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Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  Vostok Games
Developer:  Vostok Games
Genre:  Shooter

Survarium is a free to play MMOFPS set in the not-too-distant feature when a ecological tragedy happening on Earth leads to supply shortage, power outage and communication cutoff. People are in extreme misery.

The game is being developed by Russia-based Vostok Games Studio, founded by former employees of GSC Game World behind the big project S.T.A.L.K.E.R..


Vostok Games promises that the game will be quite different from those usual MMO shooters. First, Survarium will not be a huge piece of the world, in which the hero can travel freely. Developers are instead betting on the game play session. Secondly, the game will not have repetitive quests generated automatically and all jobs are created manually by players themselves and will be the most different from each other. Third, Survarium focuses on the several storylines where players will envolve as the story unfolds – the script pays much attention to a really interesting post-apocalyptic world.

Finally, Survarium will not be another primitive online shooter. Serious threat to the hero will be not only the opponents, among whom will be other players and mutants, but also the world around us. Survarium inhabitants will have to survive, fleeing from radiation hazards, trying not to fall in the animal zone. Vostok Games also promises a realistic ballistics, and groundwater levels.

Single mode in Survarium will not be included and the game is tuned exclusively for online.

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