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The Hunger Games Adventures

The Hunger Games Adventures

Release Date:  03/23/2012
Publisher:  Funtactix
Developer:  Funtactix
Genre:  Adventure

The Hunger Games Adventures, a Facebook game adapted from the bestseller book series the Hunger Games, will be released on March 23, simultaneously with the movie also adapted from the series. The game is developed by Funtactix behind “Mission Impossible“.


The game is set in a world called Panem and players will take on characters bearing their own names instead of characters from the book. Quests and tips are provided by the leading roles in the book: Katniss and Peeta. The quests require players to search for an item, attack an enemy, or merely chop down a tree. Players will possess their safe area in the forest, where they return to recharge after losing their energy while running errands or fighting against enemies. In the safe area, players can also store their equipment or just do the decorations. None shall be killed in battle. They will be only exhausted after being beaten by NPCs in a battle and can return to normal after recharge. That makes the game child-friendly.

The game is good not only because the story, design, and its origin, but also for its consideration for players in that no matter what you have been through, such as a breakdown in your network, or a logout of the Facebook, you can always expect to resume right from where the abeyance starts.

This game supports single-player mode only, but occasionally requires players to share items with friends also playing the game to fulfill some tasks. Applicable only to the multimedia platform Flash, the Hunger Games Adventures is available only on PCs, netbooks, and high-end computers.


To be honest, I prefer games with 3D figures in 2D or even plainly animated environment to utterly 3D ones, which always plunge me into dizziness before I enjoy myself to any extent. In that sense, the Hunger Games Adventure works perfectly for me.

Hunger games Adventure, as it turns out, is another world where one is for all while all not for one. I am not that informed of other players’ reactions on this. But, given my personal hostility towards Katniss as a response to her selfish way of dealing with Peeta’s unrequited love, I feel pretty uncomfortable at receiving tasks from that girl and other characters since the very beginning. Who the hell are those people? In my eyes, they are just like statues with wide open eyes staring directly at me while being shameless of their complete inaction. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt if they at least pretend to be occupied with some priorities while handing over the tasks, right? Well, as I progress in the game, sometimes the task givers do help in the task, but still, I loathe such inequality.

Each task is fulfilled by consuming energy points and since each task requires several steps while each step uses one energy point, you could easily run out of energy, in which circumstance you have to buy more with real money or wait for refills over time. You gain one energy point every five minutes, which means to complete a task when you are out of energy, you have to wait, wait and wait, albeit there are times when you receive some energy points upon fulfilling a task.

Some stuff I made at the cost of my hard-awaited energy do offer usable items that I am able to collect now and then, such as the Makeshift Trap and the Arrow Crafting Table; but others just don’t seem to be worth it. For example, the shelter I set up in my Forest Escape with lots of enthusiasm and game currencies (let’s say that was lots of, for it was not long after the game starts when I had numbered coins) hasn’t prove to be of any use at all by far, at least not that I know of. Maybe it does function in a specific way but it takes too long for me to find out that I wouldn’t even like to wait for that.

Several tasks are full of surprises. There was this girl starving in front of the Bakery but Peeta, the son of the baker, was in no position to give her any bread for free and I had to burn two loaves of bread so that she could have something to eat. I deem that was quite creative and interesting. Nevertheless, that is not true to each task. One time Katniss taught me to sing the lullaby that her sister Prim finds soothing and I was like “who cares if you or your sister is disturbed or not.”

To have a smooth progression in Hunger games, you need friends. Each time when I need something I haven’t and cannot obtain otherwise, I have to spend real money or resort to friends’ help. There was even a task requiring me to ask a friend to play the game. I appreciate modern technology for every effort it makes in socializing people but I would never take gratitude towards someone who attempts commercially to reach my friend through me. That is not the case for everyone, I bet. Players who have friends that play the game together may be fascinated when they realize that they can ask friends to help refill their energy to proceed or ask for buckets of water to plant strawberries and milking the goat.

Progress wouldn’t speed up even after I dig up a well. Milking a goat alone can cost me ten buckets of water and given that once one draws a bucket of water from the well, he or she has to wait for some fifteen minutes before the well is available again, I have to find other things to do to fill the time. Some items require too much time to be available again, for example the First Aid Pedestal (which takes more than five hours).

The land of Forest Escape, small as it is, is not all available at once. Divided into smaller pieces, the land can be unlocked step by step. Provided that I have few pieces available now, all my belongings and other stuff are in this tiny little portion of land, making it quite crowded with increasing items added now and then. That saves unnecessary trips and makes it like a home over there but also is kind of funny.

It is sad to say that aside from the District 12 and its unreasonably strict regulations that Katniss keeps mentioning of and complaining about, nothing in this game really makes me feel connected to the movie or the book. However, with the cute graphics and creative details, The Hunger Games Adventure shows its charm that I didn’t expect at all. Anyway, it was a pleasure to learn more about protagonists and the world of Hunger games outside the original book and movie. Here are my tips for those who are about to give it a try: stay away from spontaneous impulses (‘cause that would waste your energy points), keep an eye on the energy bar, figure out what that stuff you just crafted is for, be patient and wait for surprises!

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380 Comments on The Hunger Games Adventures


  1. Isabella says:

    Two days later, and it still hasn't been released. Way to live up to the hype, HGA – not!

  2. river says:

    I'm already level 9, it's a limited release to keep the system from crashing, You'll be on soon too.

  3. Louise says:

    Yeah, I signed up several of my email addresses for the Beta. Only one of them got the email, yesterday, saying It'd been chosen.

  4. Tanner says:

    Did anyone get a pristine arrowhead? I'm stuck with that and the strawberry bush!

  5. Cvec says:

    How do I get a knife to open up the gift sack?

  6. Kinsey says:

    Anyone know what's up with the parachuted package? I've clicked on it several times and nothing's happened…

  7. How do I get a Knife to open the gift sack?

  8. Justine says:

    I've found the knife, but for some reason my gift sack is hidden behind a tree or i don't have one in my forest escape 🙁 Anybody else the same?

  9. Lauren says:

    And where do I get a wrench to open the red crate???

  10. Danni says:

    Justine, how did you find the knife?

  11. lara says:

    i cant seem to find my gift sack? where is it?

  12. Eelke says:

    Does anyone know how to get a hammer?

  13. @le_pirat says:

    I've maxed out content and quests; will there be more to do tomorrow in the open beta?

  14. Wes says:

    I was wondering the same thing

  15. Rae says:

    Where do you find the Reinforced Arrowhead? I have 1 but not sure where I got it. Does it also drop from the Arrow Crafting Table?

  16. Bii says:

    How do you get seeds? I need them to finish my strawberry bush

  17. mar says:

    please bitch i'm on level 10!

  18. Lauren says:

    More bandages? I sold my first aid pedestal, and need 3 to build a new one. I've only got 2 :/

  19. Stevie says:

    I need a hammer and 2 nails…. it would be nice to know how to get some…. because i have only two quests… and its buiding the house and inviting friends…. but help would be nice 🙂

  20. Não consigo sair do level 10, fala sério, quando será que o jogo sairá do “BETA”?

  21. DranzerM says:

    Sure… it's 3/28… and it says it was supposed to be released 3/23 …. and it's still not up yet…

  22. Dominic says:

    What do I do after healing the two kids in the woods? No new quests have appeared.

  23. Mio says:

    Is there anything I can do while waiting for the oranges to grow?

  24. Chloe says:

    I need nails to fix the house and I can't go back to the Justice Building. Help I'm stuck!

  25. Jay says:

    Does anyone know how to get focus?

  26. Chelsea says:

    I got a knife in level 10 but still can't open my gift sack even though I have already reached level 11. Can anybody help?

  27. HUF says:

    How do I get the strawdoll and flashlight? I need them to trade with Moira and Raab to do Haymitch's quest.

  28. Lauren says:

    I just need to start this all over. Why have the option to sell stuff if you can never get the stuff to rebuild it again??? Anyone know how I can restart?

  29. Wes says:

    Yeah I have the same question…How do we start a new character?

  30. Mary says:

    Focus is from the arrow practice shooting range. You get the pristine arrowhead from the arrow crafting table (Both the pristine and reinforced come from them, so just keep trying) The knife is found during a quest later on when you're at the lake. Now, I lost my knife and the gift sack reappeared. Not only this, but I am also stuck on the quest to rebuild the thing. I'm missing one nail, and as well, I can't go back to the justice building. I'm sending in a couple reports, but no results so far. Thank you.

  31. Bri says:

    How do I get Mockingjay Pins?

  32. Cvec says:

    If you ever need more coins and you have some time to wait, build some Steel Traps. They only cost 15 coins and they generate 400 coins each after 8 hours.

  33. Stevie says:

    it says ask friends to get stuff you don't have, but how do you send friends stuff? I haven't found any way of doing so

  34. Katie says:

    How do you get the arrow shafts to build the arrow crafting table? I thought I traded Rummage for them, but it says that I still need them.

  35. Chelsea says:

    Is there any way to get nails other than going to the Justice Building? I need nails in order to complete the quest for a wrench. But I can't get back to the Justice Building..

  36. Kinsey says:

    Any idea how to open the gift sack? I have a knife, but I can't click the sack or anything…

  37. Harmony says:

    Where can I get the other 2 medicines to help Prim heal the guy? I only got 1 and I need three!

  38. Brinn says:

    I am stuck I got the 3rd clue but it says I didn't and so I can't finish that mission what should I do??

  39. Kayla says:

    I need the bandage to help Haymitch. Where is it or where do I get it?

  40. Katniss says:

    where do i get the bandages to heal Haymitch 😐 it only says there that i need to ask a friend

  41. cherryo says:

    I'm on the quest "working habits", but I need 3 muse. Does anyone know where to get these? I have all the apples and oranges needed. I thought maybe listening to Rue's song would get them, but that doesn't seem to work. I also need nails to build my cabin and my workshop table is only giving me boards, and I have all the boards I need. Any ideas?

  42. Amanda says:

    how do you help get the lost kids back to their mother? Gale, the kids, and I are stuck in the forest. Help?!

  43. Mochi813 says:

    I have only 2/3 of the steel beams to fix the house, but I can't go back to the Justice Building! I don't know what to do! Help!

  44. Chriss says:

    I traded with that girl outside the Hob and got my fabric roll, but it says I didn't when I go to trade with the other guy! I keep trying to get more fabric, but I can't! What do I do?! Helppp me!!

  45. sara says:

    Where do you get beams for rebuilding the house?!!?

  46. Mio says:

    Why am I maxed out at level 12, 740 stars? Anyone else have this problem???

  47. Rachel says:

    i've already helped Prim prep the medication for the man hurt in the house fire, but there's no ointment in site, and it says I don't have any when I try to heal the guy. Any help?

  48. Kyle says:

    How do you get nails for the working hands quest?

  49. ceilidh says:

    Hey guys. So my game glitches and says i haven't finished making the arrow table when i already have. I am unable to move on with my game and i am stuck with nothing to do. I have already sent a message to the makers of the game. Im kinda sick of waiting so i wanted to restart saying how I'm not very far in the game. Does anon know how to make a new character???

  50. Arne says:

    my game is frozen when I need to trade a fabric roll :/
    I have already traded with Moira and Rummage, but now I need another fabric roll for Raab!
    What can I do? :/

  51. Elyse says:

    I opened the sponsor package & got the knife, then went to my forest escape to open the gift sack and it says I have no knife. No other quests come up, so I'm basically stuck. Can anyone help?

  52. Alex says:

    I'm at level 11 and I still don't have the knife someone please help

  53. Jer13 says:

    I beat the beta.

  54. silje says:

    hi! do you know how to get the second clue by the district fence? i'm stuck 🙁 it would be great if someone could help 😉
    Level 10, by the district fence, quest; find the missing kid 😀

  55. Kellie says:

    I'm on level 11and I am stuck in my forest escape. I need bandages to finish the First Aid Pedestal but when I click the back to orld button to get back to the hob to trade for some bandages nothing happens. I'm stuck in my forest escape and have no where to go. Help!

  56. brittanyy says:

    does anyone know how to get muse? :/

  57. Niki says:

    You need a cabin to get muse.

  58. Mo' says:

    How to restart ?
    I need a flashlight for Haymitch's Quest .. there is a problem in the game and so on I can't have the flashlight by myslef ..

  59. Els says:

    How have people built their cabins? I says you need 'Evening Primroses', can they be found anywhere or did you guys buy them with facebook credits?

    Also, has anyone else got the 'Small Campfire'? How do you get the flames to finish building it?

  60. Rae says:

    I am playing but a glitch happened and now I can't give Katniss the handshakes from the deals at the hob. Anyone know how to reset their game???

  61. thg says:

    I need help.
    How do I get mockingjay pins??

  62. lollie says:

    how do i get flame for a small camp fire? ive basically maxed out on quests and im max level so i decided to build stuff but dnt know how to get the things to finish them

  63. earl says:

    i reach level 12 but there's no other quest for me to do is getting weird??

  64. Allie says:

    flames and muse, anyone know how to get either??

  65. Eelke says:

    but for the workshop, you need a hammer. I lost mine.. and I have no idea where to get another

  66. Annette says:

    Thanks so much! I was having so much trouble.

  67. Jillian says:

    The only problem is when I collect nails from the workshop, they don't show up when I try to build the house 🙁 it still says I have 0 even though I've collected at least 7

  68. Jillian says:

    anyone know how to find flame? I need it for my small campfire

  69. Katniss says:

    Where can i get the flames? for the small camfire! 🙂

  70. Isaac says:

    Help please i need to do a quest but i need logs and all my trees are cut down and i dont have enough logs what do i do?

  71. claudia says:

    I'm stuck on level four. See my current quest says to trade Raab the Fabric role from Moira for a fish. I did that. But when I go to trade Rummage the fish for some arrow shafts it says I have no fish. Any ideas why this happened? Or can I restart somehow?

  72. claudia says:

    never mind. i got to level five but i still havent got the fish…

  73. Steven says:

    The workshop gives you planks of wood. You need the steel beams from the justice building to fix the house.

  74. Therese says:

    Where can I get a pestle and mortar. :((

  75. Jill says:

    I'm stuck on the quest to build arrow crafting table. there was a glitch and i lost my arrow shafts and now I haven't gotten a new quest in days. help! can i restart?

  76. Lucy says:

    Is there another way to get focus other than from the archery target? I need 3 to build my workshop and I only have one. I also can't send the thing to my friends asking for help…so I'm a bit stuck…

  77. Annette says:

    I haven't been able to finish the building the house quest because I didn't have enough beams (it says I have 2/3). Is there any way to get them that is not at the Justice Building? Someone said to build a workshop, which used the hammers I needed, but that produces boards, not beams. Aaaagh!

  78. lauren says:

    Does anyone know a way to get focus apart from practising archery or is that the only way???

  79. Amanda says:

    My game got 'Disconnected from Panem' during the burned bread quest so I reloaded. I had all three burnt loaves when I had to reload, and it made me go straight to getting the goat milk. When I went to give the starving girl the bread and milk, it said I only had two loaves and I have no way to progress now. >.<

  80. Chloe says:

    I've gotten nails from that but it doesn't recognise them as nails for the broken house.

  81. Chloe says:

    All these glitches are annoying is there any way to restart the whole game from the beginning??? Deleting the app doesn't work though…

  82. Therese says:

    Where can I get the ointment? Hmm.. My Quest to Prim is half done but I don't have the ointment. HELP PLEASE.

  83. hungerfan123 says:

    Such a good game after the tweaks that beta made to it! However I don't like the fact you can't travel to different places like the hob when you need to trade just because the quest you are currently on is somewhere else!!!

  84. Dylan says:

    How do u get more MockingJay pins?

  85. jess says:

    I keep being told I lost internet connection each time I play, I haven't

  86. Adams says:

    how do you get 'muse' because my cabin doesnt give me any :/

  87. Lisa says:

    I'm on level 6 and haven't had any quests since the apple tree. How do I unlock more?

  88. Ashley says:

    I have 3 questions.
    1) How do I get a knife to open the gift sack?
    2) How can I get strawberries to trade with Moira outside the hob?
    3)How do I get a pristine arrowhead to finish my archery target?

  89. Jake says:

    The Fabric Roll bug still hasn't been fixed. I'm now up to 14 people that I know personally who cannot get past this. The Running Circles quest indicates 1/1 Fabric Roll obtained, but when going to talk to Raab, the game indicates 0/1 Fabric Roll. It's obtuse that this problem has been going on for almost two weeks with nary a peep from Funtactix support (after multiple tickets from each of the 14).

  90. lauren says:

    how do i get more muse? ive got the cabin but ive done the cabin 3 times and only gotten muse once

  91. Marci says:

    does anyone know how to get an orange? (so i can give it to raab outside the hob & refill haymitch's flask?)

  92. Erin says:

    help! i bought the small pond, but it says i havent done it yet…i cant sell the one i have, but i cant move on til it says i "buy" one…what the heck!!

  93. ccrider says:

    good facebook group site called District 12 The Hunger Games and they help and put up links for stuf

  94. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know how to get focus? PLEASE!!

  95. Ashley says:

    I also need to know.. Where can you get Flames?

  96. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know where to get Flames???

  97. Jillian says:

    are we supposed to have gotten more quests on thursday? also, anyone else been un-glitched and able to move on from the reroofment quest yet???? OR anyone heard back from the game after submitting a bug report?????

  98. BigMAMA says:

    Can Anyone tell me how to get the flame?

  99. Jean says:

    How do you get the bandages to fix Haymitch's cuts?

  100. Jessie says:

    I am trying to make the first aid pedistal but it says I need three bandages. How do I get those?

  101. Giuliana says:

    I'm stuck because I can't go back to the justice building too!!! It's so frustrating!!!

  102. Guest says:

    Does anyone know how to get the evening primrose to finish the cabin?

  103. Lisa says:

    Why can't I go anywhere except the forrest escape and the woods?

  104. genesis says:

    I can't get back to town from the forest escape. And I reaaaaaaaally need some arrow shafts. 🙁

  105. peeta says:

    I like this site a lot they got it going on

  106. Ally says:

    how do i speed the time up of when things are rebuildng?? like it has the # of coins but i cant seem to figure out how to do it?? help?

  107. keladrie says:

    i expanded on my forest and i am trying to open a parachuted package but it wont let me. does anyone else have this problem?

  108. Peanut says:

    HELP – I cannot finish my Herbalist Table. First I lost my mortar & pestle so I bought it again with credits. When I click on finish I have everything I need and click continue. The character goes to the table and it says Herbalist Table in a time bar but just before it gets to the end the "connection lost" message comes up and I'm forced to re-load game. This has happened every time I've tried (about 20 times) and obviously I can't get through the game without the herbalist table – any ideas?

  109. Jason P says:


  110. roy dreyfus says:

    I play The Hunger Games Adventures on facebook…if anyone needs neighbors for the game, add me please. http://www.facebook.com/roy.dreyfus

  111. Bree says:

    I'm at level 20 and i really need to know how to get muse for a quest

  112. Tegan says:

    Was enjoying this until I apparently 'lost connection' while finishing my Workshop table. Reloaded like it said, then suddenly my hammer, 12 wood and 3 focus were all gone. Been unable to finish any quests for 2 days now, trying to get another hammer.

  113. t8xan says:

    My game refreshed while I was giving Haymitch the flask filled with coffee and now I can't complete the mission because it says I have the flask,but when I try to give it to him it says I don't have it. Is there any thing I can do to reset or get a new flask?

  114. Lauren says:

    Do you ever leave district 12 and play in the games or anything?

  115. Rafaelle says:

    how can i get a amber's map?

  116. lauren says:

    my game reloaded while looking for clues at the fence. i had already told the mother the clues but now i need to look at the footprints but my other clue disappeared. how do i get more clues?

  117. Guest says:

    Where do you get the Pestle and Mortar???

  118. Aimee says:

    where can get a bandage to heal haymitch?!?! i cant build a first aid pedastol because i need 3 bandages to finish it, and it doesnt say that rummage wants to trade! 🙁

  119. shauna says:

    does anyone know if you get new quests finally if you finish the cabin?

  120. sasscat1234 says:

    how do you get past level 20?

  121. nikki says:

    I need to get ointment Im on level 15 and I dont remeber how?

  122. Camille says:

    Hey does anyone know how to restart the whole thing? Cause I'm a level seven, chapter 3: Heal The District and I'm trying to heal the man from the crashed building with ointment but I can't. It says I don't have it. I keep talking to Prim but nothing happens. Wat do I do?

  123. Maxime says:

    hey guys, how can i build a herbalist table when i'm said all the time after i finished it connection lost, i get back and it isn't built again and again

  124. Sydney says:

    I am on level 23. My workshop won't give me nails, I need nails to build the cabin. I need muse to build the reading corner. So I can't move on without getting nails. The friends I have playing are far behind me so they're of use to me. Does anyone know how to get nails? Don't say go to the justice building because I can't. If I try to leave my Forest Escape it takes me to The Control Room. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  125. shana says:

    i earned a flashlight and it disappeared! anyone know how to get a new one?

  126. amanda says:

    how do i get nails ive been getting back on the computer every 45 minutes just to click on the workbench so i can get the nails but all it does is give me boards no nails

  127. Jillian says:

    are we supposed to be getting new quests? I haven't gotten anything in atleast 2 weeks and I'm getting SOOOO bored, especially since I can't finish the reroofment quest cause my game glitched 2 months ago and haven't heard a thing about the bug report I sent. ugh!

  128. Erin says:

    When does the map come out?

  129. bob says:

    Anyone know how to get muse?

  130. Thomas says:

    I'm stuck on this one quest where i have to give milk and burnt bread to the starving girl. Here's the thing, when I first started the mission, I got the bread, I burnt it and I gave it to the girl (I'm 80% sure), but now they want me to do it again, which is really odd. So when I click on the girl, it says I need more burnt bread, which I can't get! I can't because there are no green arrows pointing to the bread or the oven in order to burn it. It's so weird! I don't know what to do?

  131. Kathrin says:

    I`am in chapter 8 and lost my evening primroses. Can you help me??

  132. Emi says:

    How do you get pestle and motar to complete the herbalists table? Is the only way for your friends to send you it? I have tried, but they all suck(:

  133. Qui says:

    Would someone be willing to send me bandages? I'm stuck on the quest where you have to complete the Bandage table to give Prim the bandages to treat the hurt people from the mine. I can't trade fish because the girl you trade with is gone!

  134. Katelyn says:

    Where do you find the Evening Primroses for the Cabin??

  135. Brittany says:

    I can't find my gift sack! Where is it? I'm supposed to cut it with a knife but I don't see a gift sack anywhere in my forest escape. HELP!

  136. mary says:

    i used up all my bandages and the women i trade with a the hob isn't there please give me some help where can i get them ?? (i need them to build a pedestal) 🙂

  137. Crystal says:

    I'm on level 31 and still haven't seen a parachute. I also have not gotten a quest that gives me a sharp knife. Still waiting to open that stupid burlap bag since the beginning of the game!!

  138. Crystal says:

    How do you find flames to finish the small campfire??

  139. Crystal says:

    If you go to celebuzz and get a special code, it gives you a mockingjay weather vane which is supposed to unlock new content. Got the weathervane, but no new content.

    anyone else get it?

  140. Paige says:

    I need two more Evening Primroses for my cabin but I don't know where to get them? Is this a glitch or can I get them from somewhere? If so where? 🙁 HELP!

  141. poopie! says:

    where do you get 'flames' forthe small campfire?

  142. Emily says:

    Where do I get evening primrose?

  143. Kayla says:

    Does anyne know how to get flames? I need like 8! It's for the campfire

  144. Crystal says:

    I'm looking for vines to craft rope with. Anyone know where to find them?

  145. Alex says:

    how do i get the hammer to build the work table to get the sharp knife?

  146. chrysta says:

    How do you open the gift sack, the red box, the parachuted package? I' m on level 33 and have yet to figure this out. Any help?

  147. Liz says:

    how to a get flames to complete my small campfire?

  148. kev says:

    ok. how do you get flames?

  149. Sami says:

    I need evening primrose for my cabin and flame for my campfire. Where can I get these? Because I have no idea.

  150. Kaylee says:

    Level 33! Like if your inhead of me 🙂

  151. katelynn says:

    does any one know how to get more primroses to build the cabin i have four and you need two to do another quest.

  152. dorian says:

    hello i need flashlight but i can't find this it's in chapter 3 for the quest "gone in a flask" i'm level 35 but i think maybe it's connection problem please answer me thank you

  153. Melissa says:

    where do i get a wrench from, i finished all the quests in district 11, but theres no crafting option or anything?

    I had a wrench once and opened the crate, unless its like the sack and another quest will come up soon, like the sharp knife?

  154. Angie says:

    People, if you can't find something, look through all of the posts. It should at least answer the question that you have. If you can't find it, then post.

  155. Crystal1119 says:

    Where do you find a muse other than a cabin?

  156. Samyra says:

    How do you get more evening primroses to finish my cabin!!!

  157. @gamergro says:

    Who Knows How To Earn Flames? Cause I've Looked EVERYWHERE And Nothing Has Come Up.

  158. Dana says:

    Im with rue and im at the quest 'dinner is served' and i cant get the kitchen. what do i do

  159. Lenna says:

    How do you get evening primrose???

  160. bea says:

    I'm stuck in quest miner i injuries I lost the connection, and when i refresh site i don't have one of three first aid kit!. When i talk to prim nothings happen.. I don't know what to do, because nowhere first aid kit i available!.. any ideas to do ? Please help me!

  161. Anne Meronk says:

    how do you get neighbors?

  162. Paige says:

    Anyone know where to find the seals. I just got that quest and dont know where to begin??

  163. Katniss says:

    how do you get the seals in the seal the deals quest

  164. Jamie3654 says:

    Where do you get bandages im trying to heal haymitch at the hob and i can't find them

  165. Where can I find honey or the beehives which you get them from? I really need to craft an apple pie!!

  166. Kelsee says:

    where do I get goat milk? I had some but i used it by accident and i need it to make something for a quest :/ it wont let me get any from prim's goat

  167. Sam Ertle says:

    any 1 know y mine wony load ( or had same prob)

  168. Dan87 says:

    I am currently at Level 20 and working on the Scorched Earth quest… the one where I need to gather things from the Scorched Forest. However, the Scorched Forest is not unlocked yet. Am I missing something or is it just a glitch?

  169. amanda says:

    how do i get muse?x

  170. sally says:

    i lost the straw doll in a game glitch and i can't get another one. help?

  171. tina says:

    i need people to play with: brightfamemail@yahoo.com add me or message me…

  172. Kaylee says:

    How do you sell Stuff!!!!!!!!

  173. MKD says:

    So, I updated Adobe Flash for another site, and now HGA won't load… anyone else have this issue?

  174. Nicolle says:

    I bought the archery range and I had no where to put it so didn't place it but when I cleared some space and went to buy it again it says "you can only have one of these" though I don't actually have one :/ it's not in my inventory either?

  175. Ashlee says:

    How do you get the folwer table?

  176. bea says:

    i need friends add me as mockingjay nightingale

  177. ~Aye Tee says:

    Anyone know how to get fast energy from Haymitch's sponsors? i don't have that option any more.

  178. Fluffy says:

    Does anyone know how to get the pestle and mortar. (chapter 3)
    I can't find it and I need it to finish my herbalist table.
    Can someone help me??? 🙂
    Thank you.

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