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The Chosen

The Chosen

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Snail Game
Developer:  Snail Game
Genre:  mmo

In Chinese philosophy a subtle balance among Heaven, Earth and Mankind must be maintained to make the whole universe function well. With tilted balance, the world will be tipped into the dark chaos, which will be terminated by the chosen. And who is the real chosen? That is the question. You can try to find the answer, or you can be the answer yourself; all is in the game of The Chosen.

What we already knew from Chinese guys familiar with it:

The Chosen, also known as 天子 (Chinese: Tian Zi),  is an online game loaded with Chinese culture. Made by China-based Snail Games, the MMORPG game “The Chosen” is set against a fictitious back story in which five prosperous dynasties of ancient China led by their kings compete against one another, striving for the ultimate hegemony and honoring the king of the most powerful as the Chosen. Against such a setting, this game conjures up a turbulent world for warriors to survive challenges and contribute to their own nations.

After players finish their character creation in terms of the name, gender, origin of birth as well as others concerning the appearance, they will find themselves in an idyllic small village, the threshold to a world of adventure and adversity.

Many a quest will help warriors grow quickly in experience and combating skills. To successfully complete various tasks, warriors need protective equipment such as great armor and handy weapons and assistant fighting pets as well. Pets in this game are categorized in accordance with the five elements of Nature.

What’s more, pets of different type are bestowed with varied attributes, developing tendency as well as evolving appearance. While it is nothing unusual that pets help in fight, it is less common that pets and their masters can unit as one to generate more power in battle. Besides pets, the mount is another helpful companion for players, not only in speeding up the movement from place to place but also in facilitating certain attributes of the avatar. And this new mmo game includes quite a few mounts which are famous in Chinese history for legendary stories related to their heroic masters, such as the horse named Dilu well-known for saving its master of Liu Bei.


“The Chosen” also contains several systems for players to interact with each other in organizations of guilds, clans, master-and-disciple, and so on. Various modes of PvP allow players to engage in wars at the level of small group, guild war and national warfare, etc. moreover, subscriptions are also constantly added in, and so is the casual community, which will provide platform for players to build cozy cottages, set up farms and other social activities.

What we are not satisfied with:

The character’s apperences are all the same with what I’ve been familiar with such as Age of Wulin, Loong, Dragon Soul.

I was assuming this game is nothing but a grinding MMO, rather than that intriguing like Trailer and Screenshots. The game is also presented in China as a tongue-in-cheek alternative to the official Water Margin, or Hero 108.

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  2. Alex says:

    why cover the original website you took the vid from lol http://www.thechosengame.com/

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