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The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The Last Stand: Dead Zone

Release Date:  March 8, 2012
Developer:  Artist Games Pty Ltd.
Genre:  Strategy

The Last Stand: Dead Zone is a new zombie-themed strategy game available on Facebook.. The game takes place in a small town, where there is an international company which serves as a supplier of pharmaceutical goods and medical equipments. However, the legitimate status is only a front for its secret research of developing a unique virus, which is leaked due to accidence and most people in the town have been contaminated and turned into mindless walking dead. You act as one survivor who is stranded in the town. With water and food, barriers, shelters, you need to try your best to survive from the endless attack of the zombies and fight for your destiny.


There is a tutorial screen popping up to teach basics when I launched the game. It seems that the game is a re-skinned version of theses cuteness and loveliness featured “ville” series. Amidst the town shrouded by zombie chaos, somehow, you still manage to find a junk yard, which serves as a base. And you would have to build storage, production, security and comfort related buildings for your base. There are five types of resources in the game: water and food is vital for survival, insufficient water and food supplies cause your characters’ moral decline, which results in deceasing of their primary stats. The construction part plays like usual, each building takes up several grids and can be placed anywhere instead of being constructed on the predefined building plots. Construction takes time but can be accelerated by using “Fuel”, the premium item. One nice touch is that, the game isn’t applied with the usual restriction on building slots; so, as long as you have sufficient resources meeting the requirement, you can construct all of them simultaneously.

You have your first assistant as a free gift not long after you’ve cleared the tutorial. Survivors can be classified into 6 different classes featuring distinctive skills, advantages and disadvantages. So, as you proceed through the game, you will need to recruit more survivors in order to create an ability-balanced team, so that you can gain the upper hand on your enemies.

The first battle gives players the preliminary insights into the combat system and is easy to win. Battle is conducted in real-time and provides an isometric oblique top-down viewpoint. The dotted-line circle radiating from the selected character indicates the attack range, which varies based on the weapons and character abilities. You aim the zombie by placing the mouse cursor hovering over it when it walks into your attack range. When the pointer turns into a pistol icon, you can simply bring the slow and clumsy walking dead by spamming the mouse button.

After the battle, you will be on your own. No quest guides will be available to lead you step by step in progress. But there are a lot of things to do. You can assign other survivors to clear junks and recycle what they can; build/upgrade various structures for more resources, comfort, security and morale, which make up the overall status of your base, and are reflected in the bar indicators showing your progress towards attracting an extra survivor into your base. As mentioned before, multiple buildings can be constructed at the same time; and further more, construction doesn’t require laborers. So you and your assistant mainly focus on clearing up your base; besides, you are given the option to freely pause or resume a certain clearing task.

In the region map interface, you can either assign your characters to explore unmanned area occupied by zombies or provoke aggressive PvP battles by clicking other players’ avatar.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone, as seen thus far, has the potential to become a big hit. Developers successfully married the zombie-shooter to the popular strategy genre, which provides a new layer depth to dig.

5 Comments on The Last Stand: Dead Zone


  1. What the hell ? It does not allow the game to load… It says:
    App Not Authorized
    The Last Stand: Dead Zone Facebook application has not been authorized
    Change the application settings, or reinstall the application.

    What to change and were ???

  2. Michael says:

    After scheduled "maintenance," the game does not load. When is the "fix" expected?

  3. Karen says:

    I can not play this on my tablet why is this can anyone help please

  4. Pedro says:

    Can't play either! What the hell?

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