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Tales of pirates

Tales of pirates

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What would occur in one’s mind if pirates are mentioned? It is most likely that one may see in the imagination a black skull giving off the message of death above the crossed gun and knife and a weathered sailor with black eye-patch and tobacco-stained teeth. At least that is the usual depiction of pirate life in films. But now let’s topple that stereotype, ripping all the dark fantasy about storm and skull and replacing it with simple adventure of a patch of buoyant little pirates. And the boat of Tales of Pirates is about to set sail, are you going to aboard?

Tales of Pirates is a 3D, free-to-play, anime-styled adventure MMORPG that is made by the Chinese MOLI and published by IGG with several adapted versions available for different regions on the market. Against the romantic back story of pirates, the game on the whole presents a cartoonish artistic aesthetics, which is clearly displayed in the neat, bright landscapes resembling sceneries from postcards, in the adorable manga-styled characters as well as in the imaginative drawings of various NPC and monsters such as fire-ejecting bats and Medusa-like banshees.

As the background is interesting, so is the main storyline as well as enormous story-based quests. The center story revolving around this game is mainly concerning the adventure of four characters who turn out to be handsome Lance, muscular Carsise, pretty Phyllis as well as lively Ami. All four archetypes are uniquely designed with possession of different attributes in accordance with their own professions. Players can create their avatars based on the four classes and the attached vacations to each class. After finishing introductory quests, players will be able to choose their primary classes include Swordsman powerful in dealing physical damage, Hunter skillful at bows, Explorer capable of magical spells and Herbalist best at healing powers at level nine; while further class advancement may be realized at level forty when players may evolve their original character into Crusader, Champion, Voyager, Sharpshooter, Cleric or Seal Master according to the pre-set rules. Generally, all classes have two kinds of skills, passive and initiate, with the former permanent while the latter temporary. Besides, players can raise fairy pets which can learn skills like manufacturing and possessing and assist in battles.

With more than 100 monsters of various types to challenge, players can explore islands and high sea, venturing into maze-like dungeons like Forsaken City or Dark Swamp to slay monsters and compete against other players as well. So be a top pirate and write your own tales in this game.

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