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Spirit Tales

Spirit Tales

Release Date:  02/18/2012
Publisher:  KoramGame
Developer:  X Legend
Genre:  MMORPG, Action

Spirit Tales, (also known as Glory Destiny Online, Chinese: 晴空物语) is a free to play anime style MMORPG developed by X-Legend, the maker of Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia. It is now published by Beijing-based KoramGame, which is mostly acceptable as browser game publisher with Three Kingdoms Online, Chronicle of Merlin, Heroic Odyssey in its portfolio.

In Spirit Tales, you could experience an authentic experience in the fantasy world, a mix of adventure, challenge, trial, and vengeance. With a selection of 6 classes, you should define your virtual character clearly by Archer, Sorcerer, Fighter, Warrior, Shaman, and Assassin (female or male). Apart from class customization, players could also pick up one of three tribes: Gold Kirin, Maned Dragon, and Lunar Fox.

According to the background story, each tribe is the descendant of the ancient Spirits (Elves, Beasts or Animals), and each player possesses the their blood. During the battle, players are able to accumulate the special energy so as to awaken their origin spirit and give the enemy a fatal blow.

Even at a higher level, the spirit can be evolved into a more prominent super animal depending on the class attributes and abilities.

With its lavishly charming visuals and cheerful sound design,  Spirit Tales hews faithfully to a standard MMORPG, strongly focusing on PVE and PVP.

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Well, the whole gameplay is not new. You are hero, either killing evils or on the road to killing evils. You grow stronger, wealthier, more popular with battles, and small monsters (flowers, worms, dragonflies, pigs, eagles) no longer satisfy you. You feed on achievement, reputation and success, but your skill tree grows in its own pace. So you have to make friends, make (transform or reset) skills, make weapons(craft or assemble collected items), buy friends, buy skills, buy items, equipment or possibly buy road, until you reach some height to look into the final monsters and the quickest adventurers.

In Spirit Tale, There are 9 maps and 50 levels in the game (Beta), easier maps for earlier levels and difficult maps with bigger monsters for later levels. There is an advanced monster (higher than level 40) to guard each map (except the first map, also the easiest map). In general, Spirit Tale rich and resourceful to explore, but the 9 maps feel identical in overall appearance—better if there’s some contradiction.

The quest is given in sequence. You complete one quest to unlock another. The very first enemy takes three hits to finish—not 0ne-shot death. The next targets may be 8-10 monsters, but no AFK available. You have to reset your skills to combat more efficiently. When more and more quests aim at hostile gangs, call in friends. No hesitation! Although I play the game as a media tester, I am sure there will be plenty of passer-by players to join you. Many games have been pushing gamers together by all means, but few of them manage to distribute the dropped trophies fairly. I will wait to see. In the case of bugs, like killing with no record or a non-existing target name, you can tick exclamation mark on mini-map to see what other tasks are available. Mini-map is useful! Spirit tale lets low-level gamers click mini-map to “autorun” to a destination (sometimes minutes within one map), but only high-level gamers can “teleport” themselves to the destination in a blink, while lower ones need about two minutes to travel within a map.

So many similar epics are crying and unfolding their arms hungrily to gamers that the originality of the fantasy world seems essential. The Beijing-based Koramgame didn’t use what they feel fresh and fashion to stuff this world. Instead, they choose an eastern agricultural flavor, as quite a few monsters, plants and mounts are designed according to the countryside things in eastern cultures. You can ride on a goat or buffalo to fight against a pig, a caterpillar. The roads are covered with wild chrysanthemum, lined with elms or some loosely-formed trees that parks in western metropolis never got. Besides the choice of animals and plants, the earth, mountains, trees, animals in the game are all puffy and soft, so as to make the gaming world free from weight and pressure–only waters are deep enough to prevent the planet from floating away. It’s not a change in appearance, but a thorough change in feel, down to the underground. I can assure you one thing—there is no drainage system under the ground. I love this design. The art director has done a good job! Five star from me!

The customization of characters is not limited to the character creation. Besides face, hair style, hair color, skin color for 3 races and 2 classes, you can collect or buy 200 head gears (hat, flowers), 60 back decorations (wings), face decorations (glasses, eye patch). Upgradable Pets and mounts also add to your style. Action list shows various lovely facial expressions and body languages of your character. This means the gaming world will be a fashion show when officially released.

The closed beta starts in early 2012, if you are interested in anime style MMO, you can go to the official website for signup. http://st.koramgame.com/

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    Nao entraaa

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  3. Nyame says:

    Is this game good guys..??..please tell me..??

  4. Henry says:

    Today my 10 4:00 pm is open beta start

  5. vince louis says:

    does the game works on philippines? olwes connection lost >.>

  6. elizer84 says:

    bobo nyo

  7. nancy says:

    how on earth are you supposed to play this game if you can't read anything!!!!!!!!!!

  8. manu says:

    i want to play dis game promise philippines..

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