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Release Date:  
Developer:  whitemoon
Genre:  Browser RPG

Taern (or The Pride of Taern ) is an action MMORPG that condenses the developer’s five-year’s painstaking efforts, and is characterized by an absorbing storyline and fierce turn-based combats.

The gorgeous and spectacular natural scenes of Taern unfold before the sanguinary combats take place: a piece of marvelous terrain inhabited with virtuous people, and decorated by gentle mountains, lush forests and limpid creeks. However, such calm atmosphere is just transient as the catastrophic war is imminent.

You are to assume a hero’s mission to regain your once peaceful homeland by sweeping the sinister Utor powers. There are seven classes available: Barbarian, Knight, Sheed, Druid, Fire Maga, Archer, and Voodoo. Reduced to escaping from your original land ruined by the invading forces, you are to learn and master various skills, and get well equipped so as to take revenge one day. Basically, the attacks and defenses in combats are categorized into physical, ranged and magic ones.


To be honest, I didn’t have much expectation in the Pride of Taern, though it was alleged to be the most popular MMORPG in Poland. But, the longer I play it, the more I realize that there are good reasons for that allegation.

Don’t be fooled by the trailer. This game is only 2D, featuring tiny-sized characters but realistic scenes. No zooming in or out is allowed. And what you can see is limited by the specific location of your character and thus is a rather small area or space. And the way a character walks, it almost kills me-I mean psychologically-it is like the Tango steps, the character stops every two steps, no matter where it is or how I would like to speed up.

Believe it or not, with such limitations, the Pride of Taern can still keep one focused and fascinated. Unlike most of present strategy games, it offers few tutorials except those in the first battle scene where you can learn how to fight and how to adjust your combat strategy during the battle. In a battle against one or more enemies, dogs, rats, or other monsters, you always have several rounds in a battle. You can customize your strategy for each round within limited time. You have 12 AP to divide into ranged defense, close defense, ranged attack, punch, throw, melee, or other attacks based on the enemies. You can adjust your strategy when you discover the enemies are stronger or weaker than expected, or just increase defense values when you have received too many damages. In the beginning, I lost too much time in picking weapons and determining their proportions and was attacked heavily by huge rats. But after I died for so many times, I finally find out there is a tab page where one can set predefined strategy and utilize that by pressing shortcut keys such as Crl+1.

Like I just said, what you see is limited. But it is a different story when it comes to what you do. The quests do not offer lots of details. You have to figure it out yourself, or of course, ask help from other players-which proved to be incredibly necessary and helpful to me. The map in the quest tab page may help occasionally. In cases where you cannot find a target object or person, ask in the channels because you may be searching in the wrong direction.

The Pride of Taern didn’t surprise me a lot. But that was not to say creative designs are lacking in this game. It is-what a shame to admit this-I was too busy dying and marching on my way to be killed. Somehow I feel that sad but still heroic when I said to myself: I am a girl you can both destroy and defeat, but I can revive. Deal with that.

Well, I just cannot be taken apart from all the experiences it offers. For instance, my character’s family, her brother and mother, died after the invasion and there was this time when I returned home after I died and found both of them were still alive. Then I woke up, realizing that was too good to be true. Also the game always allows for different moral choices while the story still continues smoothly. For example, a man badly wounded asked me a favor to kill him. Unable to do that, I didn’t listen to him and just left. And when a man asked me to steal a recipe from his neighbor, I declined him down but later I came to know that recipe had belonged to his family before his neighbor managed to steal it. Hence, I took the recipe after teaching that neighbor a good lesson.

Yes, players can choose from the seven role classes, each with different advantages and disadvantages. Although I didn’t have the chance to play my Voodoo’s part to the fullest yet, I was privileged to witness one player seven or more levels ahead of me fighting in a battle where I almost died from the attacks of two vicious Goblins. With one single blow, he crashed one enemy, and a second, he ended the life of the other. I was so astonished that I didn’t know how to react and before I realized it, he was gone. I never had imagined that I would admire anyone just because of his or her performance in playing games. But now I have to reconsider that.

It remains vague to me how classic this game used to be in Poland but I bet it will be a classic one in the future, and a truly pride of its developer, Whitemoon. Actually, I cannot wait for its release already.

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  1. h g says:

    Excellent Game! It's extremely detailed and loads of fun! Pure rpg heaven!

  2. Jens says:

    Wow!great job,just can’t wait to get further.You need to c it to believe it!

  3. Iksi says:

    Good game.

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