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Sword Girls

Sword Girls

Release Date:  2011/12
Publisher:  ChangYou
Developer:  Zeonix

Sword Girls is a free to play online trading card games, best known as online TCG, which is developed by Korea-based Zeonix. The game allows players to choose from more than 400 mythological or legendary sword-wielded anime girls.

In August, 2011, ChangYou US Officially announced the partnership with Zeonix to present Sword Girls to English-speaking players. This move targets players who love “Magic the Gathering”, Warstorm, and the like.

The game is also called as a browser game since it can be played on web browsers with no download. The game is coded using flash technology. Players could only see how much the game loads, but they couldnot see how the game load.

The game reminds me of a very popular game Urban Rivals, which has attracted 100 million registered across the world. However, Sword Girls primarily focuses on the weapon crafting and upgrading. Players are able to gather raw materials by competing storyline-based quests or by duelling with other players in the arena.

Sword Girls closed beta will be released later this year. Currently the team is localizing and polishing the game so that the official release could make a great success.


ChangYou seems to rack their brains to work out something different and unique, but the result will definitely turn out to be the opposite.

Let’s first see their previous games – Dragon Oath, Blade Wars, Zentia – which is a big deal? Dragon Oath and Zentia are going to be dead, and Blade Wars has been gone for almost a year. Not long ago, they rolled out a new game called Sword Girls, and we are invited to play it for two days.

The game opens the way two squads, which are known as “Decks”, enter a battle, and each side can choose one primary card and some follower cards. This mechanism looks like you assign a commander and some troops in the battle. The troops are composed of card girls hereby and each card (girl) has different abilities and spells that effect the battle results.

If random fighting is activated, you will be automatically entering a room where you will fight with NPCs. The game ends after some rounds or when the Character Card of a side loses all of its Life Points.

What strikes me most is the music, which brings back a soul-stirring morale and forces me to move forward to fight. And it also arouses infinite aftertaste and reverie. I love violin music, and by playing Sword Girls, it reminds me of the world-famous violinist Vanessa-Mae. Anyway, I love it.

While the anime graphics are pervasive, it seems they are stolen from Japan, or somewhere (Japanese Mangas where these) anime characters are originated. Deja vu experience!

The battle moves slowly. If both of sides are powerful enough, it may takes prolonged turns and longer time before knowing the results (it comes to an end). I hope the team could integrate a button that can be clicked to instantly end the battle.

However, the translation, or localization is disappointingly, poorly executed even my colleague who is a novice in CCG was completely lost in the game. She was just reading the dialogue hoping to find some clues to win a battle, in vain. So my proposal is to remove or rework on those meaningless dialogues that apparently haven’t associated with the battle.

See the example of what the words present in the game.

[Everyone’s been looking forward to the Flina Family Quiz Convention, and it’s finally here! Who will answer these questions? I, Conundrum, as the Crescent representative, will try my best!]

[When I needed help, Jaina was there. I would like to repay the favor to both her and you, her knights. Wherever I go, I will lead the charge. Rest assured and focus on your fights.]

[Sita saved the people of Bakery Town. She’s our hero.]

No matter in the dungeon, or Arena, it seems no difference to me. Enter a room, watch card fighting and wait for results. That is all. I cannot even enjoy questing further and exploring other features like Training, Researching, etc. In a final analysis, Changyou seems to have driven into a dead end and cannot find a way out, and all of their games are nowhere good. Sword Girls is no exception. It is doomed to fail sooner or later.

9 Comments on Sword Girls


  1. otakuforlife says:

    I actually thought the game was really good when I played it in beta.
    Though I love TCG's like magic the gathering etc.

  2. Lee says:

    when does sword girl OBT will lauch?

  3. 455555 says:

    I will sword girls D:

    the cards is lesbian XD 🙂

  4. Kris says:

    OBT is live! Although they are still fixing the registrations, but I think you can log in with Facebook.

  5. rita says:

    ya i love sword girls

  6. blah blah blah says:

    I really like sword girls but i have a problem with this game the screen of the game you do not see a whole and i can't play anymore how can i see al the screen beacuase i cant anythig how i can us to make it clear

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