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The Mythic Isles

The Mythic Isles

Release Date:  October 29, 2012
Publisher:  Microcosm Games
Developer:  Microcosm Games
Genre:  RPG

The Mythic Isles is a text-based adventure role-playing game where you equip your invisible avatar, purchase heroes, holdings, and other required items and adventure in a world full of heroes and monsters.


The game is text-based in every sense. All the missions are listed in the Quest tab page and you just click Do Quest or Do Quest Again to complete them. That works for most of the missions you encounter. There are also some quests that ask you to slay a specified monster, a wolf or a bear for example. You click the Raid button and will see a picture of the monster, select among the different attacks at the bottom and land them on your enemy. And the picture will still be a picture – you will know how the battle is going on only by watching the damage information above the pictures of your avatar and the enemy.

Normally, a text-based game always stresses deep strategies but the Mythic Isles has its players busy coming up with the strategies on how to keep the game playable rather than how to win battles. You obtain several points every time you level up, which can be spent in improving your health, energy, stamina, attack and defense. You have to keep up your stamina to be able to launch attacks on your enemy and have enough energy to do quests.

And that is extremely difficult since every mission costs dozens of energy points or stamina while you have only twenty or thirty of them. Some missions require you to repeat clicking Do Quest for as many as 10 times before you could finally complete it and get access to a related quest.

“Congratulations! You’ve gained the trust of Robin Hood and he is ready to accompany you in your journey. However, he wouldn’t help you in battles unless you purchase him in the shop.” That is the kind of notification you will get repeatedly in the Mythic Isles. Upgrades offer nothing beyond the aforementioned points and as you progress in the game, you won’t obtain special items. You unlock them at the shop and can get them by spending the game currency or the premium currency.

The pictures are not just static. They are awful. Incredibly blurry buildings and ugly monsters sometimes make you feel lucky for their not being animated.

There are literally no pictures to admire, no new gameplay to marvel at, no deep strategy options to choose from, you simply struggle to keep the game playable and see the advocating lines of purchasable items throughout the game. All you can think of is how the game brazenly cries for money. This is absolutely not the way how a free-to-play game works, or actually, this is not the way how any game works, as long as it has any degree of determination to succeed and hold players.

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