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The Godfather: Five Families Preview, Empire building + Mafia War

Sara Lau
Aug 26,2011  12:08 by

Kabam, the creator of Dragons of Atlantis and Glory of War, announced the development of mafia-themed social MMORPG “The Godfather: Five Families“, which is wholly based on “The Godfather”, stirring up the enthusiasm of The Godfather fans as well as zealots of mafia games.

The credit must be attributed to Kabam Inc, a San Francisco-based developer, which successfully acquired a license from Paramount Digital Entertainment to bring the glory of the films to a brand-new medium, that is, the virtual world.

The Godfather trilogy depicts a soul-stirring epic saga of several distinguished mafia families’ conflicts and struggles. Undoubtedly, the movie series have left an indelible mark on the history of the film industry and attracted thousands of millions of fans from all over the world. The perilous yet exciting adventures portrayed in The Godfather awaken our longing for such an eventful life of the protagonists and evoke our jealousy of the main actors, such as Marlon Brando and Al Pacino etc.

Fortunately, with the coming of The Godfather: Five Families, we get the rare chance of exploring the hazardous world and embarking on unforgettable adventurous journey.

The Godfather: Five Families is set in the 1930s in New York during the Prohibition Era which is actually ten years earlier than the time setting of the first film. It revolves around the development and expansion of the five mafia families, including Corleone, Stracci, Cuneo, Barzini and Tattaglia, which constitute the main conflicts in the first movie. This game still focuses on their mutual conflicts as well as their pursuit for power and dominance.

You choose to join in one of the mafia organizations, each of which boasts its special advantages over the rest and has a unique background history. But according to Lawrence Koh, general manager of Kabam, the game allows players to betray his or her family to join in an opposing one. This kind of hideous backstabbing and shameless betrayal further ignite the intensity of interpersonal conflicts which have already filled the game with disturbing tension.

Thanks to stylized maps, you can venture into diverse realistic yet fascinating areas. The whole city is permeated with dauntless gangsters and thugs, dragging the city into unbearable chaos. And your aim is to lay hands on limited resources, such as cement, steel and food, vanquish your hostile enemies and take over as many territories as possible. To some extent, the game contains some key features of an empire-building game (Age of Empires Online). And to pursue your goal, you have to build a formidable unit of troops which is, of course, made up of villains. As you progress, the originally weak army can be trained and upgraded into an invincible legion full of elite fighters.

In essence, the top priority of The Godfather: Five Families is still paid to the competitive PVP combat. You find some congenial minds, take park in an alliance, and launch attack against your opponents. The developer touted that the game is intended for hard-core players with marvelous combat-oriented content. So there must be a lot to expect in this part. In addition, the game also lays heavy emphasis on social interactions. Lawrence Koh stated that the reason why people like play games is that they feel like they are part of a tight-knit community; therefore, you will get a multitude of opportunities to communicate with your allies and friends. Even if none of your real-life friends are playing the game, the system will help you to find some players to conduct combat actions together.

As for the graphics, The Godfather: Five Families possesses a dark gloomy atmosphere, suitable to its theme and background. As mentioned above, the setting is quite lifelike, making you feel like really being there. In the dead of night, several skyscrapers stand against the dark fathomless sky, emanating dim rays of yellowish lights. And in front of the buildings, two corpses lie still on the road. Apparently they have suffered a painful and agonizing death. Against the luminous beam of an old-fashioned car, we see the silhouette of the murderer or hero in this case who wears a sharp suit and a dashing wind coat, holding a sword in his hand. This is just one episode of the game. Anyway, as far as I can see, the game definitely deserves your attention.

Ever since its announcement, it is generally regarded as a direct competitor to Zynga’s Mafia Wars in the industry. According to Chris Carvalho, COO of Kabam, social games with hard-core mafia elements are still an untapped field, thus holding great potentials in the future. And it is estimated that The Godfather: Five Families will be a huge success after its official release because of its appeal to countless mafia enthusiasts and Godfather fans.

The Godfather: Five Families is currently in its closed beta, and the open beta will soon be launched. The commercial operation may come in the wake of open beta. The game will be funded by an ingame store via which players are able to fight their way to be the paramount mafia of all times!

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