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Syfy Monster Island Preview

Sara Lau
Mar 6,2012  07:03 by

Small changes, big achievements! This is always being lauded by those small gaming companies. That is also the way a game could gain a quick success. This is certainly the case with Syfy Monster Island, an RPG features turn-based combat; while you also might throw in some sort or base-building into it. As an explorer, you assembled a team of researchers and other adventurers to visit a prehistoric island for biological data. It was an unmanned island, on which dinosaurs and some other formidable looking mutated creatures have flourished. However, you lost contact with some of your team-members, who had become stranded when their communication equipment is lost as the result of mudslide. Anyway, it’s your time to plunge yourself into the heart of the island to trace them.

Different from main-stream RPGs, which allow players to freely explore area maps, the game looks rather like a boardgame with point-to-point movement. While you move your character piece from one point to another, several random events would take place, most of them will confront you threats in the forms of those monsters. Limitation imposed on how many steps you can advance your character forward via a passively regenerated stat called “Energy”.

As an RPG, it contains most of the familiar elements found in classic ones: equipment, coins, skill trees and premium currency, but the thing that makes the game stand out above others is the combat. Essentially, when players start quests, they are given little storyline and prompt to actually do something for achieving quests. In the combat interface, the attack, defense and item options are in the lower left corner, with the bar displaying the action sequence situated on the bottom. Both sides take turns alternately to perform actions.

The Monster Sanctuary is your camp, where you might feel a strong sense that you can do exactly what you want by setting your own goals and working gradually towards them at your own pace. Try to challenge yourself to build a wild life park and create comfortable sanctuary environments for your captured exotic creatures to inhabit. Of course, to piece those precious creatures together is not only for entertaining purpose. There is indeed great significance of research in unknown creatures. Besides, you can also extract venom from mutated vipers or harvest sharp fangs from crocodiles and some other rare materials, which can be reprocessed into lethal weapons and are of great help in your adventure. Furthermore, those encaged monsters provide you with an alternative way to gain quest items, if you’ve slayed dozens of monsters but you are sill not luck enough to collect what you need.

Despite its graphical richness, the game has some annoyances. Loading screen takes long, especially when the game tries to load the battle scene after enemy encounter. And the chief irritant is the fact that the browser usually automatically refreshes itself, and I got kicked out of the game and was presented with error messages. There are other issues that should be modified too. For example, energy takes an incredible long time to recharge (about 20 minutes for one energy, which seems to coax players into clicking on their “special offers” in the ads pages.); but contrastly, moving your character one step costs no more than a flash of moment, and a mob encounter just takes you several minutes.

Syfy Monster Island is just in its first few days, but there is a clear sign that it will blossom into a brilliant one. Despite some short-comings, it’s still an interesting and addicting game.

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