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The Investigator: Murder In Hope Town

The Investigator: Murder In Hope Town

Release Date:  2011
Genre:  Puzzle

It takes precise logic, observant insight, and great wisdom to be a good investigator. The original peaceful and thriving Hope Town is shrouded in mysterious gloom. Murder happens and people are scared. Now it depends on you to crack the case.

In The Investigator: Murder In Hope Town, there are a series of CSI style cases to clear up and a train of mysteries to solve. Can you collect all the useful clues and track down the vicious criminals? Will you be the hero to restore tranquility to the suspicious town? The full 3D graphics makes the game all the more exciting to play.

The first impression makes me feel pretty annoyed because of its long title, but after playing 5 minutes, I found it interesting enough to push me advance in the game. Initially, you can play Tutorial mode which lets you play a free short investigation with a limited number of locations and suspects. your final score won’t be submitted to the leaderboard and therefore there is no case prize possible. In addition, unlike in a normal game, your tutorial progression will not be saved between sessions.

Your one and only goal is to bring the killer to justice. In order to do this, you must uncover suspects and find evidence against them. Only one suspect will be the kill. Once you have enough evidence, you will be allowed to charge them. But make sure you have the right suspect as a wrongful arrest can destroy your reputation.

In the case File Screen, you can examine the victim’s cause of death and get information on Known suspects. Suspects will appear on the left hand side of this screen when you have uncovered them.

You can uncover suspects by finding evidence which leads you to them or by extracting new leads from existing suspects.

Like earlier released Facebook game CSI Crime City, The Investigator follows the same rules, including collect evidence, solve crimes and uncover truth. If you want to become a real criminalist, that is your time to prove it.

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  1. […] into the surface. The gameplays does not strictly obeys the mechanism of CSI Crime City, and The Investigator: Murder In Hope Town, but you ought to collect information by bits and piece them together like finishing a jigsaw […]

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