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Space Op

Space Op

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It’s amazing that the Space Op, a pretty simple game, can be so exciting and challenging.

The sophisticated story takes place in 2112 when energy caps everything else and you, an ex space captain, is advised by a mysterious old man to navigate a beat up old ship and to collect resources in outer space. Hmm, that’s all crap. Basically, what you do is just controlling a ship, or to be honest, a ball with one or more traps attached. You are charged with trapping energy clots of required colors and numbers. Move the ship until the trap almost overlaps the target clot and it is yours.

Simple enough, isn’t it? As time goes by, however, this stupidly simple stuff grows tougher and tougher. You will have traps of different colors, and you have to catch the clot using traps of the same color. For example, you have a purple trap and a blue one, and are quested with collecting three blue clots and four purple clots. You may have to approach different starts from where clots of all colors pop out in random directions. Sometimes the stars are located in the center of the space within which your ship is allowed to move and other times on the edge, which making it impossible for you to collect clots presenting themselves somewhere out of your reach.

Once you have trapped any clot, you have to be careful and avoid clots of other colors or the two clots will clash, undoing your efforts. If you have collected enough clots, a portal will opens and you have to move your ship close enough to it to end the round. But any clash between your trap with a clot of whatever color can cost you a trapped clot and you will have to collect one more. That is not the most devastating accident-if you run into any of the star, your ship will blow up and all your clots will be lost.

Space Op also boasts four distinctive ways of ship navigation. You can keep your finger on the screen and put it in the direction you’d like your ship move to; gently slide your finger in the desired direction; move your finger across a small circle to guide the ship; or just hold and turn the device, letting gravity do the trick.

Anyway, Space Op is exactly something you could not afford to miss.

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