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The Aurora World

The Aurora World

Release Date:  2013
Publisher:  GBE Games
Developer:  Aurora Interactive
Genre:  Fantasy, Action, MMORPG

The Aurora World is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Aurora Interactive and published by GBE Games. The game was firstly released in some Asian regions including China and South Korea. In December 21, 2012, GBE Games bought the exclusive publishing license to bring it to North America.

The game is set in a world of conflict between Gods in Heaven, yet evolving into a confrontation between Good and Evil. Players must unite the power of Good and eliminate all evil creatures and bring peace to the Aurora World.

Featuring eight classes, large-scale clan wars and nation wars, as well as challenging PK system, The Aurora World brings players into a world rich of crisp graphics and hundreds of surprising encounters.


In the monster-infested world of Aurora, three nations, Helios, Eos and Selene, hold distinctive beliefs and hostility against one another. Players choose among the three nations and then start as beginners. Following quests, players will learn skills, battle monsters and villains, and collect useful items. Once reaching required levels, they will be allowed to select class, specialize in skills, complete instance quests, claim powerful weapons, and fight against those from other nations.

There is no need worrying about getting lost or dizzy for exploring the Aurora world. The game enables auto-routing. As in many 2D MMORPGs, you could click the underlined contents in the quest bar and quest dialog box to have your avatar head towards the destinations by themselves. Or you could use arrow keys or WASD keys to fully enjoy a 3D exclusive experience.

Although the landscapes in the Aurora World range from beautiful beach, to vast grassland, and to mysterious villages, and the characters do look nice, there isn’t much chance in enjoying the pictures as much as you do in most 3D MMORPGs. That is not to say you wouldn’t have to time or are insanely busy looking for the destination – that would not be the case since auto-routing function is provided. The graphics, though colorful and diversified, are never delicately detailed enough to invite appreciation, especially when you always see things in blur and with toothed edges, “thanks to” the poor visual quality.

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Despite the disappointing visuals, you could still somehow enjoy the game. You won’t just run back and forth between NPCs and monsters, you take a flight in an aircraft (which might get broken and needs repairing), learn life skills, craft your own weapons, collect materials (including turtle shells), open tombs to encounter powerful monsters and sometimes even sneak into enemies’ camp in disguise. It was fun to deal with all those different kinds of missions. However, it is a pity that none of those are truly original. For example, World of Warcraft offered the disguising and spying thing years ago.

The Aurora World owns nothing to brag about. It has neither quality graphics nor outstanding gameplay. Maybe it is kind of newbie-friendly with the sound auto-routing function available. Nonetheless, an easy access to exploration could never justify the exploration or promise the fun that players crave.

4 Comments on The Aurora World


  1. Songsx says:

    its like age of wushu but with fantasy..

  2. esdae medina says:

    When will the game offcially come out?

  3. Shivee says:

    is this game going to be free to play, buy to play, or pay to play

  4. alpy says:

    it is free2play and it published in turkey a few months ago. I think u can follow them for instructions. But it's name is different then aurora world. If i remember right it was " Araf Online "

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