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Sword & Magic

Sword & Magic

Release Date:  October 14, 2012
Publisher:  109 Studios
Developer:  109 Studios
Genre:  Strategy

There is nothing special in Sword & Magic that gives you a sense of frustration, disappointment, and annoyance.

Sorry for newbie players, this game is not for you really. There is no tutorial whatsoever and one has to figure it out all by themselves. No tip or further information is provided as you progress and that explains why I am still trying to feel my way out. Those who like to have a wide range of options in customization can say goodbye to Sword & Magic too – the game not only offers limited customization, it also provides one male character only.

Players will enter instance maps, clear stages to unlock more stages and clear the whole map to open up the next one, which is typical in such RPG games from South Korean and China. As always, this game offers several different modes in each stage: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell, among which the Hell mode certainly involves more tough monsters. And you won’t have access to the Hell mode of a particular stage unless you have succeeded in challenging the Easy, Normal, and Hard modes.

However, the differentiation of difficulty degrees not only creates multiple funs when you revisit the same maps, it also causes problems. I mean, normally those kinds of classification can surely please players when they are prepared to meet harsh challenges. But the thing is in Sword & Magic you are constantly asked to revisit the same map for quite a few times: get through the easy mode, normal mode, hard mode, and hell mode, and kill the final Boss for six times. Anyway, it’s unnecessarily long and boring grinding in essence.

Grinding only incurs frustration and disappointment. It is the omnipresent need for crystals that pissed me off. You know, in an RPG where you get constantly involved in battles, it is the weapons, the skills and the HP package that you care. However, you only have three skill slots at first – two for active skills and one for a passive one – no matter how many skills you have learned and can only open up more slot using crystals, the premium money. What’s more, you can purchase two tiny HP potions for only 200 gold (don’t worry, you always have plenty of them) and then wait before the potions might be available again. To be specific, the potion icons read SOLD OUT and one hour later the items purchasable in the shop would be changed and if you are lucky enough, you might find one or two HP potions. And if you didn’t, try spending crystals for an immediate refreshing of those items.

And like many games, Sword & Magic offers the opportunity to craft various stuff, including sword, axe, mace, staff and wand, bow and clow, metal armor, cloth armor, leather armor and accessory. But you can only learn one of those crafting skills and the rest will be available only if you consume the crystals, yes, the premium currency, again.

If there is anything unique in Sword and Magic, it should be in the dungeon crawling, or the instance map exploring part. You enter a stage and then will find your character in a small place filled with rats, goblins, wolves, or other monsters. After you are done with killing all the monsters and claiming all the items, you can follow the arrow sign to enter the next place. And after you’ve cleared all the places involved, a scene-switching spot will appear and you step onto it to finish the exploration.

It is understandable for the developers to design so many ways to charge, but they seem to forget the most important thing they should do before getting paid is offer a good game in the first place.

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  1. Sparka says:

    free to play games suck.

  2. killerz says:

    nope… just many do like pay to play games and you need to find goods ones for any type

  3. javier says:

    chamo se me queda paralizado en required policy file que puede ser?

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