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Spellbound City 2

Spellbound City 2

Release Date:  May 2012
Developer:  Oxylabs Inc

Developed by Oxylabs Networks, Spellbound City 2 is a Facebook-based city-building game set in a fantasy fairyland. The game borrows a package of what we have been familiar with in city-building and farm management games, without a single diversification.


When the game starts, you need to save caged Ambrosine, the beautiful avatar of the game and also the keeper of the mystical garden, who will walk your way through the game. You should poke the cyclop jailkeeper several times to bring it down and free her from imprisonment. She will then tell you something about the evil wizard who made her citizens live in a misery.

At first glance, the game world is just a huge and dense fairy-tale jungle, covered by exotic plants, vile creatures, broken roads and abandoned houses. Your initial customizable land is just limited in a small port of ground, while the others remain grayed-out. Homeland restoring takes up a large part of the gameplay: You bring those withered plants back to life by infusing your sacred magic power into them; you throw electrical charges at those creepy creatures and turn them into ashes. But everything just leads to simple clicks, no matter how nicely they are depicted in the game. You also have a preset ingame friend, whose high level city has already presented you with an amazingly different appearance.

With respect to the city building part, you need resources, energy and some extra materials necessary for some special buildings. Some of items can be collected, while most of the urgently needed resources can be purchased from premium shops, though they can be obtained by asking for help from your neighbors. From what is listed in the shop, you can undoubtedly build a land of your own, which consists of basic buildings like cabins, weavers and villas, as well as decorations like statues and exotic animals. Beyond that, Spellbound City 2 also places a lot of emphasis on farming: You buy vacant farm lands, seed and plow them, and harvest ripe crops.

To be honest, the flash animation in the game is very monotonous. The game doesn’t have a controllable avatar, so there isn’t any animation which displays avatar waving a hammer or axe when he/she is doing a task; The appearances of incomplete buildings are the same as their final appearance; Vines and trees don’t gradually “diminish” after each chop; and it doesn’t show the different looks of the crop at each of its stage of growth.

The “Tribe” system is a touch in the game. You can send your help request to all players in the same server any time through a simple click without the need to join any corps.

Overall, Spellbound City 2 is not very appealing to hardcore gamers but may offer some fun for casual players. The game features a mixed style of gameplay, but none of them are polished enough to attract me.

5 Comments on Spellbound City 2


  1. Fangbanger says:

    The game's tribe system is nice. You can find neighbors without jumping to the community page.

  2. gail says:

    How can I delete "Spellbound city2"?

  3. gail says:

    How or when do I get an answer to my Spellbound delete question?

  4. jamie says:

    the game has now been removed.it is not longer around just websitethat take you to know where

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