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The Island: Castaway

The Island: Castaway

Release Date:  2011

The Island: Castaway is a new Facebook MMO game that is featured with elements of action and adventure genre and designed mainly for casual players. As mentioned above, this game is set against a stimulating background, in which players will take up the role of a leader, managing to survive the mysterious island in the first place and then try to find way back home by taking quests and unveiling mysteries here.

Shipwreck makes your life take a turn. Awaking in a strange tropical island, you would find yourself thrust into a life similar to the hero of Jack Shephard in Lost, as a leader of a crowd of passengers surviving the same wreckage. All these take place in The Island: Castaway.

Stranded, players will start the new life, good or bad, busy collecting items such as tools of fishing nod, arrow and bow, axe and hoe, etc as well as ancient inscriptions and statues. With helpful tools at hand, players are able to grow crops, hunt birds of prey like wild boars and capture seafood like fish and crabs.

Once players grow skillful with collecting all kinds of items, they can unlock special recipes, gather lumbers for bonfires and ingredients listed, and cook nutritious tropical cuisines, which is beneficial for refilling the Health meter. Besides item-gathering activities, players will also befriend with natives, running errands for them such as building a house or felling giant trees and venturing into dangerous zones in search for truth of a haunting mystery.

Quests and requests are of great variety and quantity; and the map in hand can be used to auto-pilot you to the task-givers conveniently. Of course, quests finished will bring about rewards which can be concrete benefits such as a rare item or honorary prizes such as a trophy. There are overall 45 trophies in the game, 15 different types all in three levels of bronze, silver and gold, which can be won only if according requirement is met. For instance, to trek one kilometer is good enough to get a bronze Marathoner trophy and five kilometers can win trekkers silver award.

Interesting as it is, it also receives critical reviews in several perspectives, including lousy voice-over, lack of an in-game record of scores, frustrating endings without clear closure before jumping into another quest and, on the top of all, repetitive gameplay relying too heavily on item-gathering.

Although it has shortcomings, it is, on the whole, immersive and addictive. In addition to the major gameplay based on 200 odd mysteries to solve, eye-feasting graphic is another favorable feature of this game, which can usher players into a vividly-depicted tropical land full of exotic scenes and lively native life. Isn’t The Island: Castaway a wonderful place for a new life?

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