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The Mummy Online

The Mummy Online

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Bigpoint
Developer:  Bigpoint
Genre:  MMORPG

The Mummy Online is a free-to-play, browser-based 3D MMORPG which is characterized with action-packed adventure and exploration. Licensed from Universal Studios, the game is developed by Bigpoint Games, Germany’s most well-reputed browser game publisher behind Battlestar galactica online, Ramacity and Ruined Online .


“A long and weary journey finds you at the entrance to a mysterious tomb.” It is the intriguing prologue that ushers us into the adventurous gaming world. Egypt-themed journey of adventure awaits us to set off. Its 3D world together with cinematic gamplay embraces us in soon enough after entry.

Even the short tutorial is played like an episode of a thrilling adventure story. In it, we are placed in a dim ancient palace, following the blue beacon to march forward, firing the way to shoot monsters, and solving small puzzles to activate unexpected gameplay. The most interesting part in the brief lead-in is to step on Floor Switches, rotating large statue and battling the giant mummy soldiers released from it. And it’s only a beginning.

Unlike most read-before-act tutorials, it lets us to follow instinct to act on our own and only refer to (or glimpse at) the written instruction correspondingly popping up as we move on from one scene to another. Perhaps such a tutorial style is feasible also because the 3D gaming environment naturally makes us more self-propelled to take initiative. Moreover, the back music also does it bits to lure us forward into enigmatic locations unknown yet.

In-game characters, male or female, all take on a cowboy style, despite the customization. What matters in character creation lies with the selection of allegiance (Raider or Cultist) and class. If we choose Raider, there are Brawler (melee), Scholar (magic) and Gunslinger (ranged) available on the option list, with Assassin, Priest and Enforcer respectively as conterparts under Cultist category. And we can create three characters for free, with more character slots able to purchase for Rubies (the premium currency). So basically, we have the chance to play all three classes if we want.

And the chosen class directly influences the weapon and ability of the character. Take the ranged Gunslinger I chose for instance. It is outfit with weapons suitable in ranged combat, two-handed pistols in the very beginning, rifles as a second weapon, and other deadly firearms equipped as level-up; and it normally fires away bullets to take down enemies in distance but it can implict more damage applying abilities with stronger firepower, such as Cover-Fire, Piercing-Shot and Concussion-Blast (with cool-down time). And it’s true to other classes: it really makes me ‘wow’ when I see the melee Assassin to leap high into air and then land heavy blows on a giant scorpion, and it looks very cool to see the magic Scholar summon a mummy to aid in attack by casting curses.

3D world naturally gives much play to role-playing. We take quests to slay scorpions in the desert; and it is as if we are actually in the game fighting instead of the avatar, for the in-game world is really live: dust flares up by wind, fine sands sliding down the ridge, scorpions and scarabs break out the ground coming to attack, and we kill monsters to collect coins and drops sometimes, get hurt and even die if hit, or run away when outnumbered by the mobs.

Action-centered combat is the soul of the game. Slaying monsters, weak or strong, and exploring outside make up of the bulk of the quest system. As mentioned, each class has its own fighting styles going with special item outfits and specific abilities. Initially satisfactory, the combat gradually degrades into repeated clicks, neither fast nor fierce. It doesn’t make up much allowing us to switch between weapons and apply different abilities.

And the whole rhythm is also slowed down by the unavoidable animation as well as the travel time among different regions on the map. Character runs slowly on the usually expansive map. Moreover, there is no auto-navigation system, like the blue beacon in the tutorial, to lead us into the destination quickly. It requires us to find the right place by trial or luck, which sometimes wastes a lot of time. For example, to take one monster-slaying quest, I just couldn’t get to the desert tomb after aimlessly searching for five minutes, which makes me feel like a fool.

World map is made up of 10 divided regions, two Bazaars, four PvE regions and four PvP areas. Bazaar is where we take quests and conduct trivial supportive activities, such as repair weapons and buy clothing or arms, etc. While at low levels, we can only access to the nearest Sea of Scorpions to slay a certain number of monsters or defeat an unidentified creature in the tomb. Although a few locations of higher level display as activated, it’s not accessible when we click the travel button. And still in relatively low level, I didn’t know what the PvP is really like yet. Similarly, the Social and Leaderboard contents are locked, too.

Still in open beta phase, The Mummy Online still has much space to perfect itself. It has what it takes to be a hit game, but needs to figure out how to turn its temporary interests-triggers into enduring appeals.


Nurtured by the Nile River, Egypt with its ancient civilization has always been a land veiled behind the mist of mystery. Enigma is permeated in every corner of this nation, ranging from the real figure like a cross-legged snake charmer in the market playing his flute to enchant the dancing cobra out of a pottery to the mythological image such as the sphinx squatting in the precipice baffling passers-by with its puzzle. For sure, the Pharaoh together with his grand tomb known as Pyramid as well as his body as mummy can not be left out. The door of adventure into mystery will be opened for you in The Mummy Online.

As a namesake to the film series of The Mummy of the Universal Studio, The mummy online is, in effect, an adaptation from that movie. By the same token,  there will be many an exotic setting from the movie such as the palm trees in the city and the golden sands at the sunset spreading silently into distance, radiating august ambience with its oasis dotted sparsely symbolizing hope against hope as well as its mirage conjuring up ever and again to plant seeds of illusion and disappointment.

And in addition to the familiar environments, major heroic characters occurred in the film will also be included in the design of the storyline in this game, so that players can be more involved in the adventurous exploration as a participant rather than a mere viewer.

The game is still in development at the moment, so the lack of detailed information about character customization, class and skill leaves much space for players to just imagine and anticipate. Yet as safe deduction from the action-adventure genre, chances are that fierce PvP and PvE combats and story-based quests of mystery will probably be indispensable contents in this game.

Now adventure enthusiasts just have to await patiently the launch of the game when they can embark on their journey to the forbidden oasis and pyramid, hunting for treasure and unveiling mysteries.

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