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Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Release Date:  2011/07
Publisher:  Valve
Genre:  Shooter, MMO

Perhaps this week’s most unbelievable price drop of a game should be “Team Fortress 2” because it cut its price to Zero yet forever. The free to play business model is aimed to luring more gamers into this cartoon-themed action Shooter, with new contents and events to be updated for free.

Whether you’re playing RIFT, or addicted into World of Warcraft this week, it is still a painful annoyance for you have to pay for the monthly subscription. Still, that’s a big hindrance that prevent those penniless players entering the game.

Team Fortress 2 on Steam for free

In the wake of “successive free to play releases” (Lego Universe, City of Heroes Freedom, World of Warcraft level 20), Valve Corporation finally announced Team Fortress 2 has become a full free to play MMO for both PC and Mac system. Also it can be downloaded and installed on Steam.

What the game delivers:

The game centers and involves around two opposing teams that vie for a principal objective.  With up to 9 unique classes to choose from, players should wisely select a class to fight in Team Fortress 2 because each class has his own strengths and weaknesses. For PVP fans, this game ultimately satisfies them with dynamic and unpredictable battle results.

Team Fortress 2 offers humorous scenes, action-packed gameplay that easily qualifies the most fun free online game, which has been evidenced by PCGamer’s review.

In Team Fortress 2, you can train and sharpen your own skills in both online and offline mode. This ensures you have enough abilities to most competitive modes such as Capture the Flag, Control Point, Payload, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill and many more.

Equip yourself with super-powerful weapons, and hats that can be purchasable, or traded. Customize your class according to your personal preference.

DotMMO holds that:

According to Valve Team, Fortress 2 offers a solid and fun Free to play experience that will never be degenerated into a grinding MMO. Some players are keenly concerned about the game balance because the ingame special items may severely affect a fair match.

For this concern, DotMMO.com believes that will have a slight influence on the game but it will not ruin the game.

If you want to learn more about the free MMO Team Fortress 2 and simply go to the official website.

Useful links: http://store.steampowered.com/app/440



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  1. TF2 Player says:

    Haha. Are you fucking kidding me? TF2 is an FPS. It's far from an MMO.

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