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Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  Bioware
Genre:  MMORPG

Bioware admittedly showcased breathtaking episodic scenarios of Star Wars: The Old Republic, such as grandiose lightsaber duels and thrilling space battles In the recent trailers. All bode well for a promising prospect of this latest sequel to the hit series Star Wars. Recently, we paid a visit to the Gamescom 2011 where we were lucky enough to venture into the Star Wars universe at Bioware’s booth.

Star Wars: The Old Republic inherits many time-honored features from its predecessors. For example, you must be familiar with Tatooine, namely, the home planet of Skywalkers, which has been depicted in the first film of the trilogy. In addition, Bioware has strived to maintain the coherence of the background story and of course, the high-quality yet marvelous settings. And its groovy soundtrack is also worth mentioning. All those exhibited to us in Cologne display the devotion and endeavor of the developers.

During the gamescom 2011, we also have a chance to explore the so-called “Flash Points” that are known in other online RPGs as instances or dungeons. There are groups of dauntless adventurers of all levels in those dangerous arenas. At a Flash Point called Taral V, you receive your mission directly from Yoda who commands you to rescue an ally from the heavily-guarded Imperial Prison. In such instances, you can team up with heroes of all levels, go through thrilling adventures and partake in cutthroat boss fights. Outstanding performance will be rewarded with valuable items and powerful weapons.

The Jedi, main protagonists in the series, will still be kept in The Old Republic as an indispensable part during the struggles between the mutually hostile factions. Players can compete against each other at will in the so-called “PVP warzones” without any constraints. What’s more, at Gamescom, the developer also unveiled a new warzone “Huttball” which is considered as a brutal version of the television series American Gladiators. Huttball borrows some evident features from American football, which is also a piece of good news to football zealots.

The Obese Hutts organize Huttball as an entertainment for the masses. The ultimate target of this game is to bring to your opponents’ end zone a card which is placed at the center of the ball. The match is quite competitive because in addition to tough opponents, the playing field itself also poses an annoying obstacle to you. The field is besieged in scorching flames of fire, transforming you instantly into a walking torch. How astounding yet absurd! Though Huttball makes us a bit confusing, it leaves an ultimately hilarious impression.

No online role-playing games can afford to give up PVP combat which is undoubtedly the core feature of a game. Star Wars: The Old Republic has done quite an impressive job in this part with diverse yet extensive warzones. Actually, we were utterly awed by the announcement of the space battles at the exhibition. As far as we can see, the selling point of The Old Republic is the “Operations” which refer to particularly difficult missions that require 8 players from each side (16 players in total) to cooperate and compete. In other online role-playing games, Operations are generally known as Operations Raids, or raids.

First, a group of congenial players leaves for an icy planet via a fancy spaceship. Upon arrival in this strange realm, the group of heroes starts to fight against bulky guards in order to gain access o the front entrance of the prison. Undeniably, this part of combat is very reminiscent of World of Warcraft. At the beginning, you try to move away from the bristling armaments like juggernaut. If some of your teammates get hurt, you can turn to the healer who is able to cure the wounded with first aid kits and medical radiation. Together with your allies, you fight against giant robots and grumpy guards with the aim of smashing their defenses and save the imprisoned guy.

When you approach nearer to the entrance, you will be confronted with a huge robot that carries a powerful rocket launcher on its back and giant cannons on its arms. The group has only one chance to break its defense, so every member should unleash his or her special abilities to the fullest and try to vanquish it with combined strength.

After a long struggle, the robot is finally defeated and the winners can share the spoils and of course, liberate your ally who is behind bars. And at this point, the presentation ended. Though the video showed merely a brief introduction, we still managed to get a glimpse of what The Old Republic has in store for all Star Wars fans. The most appealing feature is the Operations which allow us to enter into epic battles against gigantic bosses. The only downside consists in that the developer has not revealed a specific release date.

By the way, anyone who has grown tired of wielding swords and using bows to cope with his or her enemies is welcome to join in Star Wars: The Old Republic and experience a thorough change. This game offers a wide array of fantasy weapons, such as lasers and lightsabers, making the battles all the more stimulating.

Depending on what we have seen and heard at Gamescom 2011, we’d like to make a brief list about several confirmed facts concerning this upcoming game. Run over the following part if you are eager to know more details!

-It is set in the known and popular Star Wars universe as always.
-It cherishes a mature and sophisticated background story based on the movies.
-All dialogs are accompanied by completely awesome music.
-Space battles will continue to be the main focus of the game.
– Player-versus-player battles will take place in distinct areas called Warzones in The Old Republic.
-This upcoming RPG possesses two belligerent groups encompassing sixteen classes, each consisting of two subclasses.
-You are allowed to join in some sort of unions in the chaotic and mysterious galaxy.
-It boasts a powerful crafting system, enabling you to forge all kinds of innovative objects.

In conclusion, Star Wars: The Old Republic is not a revolutionary title, but Bioware has made great efforts to enrich the genre, at least in terms of atmosphere and history. To be honest, instances (here: Flashpoints) and raids (here: Operations) don’t differ greatly from other online RPGs. However, Bioware creates a fascinating and irresistible game environment with imaginative monsters and enchanting sceneries. The intergalactic wars are just around the corner and we hope that the Force will be with us soon.

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  1. mee says:

    The master giving the quest for Taral V is not Yoda since he has not been born for another 3 100 years and operations are 8 or 16 characters from the SAME faction.

  2. Wartik says:

    Game is sguted down a time ago 😀

  3. qwerty says:

    wtf is this game its taking 2 long 2 load what the fuck

  4. Bob says:

    Not Yoda. He simply LOOKS like Yoda.

    Yeah okay.

  5. the game doesnt want to load 🙁

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