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Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus: Vengeance

Release Date:  
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Large Animal Games

Spartacus: Vengeance is a Facebook game developed by Large Animal Games. Predictably, this game is a result of the latest popular television series.


In general, I love gladiator-fighting games and that’s the reason propelling me to check out this game. This time, instead of fighting to the death in front of blood-thirsty crowds in the arena in order to achieve fame and elevate the fame of your master, you no longer fight to entertain crowds of spectators but take the role as an escaped slave, and you participate in rebellion against the tyrannous Romans and engage them in battles outside the arena to fight for your own freedom.

Straightly, the game presents itself with an easy tutorial after players log onto it for the first time. Generally, it covers three scenarios with which players will be confronting later. The camp is your headquarter in battle ground. And it is made up of four parts: the tent is for healing wounded slaves or reviving dying ones back from battles. You pay coins and provide them with a nice feast or give them sufficient sleep in order for them to recover health and tend wounds. While an incapacitated slave can be cured either by “Tribute to the God, which takes four hours but costs only one energy, or by Divine Intervention which takes only 30sec but costs you 2 gold.

In training ground, you can train slaves with Striker Refinement, Defense Sparring or Calisthenics to permanently boost their basic attribution in attack, defense or speed respectively; training cost coins and takes long, four-hour in gaining one point. And the training time and costs will increase dramatically, if you would like to further build up their stats.

The tactic map is designed in a top-down grid-based view. When a new mission requires you to march to a certain grid indicated by an exclamation mark, you need to move grid by grid, and energy is necessary for each step, in order to reach there.

Each mission seems to start from a battle, no matter how it sounds different from its objective, which consists of slaying bandits, ambushing the Roman outposts, or rescuing your old comrades from imprisonment and so on. When your character icon is adjacent to the mission location, the game then brings you into the combat portion. Here, you need to arrange and pair up with your warriors in order to fight against enemy party of the same members. The combat is semi-automatic. Both sides take their turn to swing at each other; chance of inflicting, dodging or blocking damage is according to their stats. Shamefully, you can only see black humanoid figures adorning the backdrop, alternately stabbing each other and blood spraying over your screen. You are allowed to do some QTEs to boost your warriors’ performances: you need to repeatedly tap left-mouse button to gain “rage”, once the rage bar is filled, you can assign either one of your team-members to perform a supportive glancing blow, and then it is quickly followed by the second QTE, in which the screen appears another gauge, and an arrow constantly moves back and forth between the extreme ends of it. In this case, you need to tap the mouse timingly when the arrow hits the middle. Only by successfully passing both two QTEs, the glancing blow can be landed on your enemy.

I have to say it is by no mean an interesting way of gameplay, because QTE constitutes the most part of combat and constant clicking makes my finger really sore and hurt.

Overall, Spartacus: Vengeance didn’t impress me even a little like the TV series did. The producer plans to make a successful Spartacus spin-off game, but it is hurt by its monotonous gameplay and out-dated 2D graphics. There is nothing that I could find to do to restore my interests again after I had played the game for a couple of hours.

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