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Super Hero Squad Online

Super Hero Squad Online

Release Date:  2010
Developer:  Gazillion

Who would not want to have super powers, such as the razor-claws of the Wolverine, the destructive fists of the Hulk, the ability to disappear into thin air anytime of the Invisible Woman, and the like? But one should learn by heart that with great powers one is expected to shoulder great responsibility. Once gifted with super powers, will you make use of them to do justice or take advantage of them to wreck havoc? You can make your own choice in Super Hero Squad Online.

Super Hero Squad Online (SHSO), a family friendly MMO developed by Gazillion Entertainment and published by Marvel Entertainment, is an exuberant action-packed game featured with teenage humor, cartoonish violence and comic mischief, which is particularly attractive to relatively young gamers, quite fit its original design ideology for kids above 10 years old. Yet, the immersive and lighthearted style does not only win the heart of its targeted players, but also appeals to much more enthusiasts.

Interpreting the game title literally, one can get the rough ideas about what this game will focus on. Yeah, unmistakably, the storyline will hold fast to the central plot, in which the squad of super heroes ever occurring in cartoon series or films will once again wrestle with their counterpart villain opponents. This game includes a wide range of heroes that make themselves household names such as Wolverine, Ms Marvel, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and so on; while at the same time, it also contains the indispensable opponents of villains, including Dr. Doom, Mole Man, Abomination, Enchantress, Dormammu and the like. Players can role-play whatever is available in the game and derive the greatest possible pleasure from varied surreal abilities bestowed in their chosen characters.

Apart from typical Marvel hero characters, this game also features iconic, classic landmarks, such as the Daily Bugle Zone and Baxter Plaza Zone, where players can hang out and enjoy each other’s company in merrymaking and socializing. Certainly, combat zones can not be left out on the map, in which heroes will fight for the security of the Super Hero City and fulfill their mission to foil malicious plots of Dr. Doom and his henchmen. What’s more, in this game, players can also engage in casual activities, such as card games, dance competitions, and so on and so forth.

Excellent as it is, this game, however, never stops to update with more playable characters, addictive activities and immersive chapters, such as the newly released role of Thor together with its mythical land of Asgard. Believe it or not, this game is entertaining no matter you are superhero fans or not.

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