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Sound City

Sound City

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  KBoom! Games
Developer:  KBoom! Games
Genre:  Music, Social

Sound City is a music-centric simulation and social game which offers players an immersive experience into virtual club scenes and music subcultures. With an expansive music library, players will be able to create playlists of music that they discover within Sound City and share the playlist with their friends. Fuel your creativity through customization of your club, music, and even your avatar, and express yourself however you wish. You are the club owner, and you have hundreds of thousands of songs at your fingertips. Can you create the hottest club scene in Sound City?

Sound City Beta

Sound City beta gives users the chance to play the game before the official release. Players can share their thoughts and ideas with the dev team on how to make the game. It is important to remember this is not the final product, but with your help the developers can work to create a fun and new game for you and all the other music lovers out there.

What do you do in Sound City?

Design a Sound City Night Club

1, Choose from a variety of music, artists, and genres of songs that will be played in your club.
2, Decorate the interior of your club by buying and placing new items and designs for your club.
3, Hire your friends to work at your club and bring them into the experience.
4, Compete with your friends to have the most popular club in Sound City!

Become a Music Mogul

Visit some of the coolest VIP clubs in Sound City to put your skills to the test and discover new songs to play at your own club
Improve and increase the level of your music expertise by completing missions on the jukebox
Invite your friends and work together to promote each other is clubs
Hit the clubs
Dress up your avatar with a wide variety of clothes, tattoos, and hair styles
Expand your in-game friends list and select an entourage
Check out players is clubs and introduce yourself to other people
Get out on the dance floor, drink at the bar, discover new music, and experience everything Sound City has to offer

What does the music in Sound City come from?

All of the music in Sound City comes from the independent artists in Music Dealers catalog. Music Dealers (www.musicdealers.com) is a full-service global music licensing company that connects independent artists and music products to big name clients and brands.

Why do artists get pulled from the database and my library?

At times you may notice that some of the songs and artists you listen to in Sound City are removed from the game. The reason for this is either they decided to remove their music from the music dealer catalog, or the right to the music was purchased by a business or record company.

Is there a way that I could add my music to the Sound City database?

All this times we are not able to stream music that is protected by copy right law. However, if you are an artist and would like your music to be featured in Sound City, you may create an account with music dealers and upload your music. If your music is approved then it will be added to Sound City.

Will there be additional content for Sound City?

Sound City is a living entity, always growing, evolving and changing. New content will be added at least once a month. If you would like to suggest ideas for new content do not be afraid to let us now. you can contact the developers through the Sound City application page.

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