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Release Date:  August 2, 2012
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  MobileBits
Genre:  RPG

SoulCraft is a free to play fantasy action RPG developed by Germany-based MobileBits and published by Bigpoint. The game, which is available on iOS and Google Android devices, lets you hack and slash monsters in the conflict battle between Human, Angel and Demon.


At a moment when Bigpoint is launching a browser Game, there will be much buzz around the game as if the company is the symbol of browser games. After all, it creates dozens of browser games, genre ranging from casual, to simulation, and to hardcore RPG, and successfully established the position of being a browser game giant .

Dedicated to developing and publishing browser games while progressively moving onto mobile games, Bigpoint is beefing up its situation in collaboration with MobileBits to launch an Action RPG SoulCraft for mobile devices. And the game has been proved remarkably popular in less than two weeks.

Firstly launched for Google Android Play Store, SoulCraft moves forward to let iOS gamers to experience the stunning graphics, engaging gameplay and easy controls. Essentially, SoulCraft is free to play through the sale of ingame Gold, which can be used to unlock more locations, items and spells. This model has been widely integrated in Free MMORPGs and free browser games, all of which turn out to be a great success, especially in the eyes of Bigpoint.

With three characters like Angel, Demon or Human available, SoulCraft narrates a short story saying “Humans is almost uncovering the mystery of eternity when Angels and Demons start to fight the humans so as to keep the circle of life intact”. For a mobile game, such a short presentation is not enough, but it makes sense.

In the training grounds, you will learn how to fight dolls by following and holding the arrow.  There two types of weapons: Angelic weapons possess magic powers; sonic weapons imbued with the sonic ability. The former Strike if you choose is easy to aim, but its attacking range is less; the latter  lets you attack in more range, but it is harder to aim. So choose your favorite one to start with during your fighting, alternatively, you could also switch between your weapons.

In a low-level dungeon or location, you probably win the battle with some rewards such as EXP, items and Coin. If dying or drained off magic, you could recharge your health by tab the Potion located at the bottom of the screen. However, in a higher level map, especially when such map level is much higher than you current level, you could hardly get items or spells. Choosing battles above your own level will be challegening but potentially gives better rewards.There is also an enhanced reward mechanism that double your experience victories in levels you have never cleared before.

The shop helps players to get more Gold, but that is really worth for players who love to keep exploring new areas. As long as you an amount of Gold to become gold member, you could unlock some Gold-specific locations. Remember: Gold helps you progress faster and get better equipment.

Overall,  SoulCraft qualifies a worth-playing RPG, which is rarely seen in APP Store. Its skill variety and visual design makes the game attractive immediately when you are in the training ground. Of course, there are some flaws that could be compensated with its advantages. The controls are simple, but it occasionally gets  unresponsive.

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