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The Island: Castaway Review

Sara Lau
May 30,2012  12:05 by

After a flight accident, you are now on a wasteland, forced to make full use of everything you could find in order to survive.

Customize your character; Find and open packages buried in the sand or scattered on the beach; Create a machete using the items you’ve collected from previous actions; Clear grass, rocks, flowers, and trees to gather all stuff you need in building yourself a hut to have a better shelter than the tent you own now.

In The Island: Castaway, you have to cultivate plants to ensure you have enough food all the time. There is no need in purchasing plots, beds, or anything else that is used to grow things on. Click the target plant in the store, and the beds come with them – and yes, go with their collection. Planting doesn’t cost energy. Harvesting does. Similar to Journey of Moses, the Island: Castaway is a game where you have to test your luck in discovering the stuffs you are in urgent need. For example, there is this mission asking me to harvest ten melons and collect four melon mousse and two melon ice-creams. Harvesting ten melons is just a matter of gold and time while collecting melon mousse and ice-creams is totally up to your luck – which means that you may or may not discover a mousse or an ice-cream during your harvesting. In the end, I am done with the collection of all those mousses and ice-creams after planting thirty or forty melons.

Also you will find insects, rope buts or many other things in harvesting, clearing, and chopping. For instance, you may find wilt leaf, Colorado beetle, rusty nail, mole cricket, and rakes in plant beds where the plants wither if you don’t collect them in time. Obtain all those stuffs and you could exchange them for 50 coins while a collection of watermelon seeds, watermelon juice, triangular piece, carved watermelon, and ice lolly in the watermelon beds could be exchanged for a peach.

Almost everything you do consumes energy and a single quest alone could use up to 20 or 30 energy points when you only have a maximum of 14. I run out of energy all the time as It is predictiable. At first, I could spend the hamburgers collected in the fields and the proper or international breakfasts from my inventory to replenish the energy. That doesn’t last long before I am also in short of them too and have no choice but to wait for the refill over time.

The buildings you can construct on the island are limited depending on how many of your friends play this game too. For instance, if you would like to build a workshop, you must have to involve four of your friends in this game.

As a game that immerses players in building facilities, planting crops, fruits, and vegetables, and tending animals, The Island: Castaway made a good choice in its story – no figure is more classical and realistic than Robinson Crusoe. It somehow feels rather weird when I have to visit the store for purchasing all kinds of stuffs though.

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