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The Last one (The Scariest Game)

The Last one (The Scariest Game)

Release Date:  October 2012
Publisher:  Progrestar
Developer:  Progrestor
Genre:  Social Game

The Last one (or The Scariest Game) isn’t about how things scare you. It’s about how you survive all the attacks by zombies and investigate all the objects with marks on it.


It is comfortably easy to start in the game. In a street, you see a couple of zombies and several dustbins, telephone booths, or any other stuff that has a mark, either being broken or lying on the ground. You are to attack the zombies with the walking stick in your hands and investigate the items. In that way you will be able to earn XP and money.

When you’ve reached a required level or made specified achievements, you will get access to a whole new area. The stages will be opened up as long as you meet all the requirements such as gather a reward item by passing a specific stage.

More often than not, the marked items are located behind the buildings and since the game doesn’t allow for changing perspectives, you have to walk your avatar to somewhere between buildings or behind the buildings so that to see whether there is anything you should attack or investigate.

As in many other Facebook games, you always have to pay close attention to how much energy you’ve still got. Seriously. You won’t just be unable to complete a mission in this case. If you happen to run out of energy during an operation, you will be unable to attack zombies or investigate items, and what’s worse, you will be attacked by nearby zombies. Hence, in such cases, you have no choice but to leave the stage and come back when you have enough energy.

And by enough, I mean almost full, because taking down a zombie probably costs you 10 or even 15 points while investigating an object will consume 3 or more points. Therefore, it is a must to have at least 70 energy points before you start an operation with more than 6 zombies.

PvP combat is available in the Arena where players can choose a random player to fight in the way they battle zombies. Your health, your attack, and your weapon play an important role in these battles. And since the other player character is controlled by computer rather than the player themselves, you have a good chance to win. That explains why the PvP is somewhat easy and disappointing.

Tough challenges come from the boss zombies in the areas, whose health greatly outnumber yours and you will never get through the stage unless you use the bandages or the medkits that are initially offered for free in a small number and are afterwards available only if you pay game money or premium money.

All those challenges, easy or difficult, are offered to you the very moment you open the area map and you have to figure it out on your own given the fact the only mission available (not long after you start) concerns a large number of resources that are accessible only if you have lots of friends play this game or if you pay real money.

The Last One brings on the table a zombie killing experience that is exciting and enjoyable. And the best thing would be if you don’t wanna bother you friends or pay real money, you can totally ignore the mission system and relish the game in your own way.

56 Comments on The Last one (The Scariest Game)


  1. Justin Nash says:

    How do I repair my weapons?
    The "tips" don't stay on screen long enough for me to read it?

  2. richi says:

    my suburb map is not there?

  3. how do I get the 'Spatula' and 'Jaw' resources

  4. how do you accumulate the salt cellar resource?

  5. how do i get passed the PvP mission 'Defeat 5 friends in Arena'??! it wont let me fight friends. only random opponents :

  6. sairyuki says:

    u attack them from you bottom list of friends not through entering directly in the arena, just attack 5 of your friends in the friend bar 🙂

  7. Ray says:

    how do i get the desert eagle resource ??

  8. Jass says:

    I'm stuck on "amass 5 players to fight a cadaver" any tips?

  9. Alex says:

    Sadly, this game has still a lot of bugs, for the previous comment, there is no way either you find friends to invite or wait for the game to get updated and give you a way skip it. I`m currently stucked on Laura mission, the objective is :Upgrade the 4 weapon to level Night Wolf.
    Night Wolf is a gun, which I have upgrade it to level 5, but the mission is still the same, any ideas what could be the bug?

  10. Richard Fee says:

    Add me im a daily player and can help with the mission your having problems with. https://www.facebook.com/richard.fee.14

  11. David says:

    Alex: simply upgrade the weapon named Night Wolf to 5.

  12. Dianah says:

    Hey everyone I'm currently stuck in the game, how do I build the garage?

  13. daniel says:

    what are the canned food and almost everything in the inventory for. i cant click on them

  14. Jayne says:

    I am doing the Bloody Campaign mission and it says there are 5 barricades but I only see 4. Where is the 5th barricade?

  15. Toni Föhr says:

    im stuck om how to rebuild the pub to level 2, i dont find the pub were is it??

  16. david says:

    one mission is to rebuild 1 statue object. how and here is the statue object i need to rebuild?

  17. Deray says:

    Same issue I'm having. I dont see where the statue is or can be built. Anyone know where it is?

  18. domba says:

    rebuild first generator then u will get statue for rebuild 🙂

  19. Invocatio says:

    Hi, I have a question I play the game The Last one on fcb and I'm wondering whether it Cadaver leave the battle when nobody plays, and I do not want to wait two hours before expiring time.Thanks for your answer.

  20. pete says:

    how do i get hearts to rebuild the tree of love?

  21. Amy says:

    how do I change my character name to something cool

  22. Minda says:

    Can you change your appearance?

  23. Alicia Rider says:

    We need ACTIVE members to join our clan…Anyone interested, let me know!

  24. Lawliet says:

    How do I make the statue for the girl I can't find where to upgrade :/. Please help!

  25. Lawliet says:

    But can someone tell what are the things you need and where do you get them from to build the eternal flame?

  26. gilly says:

    this game has lots of game errors the developers dont care when you tell them.dont play this game

  27. elaine says:

    the game has a lot of problems and the developers dont care as they are more bothered about making money than players

  28. Jin says:

    WHAT THE HELL do I do with the candles? every other drop gathered in the street missions is useful in some way (money, exp, picture fragments, collectable bits) but the candles fall into none of those catagories

  29. sam says:

    When are you allowed to use your arsenal and medical inventory when you’re in a mass combat.

  30. Ryan Hargreaves says:

    add me im a daily player message TLO so i know it's for the last one game https://www.facebook.com/noom187

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