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Tales Runner

Tales Runner

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“Once upon a time” is the typical beginning of a fairy tale which is more often than not ended with “live happily ever after”. Fairy tale marks a growing period for all people around the globe. There will always be a day when children grow up to the knowledge that fairy tales are only happening in dreams; yet it is not a bad idea for grown-ups to indulge themselves a little occasionally in the reminiscence. And Tales Runner is really a perfect choice.


Tales Runner is a MMORPG inspired by and set in a collection of occidental and oriental fairy tales. Developed by Rhaon Entertainment and published by Nowcom, this game presents itself as a balanced integration of racing, farming and community genres. Entering into the in-game wonder land, players will assume the role of contestants titled as “Tales Runner” who participate in the “Fairyland Sightseeing Racing Competition” initiated by the king of this land. As to the character archetypes, overall ten highly customized roles are available for choice; and the number of playable characters depends on players’ own decision.

Tales Runner is being published by Gpotato across the European regions and this EU online company also publishes several MMORPGs such as Aika Online, Rappelz, Prius Online, Allods Online, and Iris Online.

Centering fairytale-themed racing competition, Tales Runner supports widespread racing maps with different styles including training maps accentuating sports facilities, surviving maps featured with fighting against monsters, and fantasy maps adapted from fairy tales. For instance, in the map of Fury of Daddy Octopus, runners will be chased by Daddy Octopus who can fail runners halfway by his electrical attacks; while in the map of Sailor Joe, shark Joe will prey runners just for fun by snapping at them with teeth or shoving them aside with his nose. Apart from all these intriguing immersive maps, racing modes are able to be chosen as well. Individual Mode allows players to race against the time; Team Play is competition between two sides; Relay Mode calls for tactful cooperation among friends; 30 Players Mode honors the only top survivor; and Tournament Mode is designed for special events. Whatever the map and mode are, players can win to get rewards like in-game currency, experience points, special items and much more.

Revolving the racing theme, there are also other activities for players to enjoy. In the farming system, players can own and decorate their personal land, where they could reap what they sow and invite friends over to throw parties. And in the diversified community system, players can make friends, organize a family in couple system which allows players’ avatars to get married and have a wedding ceremony, and create and join clubs to take part in exclusive racing competitions.

Players in Tales Runner live in a fairytale land, have bosom friends and happy families, and participate in interesting racing competitions. Who wouldn’t love this kind of life?

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