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Release Date:  2010
Developer:  Bluehole Studio, Inc.
Genre:  MMO, RPG

Millennia ago, two slumbering gods named Arun and Shara created in their dream the world of TERA and all the creatures including twelve godlike powerful creatures and numerous mortals living on the land. Factional disputes and conflicts diminished all creatures, leaving none unscathed. And now faced with the communal enemies: the Argons from the underworld, all must set aside their grudges and fractions and form a united federation for better chance of survival. This is where a new round of war begins in TERA.


TERA is a fantasy MMORPG featured with fast-paced action. Holding fast to the intriguing back story, nine geographical regions are made up of the whole map in this game. All these nine are well-designed not only in graphic artwork such as the grand architecture of various styles and vivid landscapes of desert, valley and mountain, but also in contents which are closely knitted around the central storyline. Each part is appended with detailed description about its history, status quo, strategic importance, landscape features as well as inhabitants, and so on and so forth.

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On the widespread land, players can plunge into various combats as soldiers in the Valkyon Federation. There are seven races as of now for players to choose from, and each one is possessive of special attributes and unique origin. Besides race, eight classes are on offer, including Archer, Berserker, Lancer, Mystic, Priest, Slayer, Sorcerer and Warrior. Each class is bestowed with differentiated combating styles, tactics approaches, wielding weapons, and natural abilities, etc, which can be referred by players so as to choose one after their own heart. For instance, “death from afar” is the motto of Archers, who are equipped with light armors and wielding bows and mystical arrows of different types such as piercing arrow, exploding arrow, fire arrow and poison one; and in addition to the arrow strikes, they also master skills of traps, stuns and evasive moves. It is certain that the key to win a battle consists in players’ fighting prowess, yet the odds of victory will be greater if players know their rivals better. Thus, to win, players should not leave out the Bestiary system that offers comprehensive information about the in-game monsters. In it, players can learn about the background of each monster in the aspects of its dwelling place, variations, and strong and weak points, etc.

In TERA Online, the fierce action-packed combats are diffused into every corner of the immersive lore. Wherever players explore, there is fantasy-wrapped combat. Play it and you will know.

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    Best game i've ever played

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    is this game free or not?

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