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The Household

The Household

Release Date:  August 10, 2012
Publisher:  Crazy Panda
Developer:  Crazy Panda
Genre:  Social Game

The Household is a Facebook game developed by Crazy Panda behind social game Wonderland. In the game, you mange your garden and establish your social position in the household.


The Household possesses nothing good enough to pique anyone’s interest. There is nothing you haven’t seen before and the endless energy emergencies just keep you from being interested and focused.

Starting from a small land with grass, stones, flowers and trees on it, you are to cultivate plants, raise animals, and clear the grass, stones, flowers and trees for materials that are essential for completing the quests. Once in a while, a boar, a fox or a bear may present itself, threatening to eat up all the nearby grass and flowers. You’ve got to take care of that. Also, you will add structures onto your land, which will allow you to craft items or collect revenues. There is nothing you haven’t seen before and you would hardly believe this is a new game to any extent.

It is acceptable if the game simply adopts a frequently used gameplay. However, the Household doesn’t just disappoint, it annoys you. I always hate it when I have to ask my friends for help just to complete the constructions of some important structures. So I was kind of relieved when I found that the Household doesn’t go that way – before the completion of every building, one has to gather all the required items, say, 10 gardening gloves, 10 rakes, 15 sprouts, and 15 seeds, by clearing the thickets. You know how hard it would be to find all the specified items, which rarely show up.

But if you are able to keep clearing, that would be quite easy. The problem is you don’t have enough energy. Anyway, in a game where tasks ask you to feed hens for 30 times, pick 20 potatoes and cucumbers, how could you have enough energy left to dig up all the grass, stones, flowers and trees on the land? It is understandable that one needs to go through a few steps before they clear the stuff but it is just absurd to shoo away a wild animal in three, four, or even five steps, especially in a game where they have merely 10 energy units or so but have dozens of ways to use them up.

The developers are obviously ambitious to make a fortune, but they kind of forget they must create a good game in the first place.

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  1. isabel bergamin says:

    unable to play the household

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