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Starlight Story

Starlight Story

Release Date:  September, 2012
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  Unkown
Genre:  Browser RPG

Starlight Story is an anime browser mmorpg from Aeria Games, known as a publisher of MMORPG games such as Eden Eternal and DK Online. In the game, players wind up embarking on a journey to restore the moribund planet by summoning up their friends, taking along with pets and equipping themselves with powerful equipment and armor.


Starlight Story seems like an enhanced version of Crystal Saga or Tamer Saga where players follow missions to roam around the map from Point A to Point B with attacking and killing involved during the adventure.

In Starlight Story, you could even learn the Transformation skill that morph you into different shapes of creatures. Apart from the PVE, there is also a PVP that allows one to one duel.


Starlight Story is an anime-style browser-based MMORPG developed by Aeria Games. In this game, players summon lovely pets, acquire various skills, explore a beautiful world and slay all kinds of monsters and enemies.

Featuring a dreamy world for exploration, Starlight Story amuses players with beautiful maps and bizarre monsters and mounts. No matter you are quested with finding a specific NPC or with eliminating all the monsters inside a dungeon, you will always ride on a unique mount, for example, a fish that swims in the air, or a virtual carpet, run into little characters, friendly or hostile, and converse with charming or amusing characters.

The game adopts a familiar gameplay commonly seen in browser games such as Chrono Tales, Odin Quest and Soul of Guardian. You travel across the world, complete all kinds of missions and eradicate certain monsters or defeat certain bosses. You complete quests to gain experience and then level up. By learning and upgrading skills, equipping advanced gear and taking powerful pets, you will be able to make your character more powerful in battles.

Starlight Story does incorporate some interesting contents. For example, players won’t follow a fixed path of conversation and click the lines in the dialog box all the way through the game. The game allows players to make their choice during conversations that will influence subsequent experience. And the instances that players visit will not always be the traditional maps where one could move in any direction. Instead, there are some maps where players could only go right or left in some parts, the way you move in side-scrolling games. Players accumulate Star Core Power by killing enemies and once they’ve got enough power they could transform the avatars into a battle cat or a powerful witch or something else that comes with enhanced attributes. In those cases, players can even make use of some specific skills unlocked by transformations.

And the game is also flawed. It is true that players will always be eager to strengthen their characters. But somehow, that doesn’t even matter. In most cases, especially in early experience, the game spares players the trouble of finding the way themselves. Mostly, players click the targets underlined in the mission bar and the avatar would move toward the destinations and battle with the enemies automatically. And the avatar always deals massive damages on the enemies while receiving minor ones themselves. Sometimes you cause hundreds of damages on the enemy, and mostly kill one with a single blow, but lose only one HP point in return. That is still the case when you battle against bosses. Therefore, the battles are not challenging enough to call for any strategy or expertise of any degree and hence are not engrossing enough. Also, it always takes some time to load the pictures whenever players enter a new scene.

Although Starlight Story adds some twists to a familiar gameplay, it eventually becomes a little tedious after 30 minutes on the game. The dreamy world also delivers such a memorable impression that you may probably be reminded of Crystal Saga. Nonetheless, Starlight Story is a mediocre browser-based RPG with beautiful visuals and animations.

5 Comments on Starlight Story


  1. wakdawz says:

    cant wait to try dis :>

  2. oldlady says:

    any news on when this game will be available ?

  3. Mayuki_Shichi says:

    is this game available now ? coz its sooooooooooooo temting to play . . . . it looks fun . . .^^

  4. Balder says:

    its available but honestly – its not worth it. you will agree with me that you have seen all content inside somewhere else already and that the so called "highly appealing" visuals are boring anyways.

    maybe those games are not my style (i prefer real played chars then autoattack ones with one click pvp over this) but for those who want easy accessible games anywhere will be more likely satisfied with starlight story.

    i bet its p2w (havent checked the mall but well those games are most likely that way…) but will still have a big fanbase like CS, Odins Quest or whatever they are all called.

    enjoy cbt now…

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