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Swords and Potions

Swords and Potions

Release Date:  
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Edgebee Studios

Swords and Potions is an enlightening business simulation where you assume the role of a medieval merchant, manage a wide array of business affairs and take care of all kinds of customers in the fantasy world of Tomagar.

The game is published by 6Waves, which publishes facebook games like Ravenwood Fair, Zombie Island, Mystery Manor and Mission:Impossible.


Though you are only limited in your own item shop throughout the game, the journey to becoming the richest merchant is everything but boring. You start the game by creating your own avatar. Like in most games, Swords and Potions provides you with a series of options for creating your character, ranging from facial features to clothes. Perhaps you think it is easy and monotonous to do business, but you are wrong! To guarantee a well-functioning financial chain, you have to prepare enough goods before opening your door to your first customer.

Different from reality, Swords and Potions requires you to supervise the production of your wares. Once you have collected needed resources, you should hurry up to hire a variety of workers, such as carpenters, mages and tailors, to manufacture respective goods for sales. Pretty soon, your shop will be filled with magic potions, sharp swords, long robes, warm gloves etc. At that time, a train of customers will pour in to purchase their necessities. For example, masculine warriors will ask for first-grade swords; powerful mages will come to buy magic potions. Different customers have different needs. It is highly likely that you may forget to prepare certain wares for some guests. In that case, you have to let them calm down and persuade them to buy other items. Building a good rapport with them is undoubtedly the first step towards success.

Sometimes, you will also encounter some customers who come to your shop to sell their own unwanted items. Don’t hesitate to buy their goods and let your craftmen focus on making other objects! The reason is that you can definitely make profit from such trades. Practice makes profit. If you are not familiar with the operation, you can spend some time in beginners’ tutorial which can gradually lead you to the core of the game. And in order to build a successful career, you also need to take time out and think about your next move.

As for the graphics, you may complain that it is a bit disappointing with limited space and weird-looking characters. But we believe you can change the status quo by your own hard work. In one word, Swords and Potions is worth a try.

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