not to waste your time

  3. My-Brain-Hurts says:

    Is it just me or does it seem to have a LOT of WoW (World of Warcraft) references in the game. From monsters (like the good ol'Murloc) to gear that is color coded IDENTICAL to WoW in terms of quality.

    …80 dollars for a new mount? Holy crap Blizzard only charged you 25$ if you want to purchase some of the exclusive mounts…not surprised actually cause I'd say the Chinese gold farmers cloned a horrible badly run version of WoW and are now trying to make even more money off everyone.

    Sorry but I'll stick with 'anything' other then this game, the editor of this article was right…except it took less then an hour to give me a headache.

  4. ItsDigi! says:

    the game is crap!

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