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Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Gameforge
Developer:  Gameforge & (CBS: TM Owner)
Genre:  Strategy

Star Trek- Infinite Space is a browser-based Star Trek-themed game in which players will travel by Starfleet, roam about the infinite, unfathomable universe in the futuristic year of 2370. Set in the Deep Space Nine world. The game is developed by Germany-based Gameforge, the maker of Ikariam, and BiteFight.


The days when only scientists and millionaires were allowed to fly into the vast space are about to come to an end, at least in the virtual world with the release of a new Star Trek game, that is, Star Trek: Infinite Space.

Space is probably the final frontier of humanity in the eyes of space adventure enthusiasts. And the television series “Star Trek” has gone through its heyday, leading to a myriad of online games, such as Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: Legacy, just to mention a few. Are you longing for a soul-stirring adventure in the mysterious galaxy? Well, Star Trek: Infinite Space is ready to take you to the fantasy world where the Klingons and the Federation are caught in unending conflicts and battles.

This new game is basically free to play, but it is not completely free because it lures you to invest money in exchange for time. The more you spend, the faster you rise in the game. If you want to personify your captain with jaunty haircuts and dashing clothes, you also have to pay some real money. What’s more, it will undoubtedly cost you some cash to upgrade your ship with fancy items and powerful weapons. “Everything in the game has some premium content,” said Antony, the Creative Director behind the game. Indeed, you are forced by no one to pull money out of your pocket, but who wants to bob up and down in mediocrity forever?

To start the game, all you need to do is register for an account and download a small file. So get well-prepared for the unforgettable adventure in the faraway universe now!

The Reading Adventure

“Greetings, Captain!” You will receive a text screen when starting your first mission in the game. Perhaps you find a text-based screen very boring, but you will soon realize that it offers much more space for imagination. “You are required to protect a cargo under all circumstances. A trade is a trade …” No problem! You accept your mission and venture into the perilous world.

Your Federation starship will slowly creep towards its destination. Along the way, you see your ship from above and control it with a Plexiglas plate. If you are dexterous in using the mouse, you can navigate easily through the universe, evading all hidden mines on the route. But some greedy Romulan warships want to charge freight fees from you, which is certainly intolerable. As a result, you will be inevitably dragged into a fierce space battle.

Mission Appetizers

As you whiz through the space, you have to beware of laser beams and photon torpedoes which are likely to do severe harm to your ship. Hopefully, you can lay hands on some powerful shields that can sufficiently weaken your damage during skirmishes. The further you progress, the more sophisticated the content will be. A range of mightier weapons will be unlocked in the following quests, posing a great challenge to your strategic thinking and tactical deployment, so it is advisable to unleash your wisdom and courage to the fullest in the game. And the status quo of your ship will be demonstrated clearly on your interface, so you can know which aspect to boost up in the future.

And the developer promised that you can accomplish some of your tasks during lunch breaks. “Some missions can be even fulfilled within five minutes,” said Gunnar Lott, a former editor who now works for this game’s publisher.

Additionally, Star Trek: Infinite Space will run smoothly on all desktops and PCs. There is no need to soup up your computer in order to play the game. If your computer is not close to its retirement, you will be on the safe side.

At the Time of Deep Space Nine

In the initial phase, you are asked to join in either side of the two mutually hostile factions, namely, the Federation and the Klingons. Then you assume the role of an ambitious captain who takes charge of an upgradable space ship and marches into the boundless universe. If you want to relive the thrilling events in the TV programs, your wish can be easily satisfied because Star Trek: Infinite Space takes place in the era which is parallel to that of Deep Space Nine. Join hands with up to four friends, plunge into the fantasy world, battle against your opponents and win fame and fortune!

You accept your missions in a space station. As a reward for successfully finishing your quests, you will be given various prizes, like signatures of all ships. Besides, throughout the game, you will be reminded of the television series time and again by many small similarities. Wait to be surprised!

Music by Huelsenbeck

When you delve deeper into information about this game’s background music, you may come across a very familiar name, that is, Chris Huelsbeck who is responsible for the soundtrack of various titles. Needless to say, the audio aspect of a game is of great importance to its ultimate success. Since Star Trek: Infinite Space is set in an ulterior world, one can not help but fall into curiosity about its sonic background.

Thanks to the endeavors of Huelsbeck, your adventurous journey is now accompanied by consistent music, spicing up the sense of deep immersion. For example, you will be greeted with an encouraging message: “Mission is completed! Congratulations! You have defeated the boss.”


Based on my personal test of Star Trek Infinite Space, I come to the conclusion that it is a worthy game for space zealots and Star Trek fans. I am also pleased with the fact that the developer managed to present authentic Star Trek sceneries to all players.

But the simple, two-dimensional graphics tends to remind you that this is merely a browser game. As a space simulation, this game still lacks some depth in both visual effect and gameplay. Anyway, this game still cherishes its own appealing features. Interested players are recommended to give it a shot.


In the vicinity of the space station of Deep Space Nine there is found a stable Wormhole, through which people can be transformed into faraway Gamma Quadrant and space zones that have not been explored ever before. Given the great benefits it would bring about, it is not surprising that this space station becomes the focus of military actions and resource of chaos. Star Trek, right? Please be aware that it is not a replayed American opera, but a new online game titled Star Trek- Infinite Space.

With the technique support of Unity, this game presents satisfactory 3D graphics, in which players can get a glimpse of the fascinating outer space close to reality, encompassing various planets orbiting in fixed tracks and tremendous asteroids suspending in the cosmology. Against such a Sci-Fi futuristic background, players will take up the role of commanders of Starfleet and lead their crew to embark on the journey in pursuit of the prized mysterious epitaphs. To accomplish such a mission, players will have to take risks and survive arduous treks through various planets in the engulfing space with enemies and danger lurking all the way. As commanders, players should shoulder responsibility to chart out the proceeding course through the galaxy. Since it is unavoidable to involve in interstellar battles, players can choose to fight single-handedly or ally with others for cooperative combat.

With Star Trek as back story, this game provides players with vessels from authentic Star Trek spaceships and Starfleet. In addition, players also have great chance to chance upon with heroes of Star Trek, such as Vulcans and Romulans, which will turn out to be exciting encounters. Thus, take side with the Federation or stand by the Klingon, the spaceship is waiting for your launching order.

Official website : http://startrek-is.com/

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  7. Mark says:

    when is it Star Trek Infinite Space coming out?

  8. Jack D. says:

    please tell us!!

  9. tweakfix says:

    From the news they stopped it. But maybe it will come back

  10. Sladernom says:

    what use is it to put a game on here when it isnt even out also how do people rate a game when it hasnt come out? big questions and i want answers!!!!

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    its a shame

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