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Summer Springs

Summer Springs

Release Date:  03/2012
Publisher:  Gaia Online
Developer:  Gaia Online
Genre:  Farm, Simiulation

Summer Springs is another typical farming-esque free-to-play tile, which tasks you with growing crops, rearing livestock, and turning your farmland into bustling money-maker. The game is developed by Gaia Online, which is best known for Monster Galaxy.


Although there are so many farming games available on Facebook for users to play, which makes players can hardly decide which to choose, still there are more chances for new developers to make small cents. Just like the old saying goes: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, I personally love this game, love checking on my farm periodically to see how my crops come along.

I would have to say Summer Springs, by far is the nicest looking and best graphically-polished farming title I have ever seen. The artwork of the game features Japanese cute and adorable comic style, which is my favorite. Each time I boot up the game, there is a different loading screen image. All of them are so high-qualified, and are enough to be used as wallpapers.

Summer Springs provides more crops available than you can imagine, although only a few options are unlocked at the initial stages of the game. You begin with a few coins, a small plot of land, and start off growing from cabbage to wheat, then pay a little patience to wait until they’ve grown-up, and finally you can sell them for profits. Likewise, you may also feed cows cabbages, and in return they produce milk for you. Milk and wheat can be reprocessed into bread in bakery. But no matter what kind of way you are using to generate your wealth, the ultimate goal remains unchanged: try your best to grow your farmland to be the biggest and best one ever in the continent.

Like most of farming games Farm Kingdom and Astro Garden, Summer Springs has its own premium currency – Cash, which is used to purchase special buildings and decorations. Cash is earned in small quantities either by simply logging in every day, or by level-up. You can also buy every 150 cash for 2 dollars or get them in bundles starting from 400 cash/1500 coin for 5 dollars. The other thing you need to notice is the “Happiness Point”(HP). Each building requires a certain amount of HP to start construction, and the HP cap puts a limitation on the number of buildings you can build at your current level.

Crops grow at different speeds, and reward you with different amount of profits. For example, strawberry seed costs you 24 coins; ripened strawberry earns you 45 coins and its growth cycle is 30 mins; while the sunflower takes 7hrs 30mins to ripen. But it rewards you with 195 coins at a cost of only 13 coins for its seed. Technically, you gain 20 coins every 30 min if you grow strawberry, or 180 coins net income every 7.5 hrs by growing sunflower. So one of the most useful tips I have is on how to earn coins more effectively: Make a detailed calculation of net income you can earn by growing different crops. Generally, crops of short-period growth cycle rewards you much more than long-period ones, if you can log onto the game regularly. And one more point, you get to harvest ripened crops as quickly as possible, because they will begin to rot at the same speed they grow. So if you won’t be around for a couple of days, don’t grow a crop with short growth-cycle, it is just waste of cash.

The game is also packed with chances to interact with your Facebook friends. Visit their farms, and lend a hand to them when crops are damaged by pests and bugs, or wipe out thievery when someone wants to steal their crops, in turn, you will also be benefited with coins.
As far as the game goes, it’s mostly old-fashioned, and there isn’t much out-of-the-ordinary during my play experiences, except that everything looks much nicer and feels more alive than other farming games.

7 Comments on Summer Springs


  1. sofia says:

    I really like it this game, it's so awesome….. COOL, I LIKE IT!!!!!!!! I wish Tom and Lena will end up together… hehehehe

  2. dee says:

    what does required map mean

  3. Seth says:

    The only thing I don't like about this game is how hard it is to "get ahead" if you don't buy the starter bundle.

  4. shie says:

    i like it too but i don't have neighbors yet..pls invite me on this game..

  5. Sandra says:

    I like this because there is actual PLOT and the graphics are just awesome. i love how the characters talk to you, and as the person in the comments said, there are no energy bars 🙂

  6. It's not working right! there is too much white space on the left ( the game is supposed to be to the left but its blank space), help!

  7. Kashumaru says:

    i think they removed the game from facebook. I tried refreshing and clearing cookies but nothing works so i did a search and it sounds like they decided to remove the game

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